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Pang !!!! Pang !!!! Pang !!!! Pang !!!!

Max Steel started hitting the hammer on the floor like he was doing something. Liu Yang dared the Eye of God and saw him carrying the power of the hammer with every blow to the ground.

After ten strokes, the hammer head had a bright red light, at which point Max Steel used the Space Distortion and charged towards Liu Yang. Liu Yang broke the spatial distortion of Max Steel and also charged, his sword had a bright red glow. Both were using fire element enchantments.

Clang !!!!!!! Ziiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sound of the two clashing was heard, but soon after, Liu Yang's sword began to slide through Max Steel's hammer, and a sharp, piercing sound began to sizzle.

When Liu Yang's sword was in the middle of the long handle of the hammer, Max Steel used the innate talent to manipulate the steel and change the shape of the hammer, it turned into two gloves, a large and other small made steel. He held the sword blade with a small glove and with the other he punched Liu Yang.

But before the punch could hit Liu Yang, he used his hand and hit the side of Max Steel's fist, so Max Steel's arm was in the opposite direction. This scene surprised Max Steel because he knew how much force he had used in the attack, but now, a casual slap from Liu Yang moved his extremely heavy fist. Max Steel realized that Liu Yang was much more physically strong than he looked.

Moments after Liu Yang fend off Max Steel's punch, something amazing happened, the sword blade being held by Max Steel as if it were magic, it slipped out of his hand and slipped out of the grip of his gloves.

This small movement of Liu Yang scared Max Steel instantly as he knew how much force he was using to hold the sword, and yet Liu Yang was able to easily take out the blade, this showed that the sword had some magical effects.

Max Steel remembered the information from Liu Yang's sword, he saw that the main effect of the sword was the change of ownership, with each type of energy injected into the weapon, the property of the sword would change.

For example, if Liu Yang injected energy from the fire element into the sword, it would get more destructive, and would burn the targets. But if the energy of the water element were used, the sword would become more malleable and could change shape. The elemental energy that Liu Yang used to draw the sword from Max Steel's grip was the element of water.

Max Steel finally realized that his opponent was someone who could use more than one element, but how many Liu Yang could use? This question could only be answered during the fight.

After Liu Yang successfully draw his sword, Max Steel jumped back in an attempt to retreat, but Liu Yang would not let this happen, he jumped forward and attacked with the sword. At that moment, Max Steel changed the two gloves to a giant shield.

Clang !!!!! Ziiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

Liu Yang's sword crashed into the shield and began to slide, a metal clashing metal sound is heard, followed by a sharp squeal from the thin blade sliding through the metal shield. Max Steel took this opportunity to step away again, he was frightened by the great power shown by Liu Yang, Max Steel finally realized that the young man in front of him was still hiding his forces.

Max Steel knew it was time to use all his strength to hold on.

(Metal Aura!!!!!!) Max Steel yelled internally.

Pressure began to encircle Max Steel, his shield had turned into a heavy spear. The power of the aura began to manifest around Max Steel, the power of his armor and spear became more powerful, and a small light began to glow around him. This was the power of Metal Aura, this aura had the power to amplify items that were made of metal.

Liu Yang was not surprised when he saw Max Steel use his aura skill, so he also activated his aura skill.

(Oppressive Aura!!!!!!!!) Liu Yang shouted internally.

An extremely powerful pressure began to press everything around Liu Yang like a great mountain. Max Steel felt as if someone had thrown a mountain into his chest, he was having difficulty breathing because of the pressure that Liu Yang was releasing.

Max Steel never felt such an aura before, this was the first time he felt such heavy and powerful pressure pressing on his body. For some reason, he was feeling weak, not physically, but mentally, that was the other effect of the Oppressive Aura, causing fear in those inside the aura.

As Liu Yang and Max Steel were two experts with thirty-nine levels of difference, the effects of Oppressive Aura were not so strong, but it was still possible to feel its effects.

"Henshin!!!!" Max Steel clenched his teeth, his armor shining brighter. Secondly, it began to transform, the armor set began to transform. The set before was big and heavy, but now, the size of the set diminished and fit perfectly into Max Steel's large, muscular body.

The two armor were completely different, not only in appearance, but also in it power. Max Steel has released the full power of his armor. Seconds later, he also controlled the spear and separated it into two items, a sword and a shield, the two items also had it true powers released.

Max Steel had plans to use Metal Aura and spear to fight Liu Yang, but when Liu Yang also used his aura ability, he changed his mind and decided to release the full power of his items. Max Steel had the feeling that if he did not use all his power now, he would not have a chance to do that later.

As Liu Yang released his aura and decided to fight without holding back, he sang a few words and his clothes and sword began to glow a strange light of four colors. Red, blue, brown and green, these colors represented fire, water, earth and wind. Liu Yang decided to show a little of his true power, he wanted to test a bit the combination of elements.

Looking at those four-color lights around the body and the sword, Max Steel had a solemn face on his face, but that did not stop him from being shocked inside. For he understood what the four colors meant, that represents four elements.

One person with one element was normal, two elements were unusual, three were rare, four would be very rare. This was the first time Max Steel had found anyone with four elements, even though he had seen only one person with three elements.

And only the tales in old books had stories about people with four or more elements, these stories were millions of years ago. But only one person came the Nine Worlds, and he would be the only person since the creation of the Nine World. This person was called Arthur Pendragon.

Arthur Pendragon is the only person who appeared in the Nine Worlds in billions of years who had the ability to control the nine elements. He was a true genius blessed by the heavens.

After he became extremely powerful, his stories spread throughout the Nine Worlds and to this day he was considered the most genius in all history, for the simple fact that he wore the nine elements.

Many wanted to repeat his achievement, but it was impossible, for it was necessary not just an innate talent that allowed the use of more than one element, but also a powerful class capable of supporting it.

In the case of Arthur Pendragon, he achieved these two requirements, he was born with an extremely rare innate talent that allowed him to control nine elements, one element at each rank. The class that Arthur Pendragon had belonged to his teacher, Merlinas.

After he died, she was persecuted by the Nine Worlds.

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