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Published at 17th of May 2019 06:18:24 AM
Chapter 214

You really are not fun

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Overall, if Qian DuoDuo and fourteen weren’t that familiar with each other and this led her to feel embarrassed, she would definitely immediately pounce on him!

What a pity that such a charming handsome man should be taken home to be admired but instead, a group of young ladies within Bai Hua Lou drooped at the sight of him…This was basically a reckless waste of a rare product .

Qian DuoDuo clutched her chest…Feeling pain…

However, what hurts the most was that within the young ladies’ hands, almost everyone held a couple of banknotes that each worth 100 silvers!

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Plus, the table in front of Long MuChen had piles of banknotes arranged on top .

Was this the rhythm of ‘if I don’t go to hell then who will go to hell?’ and in order to save the cheating people of Shen Cheng Country, he was going to redeem the young ladies within Bai Hua Lou?

“Fourteen, how come you are here instead of staying in the WangFu in the middle of the night? And you reserved the place…” Qian DuoDuo pursed her mouth, with a peculiar tone .

“I…” Long MuChen stuttered . On the handsome face, there was a faint redness on his cheeks which were rarely seen in hundreds of years .

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He arrogantly turned his head around and the eyes sparkled…

He couldn’t tell her that he came here in order to learn about women’s preferences and their thoughts right?

Hehe…Look at this man . It looked as though peaches blossomed on his face and the eyes were like sparkling stars…

Hehe…Don’t blame these odd girls for having fujoshi thoughts…

Qian DuoDuo slipped off and poked at Long MuChen, a little cocky and mockingly: “Hehe, even if you don’t say it, I know why you are here . It’s definitely because a while back, I said that you have erectile dysfunction so you were upset by this . Therefore, you brought Han Tie over in order to prove it wrong . ”

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After she finished teasing him, her tone changed into one of despising: “However, fourteen, you really are no fun . There is something so fun but you didn’t call me . Don’t you know in the past when I wanted to go to the red-light district and my colleagues wouldn’t take me there because they saw that I was a woman? Therefore, the first thing I wanted to do when I crossed over was to wear a man’s clothes and come over to play with girls! But the fee for brothels is too much…However, since you actually reserved the entire Bai Hua Lou, then bring me along to play with…I will help cheer for you and conveniently help to prove that you are fine! If one of your parts doesn’t work then we can fix it in time…”

Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo who acted like a koala, rubbing against him . He had been suspicious at the time whether the person in front of him was a woman?

The words exclaimed by her were that shocking . She even wanted to help repair his parts!

This…problem of parts, he could consider discussing with her about it . . After all, this mattered to peaceful relations in the future…

“Huh? Han Tie, do you have a fever?” Qian DuoDuo and Long MuChen chatted with one another before she noticed Han Tie who stood to one side .

His dark face turned bright red and the entire expression seemed like something was stuck in his chest…

Qian DuoDuo wanted to lift her hand to check Han Tie’s forehead but Han Tie seemed as though he had seen a beast, jumping far away from her .

The words exclaimed were all in parts: “Young miss…Qian, just have mercy on this person . This person wants to live a couple more years . Don’t ruin me…”

“Who is ruining you? What this young miss is doing is called loving you guys!” In Qian DuoDuo’s eyes, Han Tie was only in his twenties and towards her powerful and modern soul, he was just like a little brother!

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