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My Head Broke from The Fall

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Panie)

"I'm a friend of San WangYe…" Long MuChen raised his head and inserted a sentence.

Long YuTian's words were stuck on his lips and went straight back to his throat after he heard ShiSi Shu's voice. Not to mention Chen Wang's position and prestige was something that even his FuHuang couldn't shake, just based on the fact that he grew up admiring him ever since he was a child, he naturally had the utmost respect towards him.

Don't say only a woman, he would even be delighted to give even his life to Chen Wang. But he didn't know why, when he saw Qian DuoDuo and Long MuChen getting along this well, like they'd been friends for a long time even though this was their first meeting, his heart unfathomably felt extremely suffocated.

Until the end, he finally searched a reason for himself…

This woman is his WangFei… This is related to his face… Moreover, she basically isn't worthy of Chen Wang…

Long YuTian grasped Qian DuoDuo's wrist and coldly asked, "Qian DuoDuo, stop pretending to be a fool! Do you really not know who he is? Ben Wang remember that last year official Qian still brought you into the palace and met Chen GongZi. Did you forget it so quickly?"

"En… This… I really don't remember…" Qian DuoDuo scratched her head in extreme distress. A divine inspiration came, and she wittily retorted back, "Don't you see I've broken my head and couldn't remember anything?"

A hint of panic flashed in Qian DuoDuo's eyes. She was a wandering soul, so how could she remember so many things? However, her panic was quickly caught by Long YuTian, solidifying his thought even more that she was a very scheming woman.

The Qian DuoDuo he knew was weak and timid, a master who was always bullied and humiliated. Why, just because of a little fall, did she suddenly become so eloquent and clever?

A broken brain could cause her to lose her memories. However, how could even her character follow to have earth-shaking changes?

Could it be… all these years she was being an insignificant person in Qian family… all of it was an act so that he would lower his vigilance and marry her as Fei?

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Long YuTian squinted, staring thoughtfully at Qian DuoDuo. That kind of gaze was so sharp that Qian DuoDuo felt uncomfortable all over from being stared by it.

"You…" Long YuTian didn't have the time to finish his words. The housekeeper, covered all over with grime, ran into the hall. His appearance was almost equal to that of Qian DuoDuo's.

"WangYe, the fire in the kitchen has been extinguished now. However, the kitchen has been burned beyond recognition… Just now, I heard a subordinate say that someone deliberately set it on fire!"

"Who!?" Long YuTian uttered only one word, neat and clean.

"This…" The old housekeeper casted a glance at Qian DuoDuo.

Qian DuoDuo panicked. Guilty eyes were shifting around. That kind of appearance seemed to say, 'You can't see me, you can't see me.'

"QUICKLY SAY IT!" Long YuTian obviously didn't have much patience. His loud roar scared that subordinate until he almost fell kneeling on the ground.

Long MuChen softly tapped the table with one of his slender fingers; his long slanted eyes were filled with interest. He casted a sidelong glance at the woman beside him, just in time to meet Qian DuoDuo's eyes that were shifting around.

Qian DuoDuo saw Long MuChen show an ill-intentioned smile and thought, Bad! Is he going to rat her out? She hastily made a pleading gesture with her hands towards Long MuChen, moving her mouth to jabber soundlessly.

Long MuChen was really curious about how she would explain this kitchen-burning matter. Thus, a clear, shallow smile as tranquil as the spring wind appeared while a slender, jade-like finger was lightly caressing a teacup. He slightly opened his lips, "San WangYe, don't embarrass the old housekeeper… The person who burned the kitchen may seem as far as the end of the earth, but that person may actually be right in front of your eyes…"


RenRen: Bad Long MuChen! Naughty Long MuChen!

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