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Published at 21st of June 2020 11:39:26 AM
Chapter 244
Chapter 244 - Prince is very Angry
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It seems like Qian Duoduo had shown mercy to Prince Chen . Although Prince Chen was taken aback by the elderly lady, at least he respected the elders . . .

The gorilllike woman’s skin was overly greasy and oily . No wonder Three would be so angry .

The girl was too excessive this time! She even dared to scheme himself .

Just like what Three had said, he really spoiled her .

Long Muchen was unhappy… It seems like he needed to give her a little punishment .

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He faintly looked at Qian Duoduo’s unaccepting expression and casually waved his fan . He faintly smiled and said, “This time, this Prince promises to not intervene . She will handle her own faults!”

“Fourteen…” Qian Duoduo miserably said .

Long Muchen ignored the girl and then said coldly to Long Yutian, “Three, take her back to the Prince’s residence and have her reflect on her actions . When she knows her faults, let her back out!”

After he said this, he turned around and left the crowd… leaving Qian Duoduo staring at his figure with an unknown expression .

At this time, a woman who just handed in money said brainlessly, “Lady Qian, when are you going to arrange for us to meet?”

Qian Duoduo felt miserable… wasn’t she looking for a beating?!

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As expected, Long Yutian immediately stomped in anger and he said, “Everyone, leave right now! If I hear anyone mentioning what happened today, this Prince will punish them!”

Then he angrily walked to the table and lowered his head, rummaging through the drawer . It was full of the VIP customers’ information that Xiao Rou recorded and the banknotes .

Long Yutian took out the information and used his internal qi to rip the paper . While he was at it, he shoved the dirty money into his pocket .

“Prince, we all handed money in and signed the contract . Lady Qian can’t violate the contract . ” A young woman said, not fearing death .

“If you handed in the money, then go ask Qian Duoduo for it . Don’t offend this Prince!” Hearing them continuously mentioning this, Long Yutian was also angry . His tone became impatient .

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“Yu… don’t be angry . Let’s go . ” Zhu Sisi held onto Long Yutian’s arms, well-behaved and she comforted him .

Long Yutian looked down at Zhu Sisi and then at Qian Duoduo who was unwilling to accept this . She didn’t recognize her mistake in the least bit . He humphed and turned around, leaving with Zhu Sisi .

Long Yutian ripped her contract in front of everyone and even had the group of women come find her to get their money back .

Qian Duoduo was so angry that she wanted to push over and bite him to death . But this wasn’t the crucial point . The crucial point was there was a group of women staring at her greedily and killing her with their gazes . . .

“Lady Qian, you said that if the meeting doesn’t work out, you’ll compensate us double the amount!”

“Right, right . Even the Third Prince and Prince Chen aren’t on her side anymore . You need to give us an explanation . ”

“These are our hard-earned money . You need to give it back to us now!”

Qian Duoduo rolled her eyes . They tugged her back and forth . She only needed to spit foam at this point .

Can she not be so miserable? The first time she did business, she earned no money . Thankfully, this was the ancient time, otherwise she would’ve been sued and treated as a fraud .

Return money? Long Yutian took all her money . She didn’t even have the receipts of these customers, so how was she going to return the money?

Was she forced to casually accept this situation?

Qian Duoduo felt that if she didn’t find a way to escape right now, she would definitely be chopped to pieces by these greedy women .

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