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Bringing the Elder Brother back to Qian’s Prefecture

When Qian DuoDuo brought the trussed up and fainted Qian Hao Han back to Qian’s prefecture, the first lady stood by the door, waiting. Once she saw Duo Er was back, she immediately ran over, grabbed her hand, with a hurried tone: “Duo Er ah, you need to leave quickly. You had caused trouble…”

“Mother, why are you acting as though you were crushed by a dog? I am here, what is there that can make you be frightened?” Qian DuoDuo objected against her.

The first lady was so anxious like an ant in a pot. She, from the start, was in no mood to bicker about Qian DuoDuo’s attitude. She pushed her body and sent her out: “You keep talking. Did you or did you not hit Qian Hao Han? This had startled your elder sister and she came out of the palace. Before she said she was going to send people to capture you. Why don’t you go run away already?”

Qian DuoDuo watched the way the first lady panicked like a mouse seeing a cat when Qian Yun Er was mentioned and this caused her to be angry. If it wasn’t that she endured decades of humiliation and bullying, she would have this kind of conditioned reflex?

It’s sad how someone was unfortunate, but angry at how they hadn’t fought back…

Qian DuoDuo snorted disdainfully and saw the way her mother worried for her. She calmed down her emotions and exclaimed in a soft tone: “Mother, Imperial Concubine Yun had finally come out of the palace once. No matter what, I should go and greet her…Besides, I still need to send the elder brother back to Qian’s prefecture in one complete piece…”

If she heard Imperial Concubine Yun’s reputation and got so frightened and ran, then how can she mingle around in this Sheng Chen Country?

Now that she came out, it was just convenient. She will close the door and hit the dogs. With one spurt of energy, she will settle these people who bullied the weak and scared of the strong.

“Elder brother? Duo Er, where is Hao Han?”

The first lady watched as Qian DuoDuo pointed behind her. She raised her head and looked for a while but still hadn’t seen Qian Hao Han’s shadow. Lastly, she placed her gaze on the man’s body whose clothes were improper and with a messy appearance. She saw as the two servants nodded their heads at her and casted a look. She unbelievably asked: “He is the elder master?”

“He is guaranteed to be. It’s this young miss who had dragged him back from the brothel.” Qian DuoDuo had a proud face on…

The impression that Qian Hao Han had on the first lady was that he was usually an arrogant bully who was the hedonistic son of rich parents. It’s always him who had bullied herself. How was he like this, the first time he held a body of injuries?

She was shocked for a good while. After she came back from her trance, the inner quality of being a servant came back out. She hurriedly raised her hand over to hug Qian Hao Han. She lowered herself and exclaimed: “Elder master…Elder master. Wake up, don’t scare me…Imperial Concubine Yun is back. I will go ask Imperial Concubine Yun to get an imperial physician. Hold on for a little…”

Qian Hao Han wasn’t injured badly. It’s just that he was scared badly by Qian DuoDuo. After he was shaken randomly by the first lady, he woke up and raised his head. His breath was still weak: “What did you say, my sister, is back?”

Once the first lady heard these words, she realized she blurted it out. She hurriedly covered her mouth and stared as Qian Hao Han held a keen gaze towards her. She was so afraid she kneeled onto the ground with a thump. She sobbed loudly: “Elder master, I am begging you…Later on when you see Imperial Concubine Yun, please don’t let her be infuriated at Duo Er ah. Whatever mistakes she had committed, let me be the one to take responsibility…”

Before, Qian DuoDuo really wanted to pull the first lady up from the ground and scold her. How can she, as a person, not have a courageous spirit?

However, the words that came out of her mouth in the next second, caused her to be completely stunned.

Before she had crossed over, she was someone who didn’t have a father who loves her, but a mother who loves her the most. No matter how much grievances and suffers she endured, her mother will always be in front of her, protecting her…

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