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Published at 8th of September 2019 09:34:56 AM
Chapter 236

Chapter 236 — Eyes Twitching

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Eyes Twitching

“Young master, look at this hairpin and then the pearl drilled into it . It’s a top-notch good . ”

The owner of the stall delivered the hairpin over, wanting to close the distance with the young master . Yet, a hand cut in between the two of them helplessly .  

“No, we don’t want it . It’s so ugly…” Qin Jiran interrupted the owner’s praises of the hairpin without hesitation .  

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The owner of the stall didn’t admit defeat either . She immediately delivered another hairpin over . “Young master, how about this one? It’s made from top-notch mutton fat jade . It’s just right for your crown . If you like it, I’ll give it to you…”

Qian DuoDuo watched the married women throwing flirtatious glances at Long MuChen and she clenched her teeth angrily . She looked around her surroundings with her beautiful eyes and hollered at the street . “Everyone look! The owner is being kind hearted and giving out free hairpins . Don’t miss this! Everyone, come and grab one!”

The people who walked by didn’t know if it was true or not but still immediately rushed over, surrounding the stall .

How did the owner think this would happen? She was stunned for a second before she highlighted the nature of a shrew, putting her hands on her hips . “Go away . Everyone leave . Don’t you see me doing business here? Why are you guys messing around and listening to a random girl blabbering? You guys really believe her?”

“You’re not giving out hairpins?” An old lady who just finished buying groceries asked .

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The married woman humphed, “Give out free hairpins? Will you be willing to give the money in your bag to me?”

People heard her and figured it was a prank . They all left .  

The married woman glanced at Qian DuoDuo who continuously found trouble for her . She was naturally unhappy . “This lady, if you aren’t going to buy anything, stay to one side . Don’t interfere with my business . ”

“Hah . Are your eyes blind? This lady has been picking hair pins here but you haven’t bothered to ask me or anything . Instead, you’re throwing flirtatious looks at my fourteen…Are your eyes twitching? If it is, please go to the hospital and take a look . Otherwise, you might become a woman with no eyes…”

Qian DuoDuo mocked her, not showing any mercy at all . This led the surrounding people to laugh .  

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The married woman’s face turned red at her eyes . She lowered her head, unable to retort .  

Long MuChen enjoyed Qian DuoDuo being angry and her saying ‘my fourteen’ subconsciously . His heart felt sweet .  

Plus, he thought that it was fun to tease the little thing and watch her be jealous for him .  

He took out a one hundred banknote and delivered it to the owner . “Give me the jade hairpin . I think it’s pretty good . Duo Er, what else do you like?”

“Pretty good my butt . Fourteen, you should go to the hospital and take a look as well . What type of taste do you have? This sister disdains you!”

When the owner was about to take the banknotes happily, Qian DuoDuo suddenly interrupted .  

Then, she reached over and grabbed the banknotes over, shoving it in her bag . Then, she said to Long MuChen as though she was doing him a favor, “I’ll give you a jade hairpin from three in another day . I promise you that it will look better than this once . Then, we can calculate the price…”

Long MuChen was speechless .

How come he was scolded when he just wanted to buy some jewelry for her?

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