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Chapter 218: 218
Unable to Support, won’t Starve to Death

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Think of his master who is warm-blooded and the universally admired Cheng Wang . How come in front of Qian DuoDuo, he transformed into the ‘receiver’ within the relationship?

Especially, the last two points . When the wife is going to copulate with you, you need to satisfy her demands and persevere . You are not to be less capable than desirable . 24 . When the wife doesn’t want something, you need to keep the tears in your stomach and figure it out yourself . You are not to buy and sell things…

This is basically shocking to the ears!

Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo’s proud looks and within his heart, he had an understanding of the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars .

The first 23 conditions, he can all satisfy them…It’s just that the last condition…He will maintain a surveying attitude!

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She’s not the one exerting force…so why not?

“Fourteen, what are you pondering over randomly?” Qian DuoDuo stared at Long MuChen’s sinister look . Maybe he is ** something . She couldn’t help to inquire .

“No, nothing…Duo’s Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars really is absolute . I benefited from it a lot…” Long MuChen learned and applied immediately . Did she say that when the wife is arguing, he needed to agree?

It’s just that besides this point, Long MuChen also thought of something else that led his feelings to drop down for a while .

“Duo Er, if a certain girl relies on you a lot but only takes you to be a relative then what should you do?”

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He remembered when Qian DuoDuo told him that he gave her a feeling like a father which led Long MuChen’s tone to be very sorrowful .

Qian DuoDuo touched her chin: “Do you pamper her a lot?”

“Hm, I will basically answer to her every demand . ” Long MuChen didn’t bother concealing his feeling of pampering towards her .

“Psh…No wonder . There are some women like this . The more pampering you are to her, she will end up being pretentious . Didn’t you hear of the statement that women are a type of animal where you can’t keep supporting her otherwise you will starve to death…Sometimes, you have to mistreat her, harshly mistreat her . That way, she will worry about it and face squarely of your feelings towards her…”

Qian DuoDuo’s tone was a little peculiar . When Long MuChen exclaimed that he pampered this woman, she clenched her teeth and couldn’t help to wish to peel her alive and swallow her .

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When facing fourteen – such a great man, she dared to be picky about it . She basically was asking for a beating!

Therefore, Qian DuoDuo basically wouldn’t even feel sympathy towards this type of woman . She directly let Long MuChen mistreat her to the point where the day is the night for her and best, for her to run off!

Dared to steal her man! Kill without mercy!

The insensitive her hadn’t noticed this type of subtle feeling she held . In her heart, she clapped her hands for letting someone evil down!

Long MuChen was a little shocked but agreed too . He held a smiling tone: “Duo Er, you want me to mistreat her? Young girl, don’t regret this!”

“Psh…What does this have to do with me! You are going to mistreat another woman so why would I regret this . I don’t have cerebral palsy!” Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes, not knowing why he exclaimed this .

Long MuChen deeply inhaled the trace of sourness within the air . This young girl really was insensitive . He already declared to this point and she still couldn’t detect that the woman who made him willing to follow the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars was herself .

Instead, she started to be jealous of herself .

It seemed like he really needed to find a method in order to open the door in Qian DuoDuo’s heart…

This journey to Bai Hua Loud, Long MuChen had received some results and he had some plans in his heart .

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