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You Are San WangFei?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

No matter what, Qian DuoDuo was also a 21st century fresh girl. How could she not notice that the man in front of her was losing both his soul and spirit from being fascinated with herself? She smugly bobbed her head and hummed a song before throwing the handkerchief in her grasp at Long MuChen. She imitated his words before saying, "Wipe the drool off your mouth…… Although Ben… Ben GuNiang was born beautiful, you also shouldn't exaggerated it like this right?"

What a clever girl…

Long MuChen shifted his admiring gaze away and coughed awkwardly before turning his head around, looking somewhat arrogant and cute.

"You…" Long MuChen had wanted to ask 'what is your name'……

But suddenly, "XiaoJie… XiaoJie…"

From a distant place, Xiao Ruo ran flusteredly towards the lakeside and pulled Qian DuoDuo's arm, blurting, "XiaoJie, why did you run to this place? WangYe wants to meet you right now…"

"What!? What does Long YuTian want to see me for?" Qian DuoDuo's body shivered. Without waiting for Xiao Ruo to speak, she herself had already become nervous, staring impatiently at Xiao Ruo, "Does he already know that the kitchen was burned by me? Wu wu wu~ Will I be beaten ah~~~"

Seeing her XiaoJie's tearful sob, Xiao Ruo hastily shook her head, "It's not like that, XiaoJie. I heard Si WangYe[1] also came. Therefore, WangYe let you go to meet the guest…"

"Oh… Scared me to death… It's good as long as he doesn't beat me up… I can't defeat him…" Qian DuoDuo patted her little heart. Beautiful eyes shifted around, "Xiao Ruo, I'm tired… Let's go back and sleep."

"XiaoJie… You're not going to the front hall?"

"Why do I have to go? It's his little brother that came, not mine." Qian DuoDuo righteously retorted.

"My dear XiaoJie, no matter what, you are San WangFei… If you don't go and WangYe gets mad, who'll take responsibility?" Xiao Ruo spoke with a sour face.

Who would have thought her words had just landed, yet a man's voice suddenly appeared, cold and filled with incredulity, "You are San WangFei?"

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Xiao Ruo's gaze moved towards the source of that voice and finally found that a very handsome guy was standing behind her. But at this moment, Long MuChen had already withdrawn his jade-warm personality from a moment ago. His handsome face became a bit cold as he stared sharply at Qian DuoDuo.

Xiao Ruo threw Long MuChen a slightly examining glance. Although she didn't know his real identity, but from the style of his clothes as well as his noble temperament, she could see that his identity wasn't ordinary. She slightly bent her body, respectfully saying, "This GongZi… May I ask, you are…."

"I'm a friend of your WangYe…" Long MuChen gave a faint reply; his elegant eyebrows were somewhat raised. However, a complex emotion flashed in his eyes.

"Aiya! So you're a friend of that chauvinist pig… You say… Why am I so unlucky? I could pull anyone, yet I have to pull a time bomb…" Qian DuoDuo cried bitterly and stared aggrievedly at Long MuChen. After a long time, she finally rubbed her eyes before running to Long MuChen's side. She laughed mischievously, "That… Handsome guy, you and I are going to discuss something… Can you do it?"

"What's the matter?"

"That… Later, if you meet San WangYe, you definitely can't rat me out. If he knows I'm the one who burned the kitchen, he'll definitely torture me… You don't know… He is a psycho, maybe something like whipping, leg torture, even castration, he'll definitely use all of them on me…"


[1]Si WangYe (四王爷/sì wáng​ye) : Fourth Prince


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