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This is Ben Gong’s Family Matters

“Master Chen…”

Long MuChen took his gaze away. He held back his eyebrows and carelessly opened his mouth: “This Master has nothing to do at night so I had casually walked around. Who knew when I passed by Qian’s prefecture, I had seen Imperial Concubine Yun’s horse carriage so I was curious and came in to see…Who knew, I had seen third WangFei taking on the family punishment…”

Long MuChen applied pressure on ‘third WangFei’ and ‘family punishment’ these two phrases. He had the intentions to remind people of Qian DuoDuo’s status.

“Small ChenChen is correct. Sister and father are not satisfied with me so they took out the family punishment to scare me. Don’t you see they had beaten me – a small lady that I had cried and am kneeling on the ground begging for mercy…” Qian DuoDuo gave in when she was supposed to. She sucked in her nose every once in a while and innocently stared at Long MuChen. That expression, don’t mention how wronged she felt.

Long MuChen had almost laughed out loud…

Qian DuoDuo immediately swept her eyes over with a harsh glare…

What the hell are you laughing at! Have you never seen the tear-stained face of a beauty that should have pitied me when I am wronged?

“Duo Er, quickly get up. Father obviously wouldn’t be willing to hit you ah. I’m just scaring you…Daughter, listen to me…” If Qian Zheng Kuan wasn’t able to see that Long MuChen was on Qian DuoDuo’s side, then he really had mingled around these decades for no reason. He immediately bent his back, wanting to help Qian DuoDuo up.

However, Qian DuoDuo wasn’t someone who could’ve been easily pleased. She hadn’t let Qian Zheng Kuang touched her from the start and moved her body to the side, disliking him. She then threw his hand off of her.

She stared at the middle-aged man in front of her right now then at his compassionate father expression. The speed at which he changed his face led her to be speechless. Qian DuoDuo felt as though the goosebumps had dropped to the ground and instead, she ignored him.

Qian Zheng Kuan’s hand was halfway raised in the air. He stopped for a moment then awkwardly moved his hand back. He wanted to find an excuse for himself so he said: “Master Chen don’t blame Duo Er. Duo Er is just naughty…”

I am naughty your sister ah!

Qian DuoDuo almost had burst that sentence out!

Qian Yun Er’s face right now was quite ugly. She didn’t dare to offend Chen Wang but she didn’t want to be like her father and go please Qian DuoDuo. She raised her chin, her tone arrogant: “Master Chen is correct. It’s Ben Gong who is teaching this sister a lesson. This is Ben Gong’s family matters. Master Chen, please don’t interfere with this…”

“This Master is just curious. What mistake had the third WangFei committed which was worthy of the Imperial Concubine Yun to be infuriated?” Long MuChen casually replied, his tone at ease.

“That’s right. That’s right…Did I dig your family’s ancestral tomb?” Qian DuoDuo also replied back, unsatisfied. She suddenly stood up from her seat but not after a second, she kneeled back down on the ground like a small sheep. She sucked her nose in as though she was as weak as a willow.

“Qian DuoDuo, shut up!” Qian Yun Er, who was infuriated, interrupted Qian DuoDuo’s words. She watched as she dared to speak rudely in front of Master Chen and her heart began to tremble as well.

After a moment of silence, she turned to Chen Wang. She began to criticize: “Master Chen, look at her attitude. She doesn’t even have me – her sister and father in her eyes. If Ben Gong doesn’t punish her, then I would be sorry towards family Qian’s ancestors.”

“Qian DuoDuo, first she hadn’t placed her superiors in her eyes and dared to contradict against father. Just based on this, she should be beaten. Second, she offended her superiors and insulted the imperial concubine. She should also be beaten due to this. Third, she…”

“Imperial Concubine Yun, have you heard this sentence: ‘The daughter that has been married is as though water that has been poured out’ before?”

Long MuChen coldly responded and cut off Imperial Concubine Yun’s words. Imperial Concubine Yun hadn’t reacted to what the words meant yet but nodded her head towards Long MuChen’s words. She answered: “I know…”

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