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WangFei Established Her Might

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Yuki)

"What happened? Madam Han doesn't want to drink? Are you afraid Ben WangFei is poisoning you?" Qian DuoDuo had lost her patience for quite some time; her speaking tone also became quite cold and severe, exhibiting an ample amount of oppressive air.

Han XiangXue's heart was pounding somewhat madly out of fright because of the sudden oppression that Qian DuoDuo emitted. However, she still arrogantly raised her head and answered, "I… I won't drink!"

"Come on… Does Meimei need Ben WangFei to feed you personally?" Once the words were finished, in the split second Han XiangXue was dumbfounded, Qian DuoDuo had already moved with remarkable speed. She swiftly pinched Han XiangXue's chin and directly poured the tea into her mouth.

Han XiangXue gurgled and thrashed around in her attempt to struggle. But how could her small strength be Qian DuoDuo's opponent? It didn't take long for her to be subdued, leaving her at Qian DuoDuo's mercy.

The maid at their side was scared to see this scene and ran towards them. However, she had just taken one step when something suddenly hit her knees, making her fall in a kneeling position on the ground.

From the doorstep, two little rocks in Long MuChen's hand were secretly launched.

He had never thought that he could actually see such a marvelous scene when he came back this time. This woman… not only was her mouth difficult to deal with, her strength in trickery was also quite big. However, a good tiger still wasn't a match for a group of wolves. If this pack of maids really ganged up on her, Qian DuoDuo perhaps wouldn't gain any easy advantage.

Qian DuoDuo heard the footsteps of the maids at the gate and turned her head around, bellowing fiercely, "Everyone get out! Whoever dares to come, I'll drag her out and feed her to the dogs!"

She didn't know if it was because her domineering aura was overflowing, but those maids who were coming at her were all scared and crisply kneeled on the ground.

Therefore, Han XiangXue could only let Qian DuoDuo pull her hair and force her to look up. The tea in her mouth went 'gulu-gulu' into her throat. When the tea was finally finished, Qian DuoDuo flung her so hard that she fell to the ground from her chair. The cup was also thrown together with her. She was left battered and exhausted, lying on her stomach and coughing.

Qian DuoDuo did everything smoothly. She clapped her hands and condescendingly stared at Han XiangXue. At this moment, the white dress she wore was dancing in the wind. Although there were no accessories whatsoever in her long black hair, she looked just like an empress; arrogant and overbearing. She said, "Han XiangXue, I'm warning you, in this wangfu you can be jealous of other women or scheme against each other as you wish. However, if you want to bare your fangs or brandish your claws in front of me, you'd better roll back into your mother's womb and cultivate for a few more years!"

"Listen to me carefully. From now on, you cannot tread even one step into my Ning Hui Yuan. To be tactful, just turn around if you see me in the future. Otherwise, what enters your mouth next time will be dung from the toilet in my backyard!"

Qian DuoDuo felt she had relieved her anger after saying those words. She then turned around and said to Xiao Ruo, "Throw them out!"

Han XiangXue sobbed for a short moment and crawled up from the ground. Although she was actually gnashing her teeth out of hate inside, she didn't dare to say anything. She could only curse secretly in her heart: This damn slut! Just wait until Zhu XiaoJie marries into the wangfu! After WangYe divorces her, I'm definitely going to properly sort her out!

With this kind of thoughts in her heart, she wiped off her tears and walked towards the door. She hadn't yet walked out of the door, but she already saw a long shadow gradually approach. Han XiangXue looked up and immediately cried herself into a tear-stained beauty, pathetically saying, "WangYe… You have to give your servant [1] justice…"

WangYe? Long YuTian?

Qian DuoDuo was about to go back to her room to rest when she heard the frail childish cries coming from behind her. She turned her head and saw Han XiangXue sticking to Long YuTian's body like a koala.


[1]Your servant (奴家/ nú jiā): a humble way a young woman used to refer to herself. Mmm, I don't want to use the pinyin for this. 1. It doesn't appear much; 2. It isn't too important to the story; 3. Until this chapter, there are already a lot of pinyin used to refer to someone, not going to add one that's not too important~~~


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