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Returning to Parental Home [4]


Qian DuoDuo faintly smiled. It’s just that the bottom of her eyes flashed over a trace of coldness. She bent her back and helped the housekeeper up from the ground: “Pa, pa—”  2 slaps were heard. She patted his swollen face. She opened her mouth, feeling extremely distressed and affected:


“It probably hurts…Look, it’s so swollen it can be wrapped into a steamed bun…However, housekeeper, Ben WangFei didn’t beat you up. Ben WangFei is saving you. You say, if this slap actually came on my face, what was slapped would be the royal family’s face…How many heads do you have to be chopped ah?”

Not for the sake of the monk but for that of the Buddha. [1] No matter what, she is still the third WangFei. Although she is a counterfeit and a fake one, she still can’t be casually bullied.

The housekeeper’s legs had turned soft. His eyes seemed to have seen stars and felt like one of his tooth was knocked off. It had rung for a couple seconds. The corner of his mouth still had traces of blood. But Qian DuoDuo’s words, he had not dared to go against it. In the end, he clenched his teeth and returned to Qian Zheng Kuan’s side without a second thought.

“Good, very good! You have an imposing attitude!” Qian Zheng Kuan harshly glared at Qian DuoDuo. He hadn’t believed that he couldn’t discipline his own daughter. He immediately raged: “Servants, tie up this small bastard. Serve her with the family punishments! [2]”

Once the Lord had announced this, Qian prefecture’s servants instantly swarmed up towards her. However before they reached her, a slender figure quickly rushed from the door and protected Qian DuoDuo in the crook of her arm.

“Lord ah, Duo Er is still a child. Don’t lower yourself to her level. Please don’t use the family punishment ah…”

Qian DuoDuo, at the start, was actually frightened. Out of the air, an aunt  [3] had come over. Besides that, she had hugged Qian DuoDuo, her tears and nasal mucus fell down her face. When Qian DuoDuo finally got out of her trance, she looked clearly to see the person in front of her was a woman, the face kind and loving with a sobbing tone.

The woman kneeled on the ground, begging Qian Zheng Kuan. She saw his face was gloomy and solemn, therefore she immediately turned around to pull on Qian DuoDuo’s hand: “Duo Er, listen to mother’s words. Quickly apologize to your father. Mother is here, don’t be afraid…”

Qian DuoDuo shockingly looked at the woman only to see her lips trembling. Her face was also pale white. Even though her face was terrified but she desperately protected Qian DuoDuo in her arms, as though the mother chicken protected the baby chicken.

As it turned out, she was this body’s mother. No wonder at first glance when she saw her, Qian DuoDuo felt an indescribable familiar feeling.

However this nominally first wife, the first lady definitely had been bullied often by Qian Zheng Kuan’s concubine. Otherwise how come she had acted so lowly?

Qian DuoDou usually loves to mind other people’s business plus added upon her temper of shielding others, once she saw how the first lady was she couldn’t fool around anymore. Her eyebrows were filled with solemn coldness.

She curled her lips up, mocking: “Mother, don’t kneel on the ground. After all, you’re the first lady of Qian’s prefecture. The first daughter is also the WangFei. You need to know that our Sheng Chen Country has differences between nobles and servants. You are a master. If someone needed to kneel, it should be some servant Li who worships you!”

‘Some servant Li’ [4] These four  [5] words were clear and distinct, without being indirect. It was pointed towards Li Mei.

Exactly, she’s just a concubine anyway. No matter how arrogant she is, she is still only just a servant…

“Lord, look at your daughter. Look at how she treated me. Rebelled. She had simply rebelled!” Li Mei truly was angered. The delicate face was twisted into a ball.

To Qian DuoDuo’s daring actions and words, the first lady felt stunned. Only this wasn’t the time to be surprised. The humiliation that the mother and daughter had gotten all year round had buried a shadow [6] in her heart. From her bones, she was terrified of the second lady. Therefore, she immediately explained:


Not for the sake of the monk but for that of the Buddha [1] – Learn to be lenient towards someone/something.

Family punishment [2] – Referring to the ancient times when someone performed an unacceptable mistake in noble families and they are punished harshly. Usually the family members all gather together when this happen.

Aunt [3] – Referring to a woman who is about the same age as the mother.

Some servant Li [4] – Referring to the second lady in this case – Li Mei. Calling her a servant in comparison to the first lady.

Four [5] – The chinese characters for the phrase took up 4 words.

Shadow [6] – Has to do with an unsuccessful event/period of time in life that couldn’t be forgotten. Referred as shadow because it will always be in sb’s mind.

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