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Chapter 2450 - siege!

A loud sound was heard.

Immediately after, Transformers pounded his chest with both fists, with a movement of his head, he roared out: "Brothers, attack the city!"

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


One voice after another, the Alien Demons that received Long Fei's summons woke up. They stood up from the ground, with over eighty thousand of them packed together.

That scene …

The shock was incomparable!

Long Fei stood on top of the Alien King's head and looked at the more than eighty thousand Alien Demons behind him, this kind of feeling suddenly exploded out, "It used to be monsters' turn to attack my city, now it's my turn to lead the monsters' turn to attack someone else's city, this kind of feeling … Hahaha... "This is f * cking cool."

Over eighty thousand Alien Demons.

This was even more awesome than any city siege battle with demon beast.


These demon beast s were all at the peak of the elixir's cultivation. They did not care about their lives, and were not afraid of death.

They are Alien Demons.

The same was true for the death squads!

Over eighty thousand heads stood up and looked at Long Fei who was standing above Alien King's head. Long Fei moved his left hand, summoned his Ju Que Sword and activated Heaven Flame with his Qilin arm.

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His arms were burning, and the Ju Que Sword that he was connected to was also burning, turning into a sinister and terrifying fire sword.

He waved the fire sword, pointed it at Meng City and roared, "Charge!"

"Crush them!"

With the command given, tens of thousands of demons roared and madly rushed out of the valley like a black tide.

Transformers took the lead.


Kai Linna soared into the sky and disappeared in an instant.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound of running footsteps shook the sky and sand filled the sky. It was as if a black sandstorm had descended upon Meng City.

… ….

Meng Clan.

It was extremely lively as countless powerhouse congratulated him.



… ….

At this time, a voice came from the entrance of the hall, "The auspicious hour has arrived!"

The music started.

There was a gong, a drum, and a trumpet.

At one end of the hall, two female servants slowly walked out, supporting a woman dressed in red with a head full of red clouds.

At the other end.

Meng Qian walked out with his purple gold crown on his head and his red clothes making a sound as well. With every step he took, a shallow ripple appeared under his feet. This ripple was condensed from ice, and in the instant he lifted his foot, it disappeared.

This required an incomparable amount of power to be able to control.

Upon seeing this, many people's eyes flashed with a strange light of astonishment.

"As expected of the 18 Captains of Magic King, they are indeed extraordinary."

"To have such strength before the age of thirty, a monstrous genius who hasn't appeared in the Meng Clan for a thousand years, incredible. Truly incredible."

"This princess sand moon is truly blessed to be able to cultivate for eight lifetimes. Being able to marry such a man is simply too blissful."

"I heard that the powerful light that exploded from the Savage Desert earlier was the return of the heavenly fire and submission. Could this princess sand moon have already grasped the artifact forging holy fire left behind by our ancestors? If that's really the case, then she can be considered to be worthy of Young Master Meng Qian. "

"With the strength of the Meng family and the sand moon tribe's Refining Technics, I'm afraid that the Meng family will rise quickly to become the number one clan in Magic Tribe."

… ….

Many people were secretly envious of him.

At the same time, there were also people guessing what princess sand moon looked like.

Other than the sand moon people, there were very few people who had seen the princess sand moon's appearance.

At this moment.

Meng Qian and princess sand moon walked together.

Face to face.

Meng Qian gently held princess sand moon's hand. He felt disgusted, but on the surface, he still pretended to be happy.

The two maidservants withdrew.

An old host walked up and was about to speak.

It was time.

Someone from below jeered, "It's all because princess sand moon is Magic Tribe's number one beauty, is this for real? The women of the sand moon tribe wear veils everyday, can we see their true appearances today? "


"Let us witness the appearance of the Magic Tribe's number one beauty."

"Lift her head."



"Swish, swish, swish …"

Suddenly, many people in the yard started to heckle.

The old host pressed down with both hands and said: "Don't make a ruckus, you have yet to bow to the heavens and earth, and cannot lift your heads, it is unlucky. Furthermore, the rules of the sand moon tribe states that all women have to wear a veil, and will only take it off in front of their loved ones.

The girls of sand moon tribe could not take off their veils in front of outsiders.

This is the clan rule of the sand moon tribe.


Meng Qian smirked and said: "Anyway, she is my woman, a member of my Meng family. There are not that many rules for people of my Meng family."

"Lady Yue Min, what do you say?"

Meng Qian laughed sinisterly.

Without waiting for princess sand moon to speak.


Meng Qian instantly lifted the veil over princess sand moon's head and laughed loudly: "Take a look, what is the real number one beauty in Magic Tribe?"

"Hahaha …"

On the other side, the sand moon people were filled with rage as their veins bulged.

However …

In front of them was the Warrior of Meng Clan, they could not move at all.

The veil was lifted, revealing the peerless beauty of the princess sand moon.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Even Meng Qian was slightly stunned by the sight, and he too, froze in shock.

Because …

It was too beautiful!

"Wow, she's so beautiful!"

"It's too beautiful!"

"As expected of the number one beauty of the Magic Tribe."

"If I had such a wife, I could have cut my lifespan by ten years."

… ….

Beautiful, very beautiful!


princess sand moon's eyes were filled with tears. His tear-stained eyes revealed a trace of pity and weakness, causing people to feel pity for him.

Beautiful to the heart.

Many men were gulping down their saliva.

Meng Qian's gaze tensed up as he looked at the tears in princess sand moon's eyes.


A slap flew across his face.


It was incomparably loud.

Everyone in the courtyard instantly quieted down and became stupefied.

The five finger marks could clearly be seen on princess sand moon's face, and a bit of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

Meng Qian shouted, "What are you crying for? Do you feel wronged marrying me? Ah? Do you think about that human trash in your heart? "

"Don't think that I don't know. When we were in the desert, you already took off your veil and showed it to that trash. You still f * cking have the face to cry in front of me?"

Ye Zichen spoke fiercely.

It was as though he had suddenly become a completely different person.

He was angry.

He felt as if he had received a powerful stimulus, and his heart surged with a perverted feeling.

However …

With that slap, not only did princess sand moon hold back his tears, the pain in his eyes also disappeared, replaced with determination and numbness.

She stared at Meng Qian.

Meng Qian glared at him and said coldly: "Let's talk about your sore spot right? What kind of clan rule of the sand moon tribe is this? Hmph, I see that you have not only taken off your veil for that trash, but have also given him your body? "

"You can tell with a glance that she's a bitch."

princess sand moon clenched his fists tightly, and his teeth clattered loudly.

At this moment.

A voice resounded in the hall, "Qian'er!"

The corners of Meng Qian's eyes turned sinister. He snorted coldly and no longer said anything.

In the main hall, in the courtyard, and in the quiet of the Meng Clan, the sound of rumbling could be heard from off in the distance.

One of the disciples anxiously ran in and said: "Patriarch, it's bad, it's bad. A large number of unknown demon beast are rushing to Meng City."

… ….

Outside the city.

The Transformers asked: "Boss, how do we get in?"

Long Fei grinned and said: "I will kill my way in … …"

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