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Published at 21st of June 2020 11:39:26 AM
Chapter 245
Chapter 245 - Escape
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Qian Duoduo felt that if she didn’t find a way to escape right now, she would definitely be chopped to pieces by these greedy women .


However, she temporarily couldn’t return to the Third Prince’s residence, otherwise she’d probably have a worse consequence if Long Yutian caught her .


How about she goes to Prince Chen’s residence to lie low until the storm is over?


Qian Duoduo planned out her escape route in her head and then she suddenly called out, pointing behind, “Fourth Prince!”


The women surrounding her instinctively looked behind . Each one squeezed one another, trying to see the sunshine-like and handsome Long Yintian suddenly started fighting with one another . No one bothered with Qian Duoduo anymore .


At that moment, Qian Duoduo ran off .

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The women all raised their heads to look around but they didn’t see a certain male . It was then that they found out they were lied to by Qian Duoduo . By the time they snapped out of their dazes, Qian Duoduo was already long gone .


“Sister! Quickly chase after her . We can’t let her escape!” One of the women hollered and rolled up her sleeves, inciting the rest to chase in the direction Qian Duoduo ran off to .


For a period of time, there was a marathon on the streets, but they were all chasing after a single person .


However, the majority of the young ladies didn’t leave the house often, so how could they win against Qian Duoduo? In a bit, Qian Duoduo had left them behind .


By the time she ran towards Prince Chen’s residence, Qian Duoduo took the chance to pant and lean against the pillar, saying angrily, “Where is Fourteen?”


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The guard obviously recognized her and respectfully answered, “Young Lady Qian, our Prince is in the residence . ”


“Ok, then stay here and keep a good watch . No matter who looks for me, say that you haven’t seen me . And if you encounter and wretch women, you better not say anything about me!”


After telling the guards this, Qian Duoduo stumbled and made her way into the main hall .


When Long Muchen returned, there were bunch of papers on the study desk with the words “Qian Duoduo — Long Muchen” written on it . The papers were fluttering in the sky .


He waved his sleeves and immediately started practicing his calligraphy on the sheet of white and clean paper .


People say that practicing calligraphy helped calm down one’s mind, but seeing the fluttering and lively words on the paper, Long Muchen couldn’t help but think back to Qian Duoduo’s faint and delicate fragrance .

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Long Muchen shook his head and his gaze darkened .


He leaned against the openwork chair feeling helpless as he gazed out of the window expressionlessly .


Was he a bit too rude to her before?


When he said that he didn’t care about her, he saw her unknown but resentful gaze . It made him feel bad . . .


Did she return to the residence?


Would Three really teach her lesson? Plus, with Zhu Sisi adding oil to the flame and Qian Duoduo’s stubborn personality, would she go against Long Yutian and then anger him?


Thinking of this, Long Muchen started to worry .


But in the next second, he looked down upon himself .


He secretly swore in his heart that he wouldn’t care about her this time and have her reflect on her actions to become a better person . How come he couldn’t help but worry for her when not even an incense stick’s worth of time has passed?


But a smart girl like her doesn’t understand his heart?


Or was she purposely avoiding this and ignoring himself?

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