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Qian DuoDuo Demonstrates her Power [6]

He harshly glared at Qian DuoDuo. The side of his face was beaten and swollen and due to extreme anger, it had swelled into parts of black and red. The way he looked at her, was as though he was about to eat her.

“Young master, young master, what happened to you?” Qian Hao Han’s few attendants were drinking wine and saw the young master who was battered up from head to toe. They hurriedly rushed up to help him up.

Qian Hoa Han spat out saliva. He rolled up his sleeves, angrily yelling: “You guys quickly catch this slut. This young master is going to peel off her skin!”

“Yes, young master!” These were men who followed Qian Hao Han and acted as the strong, bullying the weak. They often gathered together to fight and battle. Each person’s body all have some martial arts. Don’t mention a delicate young miss, even a huge man wouldn’t be able to take their attacks.

All the people in Bai Hua Lou let out a gasp. Some of the women were here to watch the show while some men revealed a tender and protective expression. However, not one person came out to stop this.

After some difficulties, finally a young master wanted to come out to help but the friend next to his side immediately blocked him: “I am warning you to not mind other people’s businesses. This young master Qian was the famous evil tyrant. Besides family Zhu’s young master in the capital city, it’s him who is most aggressive.”

“However, that young miss seemed to be Qian DuoDuo. From what I heard, didn’t she married to the third Wangye?” One person interrupted.

“Aish…Don’t mention it. Who in Sheng Chen Country doesn’t know that this poor fated third WangFei on the night of her wedding was locked into the back yard’s Ning Hui Yuan? Probably not long later she will be divorced…She might be said as the third WangFei, but I think she couldn’t even be compared to a servant…”

Qian DuoDuo heard as the people in Bai Hua Lou whispered to one another’s ears. It’s all people who discussed her. She tightly held her fists.

Even though she wasn’t someone who cared about her reputation that much, but that doesn’t mean she was willing to become the matter of ridicule during leisure time.

This is when she stepped over, the first time she felt angry and wronged. Her whole stomach was filled with anger.

In the elegant room on the second floor, the light muslin was moved away. Long YinTian stood there, anxiously that he was about to stomp on his feet. He exclaimed to the third brother: “Third brother, you see these people who look like devils and monsters. Just one slape can send DuoDuo flying. I need to go help her…”

Long YuTian watched as his own brother was so protective of Qian DuoDuo. He even changed the way he called her. There was a sense of jealousy that rose from his heart.

“I think not necessarily, you guys look…” Long MuChen’s gaze was concentrated on Qian DuoDuo, never missing any of her detailed actions.

Long YinTian and Long YuTian looked away due to the sound only to see Qian DuoDuo with her hands fisted. She moved her body to the side and bent her waist, displaying a very strange position.

“Qian DuoDuo, why aren’t you running away…Why are you still here posing?” Long YinTian tore his throat and called.

Qian DuoDuo almost fell…

How come this fourth prince doesn’t just reincarnate into a pig?

How is this posing? This is close combat, okay?

No matter what she used to be an outstanding female SWAT. Handling these rogues are enough.

Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo with an indifferent face. It’s just that by the side of his body, his fingertips had already condensed a portion of breath. As long as these attendants dared to touch Qian DuoDuo, the droplet in his hand will definitely pass through their brains.

The four attendants surrounded Qian DuoDuo completely and held a sloppy expression on.

Of the four, one of them had an irritable attitude and wanted to establish an accomplishment in front of the young master so he raised his hand wanting to bring Qian DuoDuo under control. Who knew in a flash of lightning, no one had seen how the woman in front of them had made a move but they had heard the sound of something that snapped. The calm and quiet air suddenly let out a terrifying man’s noise.


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