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A Brilliant Appearance

Long MuChen’s perfect appearance, in the end, was ruined in Qian DuoDuo’s hands. This woman, can she not be an eyesore ah?

Long MuChen faintly swept over the people in the hall. Everyone, besides Imperial Concubine Yun, as though they had seen a God who had arrived, all kneeled on the ground. Especially Qian Zheng Kuan, who fell down his seat like a meatball.

“This servant kowtows Chen…”

Qian Zheng Kuan directly said these words. Han Tie who was behind Long MuChen immediately coldly interrupted him: “My family’s master is mingling with the people incognito. You guys don’t need to be overly-courteous…”

Qian Zheng Kuan was an official in the royal court so he obviously knew to weigh up someone’s words and observe their expressions. Once he heard what Han Tie had said, he knew he must don’t wanted to expose his status. Therefore he hurriedly nodded his head and stood up from the ground. Yet he dared not to have a single trace of negligence: “Master Chen please take the seat of honor. At this time Master Chen had honored us with your presence, is there a problem ah?”

Towards Qian Zheng Kuan’s attempt at pleasing, there was no change in Long MuChen’s expression.

In the entire Sheng Chen Country, besides royal families and members, all the palace’s imperial concubines referred to themselves as ‘I…’ in front of him. Besides that, all the officials on the royal court, mostly, addressed themselves as ‘servant.’ Some didn’t even dare to say ‘this official.’ This point fully explained his honorable and supreme status on this country’s territories.

Qian Yun Er stood up from the top seat with a meaningful glance. She turned around to give her seat to Long MuChen. After she escorted Long MuChen to his seat and waited for the servants to make a cup of good tea, then she displayed a hypocritical show of affection, smiling: “Master Chen, it’s late. What made you decide to come to Qian’s prefecture?”

Long MuChen lightly arranged his sleeves and elegantly tasted the cup of tea. Then he raised his head to lightly smile at Qian Yun Er.

After he came out of the brothel along with third Wangye and fourth Wangye, his heart worried for Qian DuoDuo that she might be bullied when she went back to Qian’s prefecture. Therefore after had separated ways with the two Wangyes, he brought Han Tie along and quietly came to Qian’s prefecture.

As he walked in the door, he saw a couple of imperial bodyguards that pressed Qian DuoDuo onto the ground. In the housekeeper’s hand, he held a whip.

Long MuChen thought secretly that after all Qian DuoDuo was still the third WangFei and no matter how arrogant Imperial Concubine Yun was, she was probably just scaring her and wouldn’t dare to actually punish her.

Who knew, he had just settled down with his thoughts when the whip in the housekeeper’s hand hadn’t hesitated at all while it landed on Qian DuoDuo’s back.

He saw clearly under the light muslin clothes that her pale white skin was completely bruised up with a deep red color. He thought, this kind of whip punishment, even a seven feet man might’ve not be able to endure this, not to mention a woman.

She definitely would be really hurt, would cry…would beg for mercy…

However who knew, Qian DuoDuo not only hadn’t cried but she made no noise at all. She kept her back straightened, not moving at all…

He felt her stubbornness and determinedness. In Long MuChen’s heart, an unknown feeling floated around that couldn’t be explained with words. However, it was really clear. A type of piercing pain, as though the same as wind and rain, had charged at his heart.

Therefore, when the housekeeper raised his hand and the second whip hadn’t landed yet, the palm of his hand had already condensed a type of breath which melted the cold sweat in his palm into an ice knife. It directly charged towards the palm of the housekeeper’s hand.

However, towards Qian Yun Er, he still looked at his royal brother’s face so he temporarily only pointed at her…

Qian Yun Er watched as Long MuChen looked towards herself, thoughtfully. Her face, unconsciously, had blushed. She lowered her head and delicately called: “Master Chen…”

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