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The Holy Pillar was the backbone of the will of the entire demon world.

Furthermore, it was the Holy Pillar that had created the scepter in Demon Saint's hand. It took ten Heavenly Dao at the very least for the will of a world to come into being. Therefore, even if Demon Saint had yet to reach Venerated Immortal level, as long as he was supported by the power of the will of the demon world, he wouldn't necessarily be weaker than Zhenyuan.

Loopy Toad had already taken this into account at the very beginning, but it hadn't expected Demon Saint to be decisive in borrowing the Holy Pillar's power to drive the will of the demon world.

Deep down, Loopy Toad felt something wasn't right.

This was an "arm wrestling" play being acted out, and the main stars were Zhenyuan and Demon Saint. But in fact, Loopy Toad realized the one that was truly being tested was itself.

With the new addition of six Heavenly Dao, Demon Saint's power to drain things was once again enhanced. This time, not only the plants, but other living creatures were also affected. Some low-level demon beasts had already fainted under the fluctuations. Every demon king of every tribe felt as if there were fishbones stuck in their throats and they even started to find it hard to breathe.

This level of power was really too terrifying, and the complexions of the four demon gods were drained of color. While they didn't experience the sensation of fishbones which the demon kings did, they did feel a weight on their shoulders which was really too heavy!

Was this Demon Saint's power…

The demon gods of the four territories gazed at the sky. Even the heaven and the earth were awash in a thick inky layer. Under the effect of Demon Saint's power, all livings things started to wither.

Zhenyuan frowned. He didn't hurry to act, but closed his eyes to sense the pressure that came with the will of the world.

He had never fought Demon Saint, so this was a rare and precious experience for Zhenyuan.

He had to admit that Demon Saint was certainly very strong.

However, Zhenyuan thought that it was still far from the shocking level that Senior Dog had shown on Drought Star back then.

They both had the power to verbally call on the nomological laws. Whoever had the stronger will would win.

Loopy Toad had thought that Zhenyuan would look to it for help, but he didn't.

Immortal Zhenyuan just hovered in the sky…

The next moment, he opened his eyes and his maple-red Daoist robes fluttered, though there wasn't a breeze. In the next instant, the apparition behind him had grown to twice its size and glowed with an even more devastating light than before.

Demon Saint's power to drain things was suppressed!

"You added six?" Zhenyuan looked at Demon Saint's virtual body, narrowed his eyes and smiled. "I added six, too, and they aren't from an external source."

"The number of Heavenly Dao in you isn't normal." Demon Saint stared closely at Zhenyuan.

In truth, even Loopy Toad was surprised. Its impression was that Zhenyuan didn't have that many Heavenly Dao! On Drought Star before, it remembered that Little Master Ling had perceived that Zhenyuan only had three Heavenly Dao.

It hadn't been that long ago…

How come all of a sudden he had so many more Heavenly Dao? Heavenly Dao wasn't like laying eggs - it couldn't be created as you please!

"This is all thanks to Senior Dog," Zhenyuan replied.

Loopy Toad: "???"

Zhenyuan: "Last time after Senior Dog left, I was repairing Drought Star on my own. But I never thought that repairing this planet would actually cause it to develop feelings for me, so I was able to obtain Drought Star's will of the planet."

Loopy Toad: "…"

Demon Saint: "…"

All the demons: "…"

There was this kind of operation?!

Demon Saint's virtual body asked, "Is this a planet you found yourself?"

Zhenyuan nodded. "That's right. I roamed the galaxy for a thousand years, and before I had traveled through one-tenth of the universe beyond the Milky Way, I finally found this Drought Star… This was probably profound destiny; I didn't think Drought Star and I would get a certificate so soon."

Demon Saint: "Get a certificate?"

Zhenyuan: "This is a popular phrase in the modern cultivation world, and it can mean obtaining the approval of some will."

Loopy Toad and all the demons: "…"

What damn "get a certificate"…

For a long time, Demon Saint was silent as he felt lost for words.

Because sometimes, it was really painful to acknowledge the disparity between you and someone else! Although he had been forced to succeed as Second Generation Demon Saint back then, it had taken him nearly one thousand years to be fully recognized by the Holy Pillar. He had suffered a lot and shed so many tears; it was like drawing the gold card in a game… You put in coins ten times in a row for the draw, but never got a single gold card out of it! What a scam!

Compared with Immortal Zhenyuan, whom the system had gifted with a free raffle and had gotten the gold card, Demon Saint felt like the unlucky kid who couldn't become strong no matter how much money he spent!

At this thought, Demon Saint's heart suddenly felt stuffy.

In a blink of an eye, the power to drain things disappeared.

Second Generation Demon Saint fell to his knees on the top of the Holy Pillar with an extremely bitter expression.

Sage Master was greatly alarmed. "Second Generation! Pull yourself together, Second Generation!"


Demon Saint's power to drain things was gone?

Zhenyuan gave the air a strange look. Unfortunately, Demon Saint's virtual body was too indistinct and he couldn't clearly see the other party's expression and had no idea what on earth had happened.

"What's the matter?" All the demons below were puzzled.

"It's most likely just a time-out; Demon Saint's virtual body is still there and hasn't disappeared directly. The battle isn't over yet," said Ghost Emperor.

Loopy Toad was just about to ask about Drought Star's will when Zhenyuan turned to look at it first and smiled. "Sure enough, nothing can be hidden from Senior Dog's eyes."

Loopy Toad: "???"

"Senior knew from the very beginning that I had already inherited Drought Star's will, right? Otherwise, Senior Dog wouldn't have put so much faith in me and dispatched me to fight Demon Saint. I deliberately hid it from you before, but it turns out that you're so amazing!"

Loopy Toad remained silent. "…"

The issue was that this really had nothing to do with it! Apart from Zhenyuan's own luck, being able to inherit a planet's will was even more about his own talent.

To obtain acknowledgement from a planet's will was hard to do, extremely so!

Thus, Loopy Toad felt extremely ashamed.

This was indeed an enviable man…


Roughly two minutes later, Demon Saint's power to drain things combined with seven Heavenly Dao was revived…

"Cough cough! My apologies."

Second Generation Demon Saint's virtual body spoke slowly. "Because I was too curious, I went to do a bit of research on a planet's will just now."

Zhenyuan couldn't help laughing. "I didn't think Demon Saint was so studious."

Second Generation Demon Saint: "There is very little information on inheriting a planet's will but your distinguished self was able to make the planet feel touched while repairing it, thus obtaining recognition from its will. This is certainly the first time I've heard of such a method."

"I was just lucky. Maybe you can try it, Demon Saint."

Immortal Zhenyuan looked at Demon Saint's virtual body and said humbly, "Now, can we continue arm wrestling?"

To everyone's surprise, Demon Saint refused. "No, let's stop…"

Zhenyuan: "Huh?"

"Now that your distinguished self has inherited the will of a planet, it doesn't make any sense for us to continue arm wrestling," Demon Saint's virtual body said. "If you don't mind, I would like to invite your distinguished self and Senior Dog to my Demon Saint's Holy Palace on top of the Holy Pillar for a chat and to discuss some things."

Zhenyuan: "About repairing the planet?"

"No, just a bit about cultivation."

Second Generation Demon Saint waved his hand and said, "I'm not good at repairing planets, but speaking about repairing things, I was the best with vehicles when I was young."


"There are vehicles with big headlights and small headlights, with soft horns and loud horns; I repaired all kinds. Sports cars, trucks, tanks, aircraft carriers… If you are interested in vehicle repair works, we can also discuss this subject."

"…"A way of saying "getting married."

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