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Huang Fei Who Doesn't Receive Favor

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Since they were mocking her with such a lively song, Qian DuoDuo absolutely couldn't fail to live up to their expectations and strike a fresh chorus into this song!

The woman beside Long YuTian threw a provocative glance at her, smiled sweetly, and lifted her wine cup: "WangYe[1], today is your wedding day, qie[2] toasts you a cup."

Long YuTian showed a charming, devilish smile before raising his head and drinking the wine in that cup in one gulp. From the corners of his eyes, he casted a glance at Qian DuoDuo who sat not too far from them. However, his teasing words were spoken towards the woman at his side: "XiangXue, you keep pouring BenWang[3] one cup after another, are you going to take the responsibility and stay to take care of BenWang?!"

"Hehe(chuckle), WangYe……" the woman called XiangXue laughed bashfully. Her small slender hand moved coquettishly like it was going to pound on Long YuTian's dragon mouth.

Then, she suddenly felt a bit puzzled when she glanced sideways and saw Qian DuoDuo sitting on a chair, eating an apple while watching them without even blinking her eyes.

This disfavored WangFei[4], WangYe humiliated her like this on her wedding night. A moment ago, she still went running into the wall, trying to commit suicide. Why did she seem to change completely into another person once she opened her eyes?

There was no weeping or wailing, no indignation or resentment, no envy or jealousy. Instead, she actually seemed very carefree and content, taking a keen interest in admiring WangYe joking with a group of women?

Qian DuoDuo also saw that woman. She sneered.

Showing off? Provoking me? Do I still have to feel jealous over this slag of a man?

She stopped gnawing on that already full-of-holes-apple, stood up, and walked slowly to the table's side.

Since the other party had really put a lot of energy into giving her a performance, it wouldn't be good for her to just blankly sit still right?

Thus…… she swaggered towards the wine table.

"The two of you are good ah! Come, let's drink a cup ah! Eight immortals crossed the sea[5], quickly drink the wine ah! Don't know each other well ah, just take a sip ah, know each other well ah, drink it all at once ah[6]!"

Qian DuoDuo swung her butt, dancing merrily. One of her feet was stepping on a chair looking like a female bandit on a looting spree. She raised one of her hands, holding her fist up in front of Long YuTian like she wanted to fight, laughingly rocking back and forth.

"YE… YE… YE YE YE! Soaring freely above your wine table…… Check it out!"

She was shouting enthusiastically. However, a cutting, cold voice suddenly broke her shouts.

"Shut up……" Long YuTian glared coldly at her. There was a burning flame inside those dark green eyes that even the naked eyes could see.

Long YuTian saw Qian DuoDuo's barbaric, female bandit manner. It seemed like she totally didn't care about her dignity.

Without warning, he used his power and banged the table with his hand, issuing an ear-splitting noise.

Qian DuoDuo swallowed her saliva with difficulty, vigilantly retreating to the back. After a long time, she finally responded.

She is afraid of hair ah! Long YuTian is the one that should be sorry to her! The one that ought to be afraid and have a guilty conscience should be this slag of a man!

Thinking up to this part, Qian DuoDuo proudly raised her head, her back was also straightened.

She also imitated his demeanor, banging her hand onto the table.

"Long YuTian! It's rare that I do not take account of former hatred and forgive you! Instead of properly showing off, fawning over these beautiful, fox-like group of Xiao SanSan[7], what are you rolling out and roaring about!?" she snappily glanced at the man in front of her.

The originally imposing and generous words, in the next second, had turned into a heart-tearing, lung-splitting howl.

F*ck! This table is actually real wood! Her claws aa~h!

After wailing like a ghost howling like a wolf[8] for a while, Qian DuoDuo held her hand and opened her mouth to blow on it.

Seeing Qian DuoDuo's world-shaking change, Long YuTian's dark green eyes gradually became hazy. He got up from the chair and stood up.

Behind him, several gorgeously dressed women, led by XiangXue, swept Qian DuoDuo a glance in contempt. XiangXue pulled Long YuTian's arm to stop him before she sneeringly said: "WangYe, don't be angry, let us sisters offer WangYe another cup."


[1]WangYe (王爷/ wángyé) : Prince. (Wang means prince, WangYe also means prince but it is used by others who is of equal/lower status to call/address a wang.) [2]Qie (妾/ qiè) : This consort/concubine. [3]BenWang (本王/běnwáng): This prince; '本' běn is a prefix for things affiliated to oneself. In period story, it is usually used when someone addressed themselves towards someone of lower/equal rank/status. A few other examples are: '本宫' běngōng (this palace, used by empress/high-rank concubines) and '本将军' běnjiāngjun (this general). But, from what I know it could also be used to show one is proud. For example you might have read in a story where a wangye speaks to an emperor but still addressed himself as 'benwang' even though the emperor has the highest status among all. Sometimes you might also read '本姑娘' běngūniang (this miss/lady) or '本公子' běngōngzǐ (this son/young master) [4]WangFei (王妃/ wáng​fēi): a wang's legal wife. [5]Eight immortals crossing the sea (八仙过海/ bāxiānguòhǎi) : Daoist style Zui Quan/drunken fist (Chinese martial art that imitates a drunken man) imitates the characters of eight immortals. [6]'Don't know each other well ah, just take a sip ah, know each other well ah, drink it all at once ah': Qian DuoDuo was messing with a Chinese saying. She said: '感情浅啊,舔一舔啊,感情深啊,一口闷啊' (Gǎnqíng qiǎn a, tiǎn yī tiǎn a, gǎnqíng shēn a, yīkǒu mèn a); when the proper one is actually: '感情深,一口闷,感情浅,舔一舔' (Gǎnqíng shēn, yīkǒu mèn, gǎnqíng qiǎn, tiǎn yī tiǎn) which is telling us that if we're close/know someone well, we should drink the it all in a mouthful, if we're not, we can just take as sip. [7]Xiao SanSan (小三三/xiǎo sānsān): a variation of the slang '小三'/xiǎo sān, just like Qian DuoDuo called Zhu SiSi's mom Lao SanSan (Old third), she called those girls beside Long YuTian as Xiao SanSan (Little third). [8](鬼哭狼嚎/guǐ​kū​láng​háo): lit.wailing like a ghost howling like a wolf/ utter dreary cries and screams.
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