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Chapter 258
Chapter 258 - Child

“As the people from ancient times say, a youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon . They’re talking about children who haven’t matured fully like you!”


Long Yintian didn’t accept this and argued, “This Prince is already 20 . You, this immature girl, is younger than me by a few years and you dare to call me a child? Duo’er, do you know math?!”


20 . He was at least a 1990 child .  


In her society, they would’ve been in bars and having karaokes . Even more, love letters would be all around the school .


How could he compare to herself who was already a female officer taking out villains for the better sake of society?

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However, heroes don’t mention their pasts . Ever since she transmigrated, Qian Duoduo found out that she couldn’t catch thieves anymore . Instead, her ability to cause trouble was still the same as always .


(Cough, cough… At least she knows herself . Not bad . . . Let’s compliment her)


Qian Duoduo pursed her lips and said with a tone of dislike . “You also know that 20 is just a number . When this sister was working hard, you were still being pampered and eating fruits in the arms of your concubines… Do you recognize a seedling? Have you ever washed your dishes? Do you know how to earn money? Have you experienced the pain and difficulties of society? People say that poor people manage the household early on . Based on this, who knows how mature this sister is? . . . You still don’t accept this?”


When Long Yintian heard this, he didn’t know what to say .

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They had a smooth sail the entire time, living luxurious lives . Obviously, they aren’t able to understand what she meant by “poor people have to learn to manage the household early on . ”


However, Qian Duoduo was considered the Government Minister’s legal daughter . He smiled and said, “You only know how to brag . You’re a delicate young miss of a wealthy family . How could you have experienced the troubles of society?”


Qian Duoduo’s gaze dimmed a bit .


She was a young miss of a wealthy family and should be living worry free . However, a mistress stole her father and her mother had a weak personality . She was kicked out of the house without anything .


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This led her to bear the responsibility of supporting a family and know the troubles of having no money .


Therefore, she was extremely sensitive with money, especially in a world where men are valued and women looked down upon . Women need to be financially independent, so that they won’t be casually bullied by men .


Ah . . . thinking about her body . . . wasn’t it the same for her?


Either her past life or this life, no matter in terms of love or family, can it not be so strangely familiar?!


Looking at Qian Duoduo’s expression, Long Yintian just realized that he mentioned something that upsetted her . Therefore, he hurriedly comforted, “Duo’er, let’s not think about it . Things are getting better for you now . No one dares to bully you with me here . Even Third Brother can’t!”


Qian Duoduo’s tears streamed down her face right then and she waved her handkerchief around, wiping her tears . “Four, why are you so cute? . . . So cute that I’m embarrassed to bully you . . . If Three dares to bully me in the future, get revenge for me!”


Long Yintian patted her chest and promised, “Duo’er, don’t worry . No matter what, I’m on your side . You just need to say something and I’ll go fight Third Brother!”


Qian Duoduo blinked her eyes and smiled . She reached over and ruffled Long Yintian’s hair, pressing his temple . “You’re really my good brother…”


Long Yintian slightly trembled and pretended like he didn’t care, enjoying Qian Duoduo’s cuteness . Then, seeing that the girl wasn’t as upset anymore, he asked, “Duo’er, in your heart, where do Fourteenth Uncle, Third Brother, and I stand?”

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