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Zhu SiSi

Prime Minister Zhu watched as the third Wangye helped his daughter up. He watched as the two people shared looks of affection as he covered his mouth to conceal the smile. Then he led the servants out the hall, leaving the space for the couple.

However, there was that one person who hadn’t gotten the signal. No matter how much meaningful glances Prime Minister Zhu had made, he didn’t move at all. Prime minister Zhu had coughed, respectfully asking: “Fourth Wangye, this low official had just obtained a valuable painting. Fourth Wangye, please make the way to the study room so we can appreciate together.”

“Prime Minister Zhu, Ben Wang says that you are also blind. Third brother and I had come to see SiSi. Yet you wanted me to see some broken paintings. Are you in a bad mood because of Ben Wang so you wanted to send Ben Wang off with some excuse?” Long YinTian exclaimed with nonsense.

Long YinTian’s word had made Prime Minister Zhu scared. He hurriedly bowed down with his hands held in front: “Wangye had spoken too seriously…This low official doesn’t dare to…Doesn’t dare to…”

As he explained, he wiped off the beads of sweat off his head and trembled with fear as he exited the hall.

After all the servants had walked away, there was only Long YuTian, LongYinTian and Zhu SiSi left in this huge hall.

“SiSi…Ben Wang missed you so much…” The moment Long YuTian’s millennium frost face had seen Zhu SiSi, his eyes had revealed a rare tenderness. Regardless of the presence of his fourth brother, he raised his hand over to place Zhu SiSi in his arms. But when his arm had slightly touched her shoulder, Zhu SiSi turned her body sideways and rejected his approach. Long YuTian was confused. He lowly called: “SiSi…”

Zhu SiSi lowered her head in a way that it made those who had seen her, pity her. She opened her mouth weakly like a mosquito: “Third Ye [1], please don’t be like this…It’s unacceptable between men and woman to touch. After all, you had just married…”

As she had said this she had bent over. The exquisite face seemed to be pale white. A layer of water mist had formed from the bottom of her eyes. She seemed like she was about to cry.

Long YuTian’s heart felt stuffy and sore. He reached over to hold onto Zhu SiSi’s wrist, forcibly taking her into his arms. His eyes contained a bit more pain. “SiSi, Ben Wang had came over today to tell you that soon, Ben Wang will divorce Qian DuoDuo and officially crown you as my WangFei.”

When Zhi SiSi had heard this, in her heart, she was pleased. However, she acted as though she didn’t care about this: “Yu, you don’t need to comfort me. No one could change the decree made by Empress Dowager. Plus I had heard that young miss Qian had admired you for a long time. How would she easily give up?”

He wrinkled his eyebrows. In order to keep SiSi’s mind at rest, Long YuTian had taken out the contract signed by Qian DuoDuo and him. Then he delivered it to her: “SiSi, white paper and black ink [2]. Qian DuoDuo and I had already finished discussing this. She won’t bother me anymore. You don’t need to worry about it…Plus, Ben Wang doesn’t care about Empress Dowager’s decree. No matter how much she pesters and threatens me with death, Ben Wang’s WangFei will only be Zhu SiSi.”

Long YinTian raised his head to take a look. He shockingly cried out: “200,000?! Third brother, that woman had sold you with 200,000 plus another 1,000?! Hahaha…Is she crazy from thinking about money ah. Doesn’t she know that in the future she will become Sheng Chen Country’s Quee..”

“Fourth brother!” Long YuTian hurriedly yelled.

The word ‘Queen’ was stuck in Long YinTian’s throat.

He was really careless. The fight for the Emperor’s throne was a thousand pounds hanging by a thread[3]. Even though there was the support from the fourteenth uncle and Father Emperor also had the intentions of making the third brother as the Crown Prince, but after all the first prince was born from the Empress. Not only that, he’s the eldest son from the first wife. His status is naturally precious.

If there were the first prince’s eyes and ears[4] in the prime minister’s prefecture, then aren’t they asking for trouble?

However, Long YinTian’s statement had led waves[5] to be formed in Long YuTian’s heart.


Third Ye [1] – It’s like saying third wangye but just shorter. Usually it’s used when the two people are familiar with each other.

White paper and black ink [2] – It basically describes how everything is on paper and no one can go back on their words.

A thousand pounds hanging by a thread [3] – At its most critical moment.

Eyes and ears [4] – People sent from different places to spy on their enemies. Referred as eyes and ears.

Waves [5] – It’s a fig. for describing how a weird/unusual feeling had rose up.

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