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Chapter 2338 - Entering the Valley

How could Long Fei let the woman he fancied die?

How could he die before the quest was activated?

There were still many things that he hadn't done yet, so how could he die?

The most important thing was …

She was Long Fei's woman!

Just with this, even if the King of Hell's Life and Death was removed from his name, Long Fei would kill his way into the Underworld and kill the King of Hell!

In short, with me here, I won't let you die.

However …

The poison in her body had already slowly corroded her bone marrow. Even if her physique was different from ordinary people and she was a Gifted Soul of Underworld, she still wouldn't be able to resist the poison from the Limitless Burning Sword.


The Limitless Burning Sword was a treasure bestowed to the Zhao Family by the god's tribe.

It was Zhen Wu continent's number one divine weapon.

It was truly too powerful. It would not be easy for him to remove the poison from it.

Yi Yourong wiped away her tears and said, "Really? Will you really help me? "

Long Fei nodded.

Yi Yourong said again, "Are you really willing to teach me that move?"

Long Fei nodded again.

She was facing a crying woman, and it was a very beautiful woman at that, especially her breasts … Long Fei really could not resist it.

Yi Yourong stretched out her pinky: "Pull the hook."

Long Fei smiled, and said: "I will definitely do as I say."

Even though she said that, she still hooked her fingers around Yi Yourong's little finger, and then …

"Pull the hook, hang him, don't change for a hundred years …"

Long Fei agreed. According to the normal pattern, it should be, "Who's the dog …"

But what Yi Yourong said was different, there was a flash of light, "Whoever changes will become Yang. Impotence... "

Long Fei was stupefied on the spot.

Yi Yourong burst out laughing, "Hehehehe... Remember that vow you made. If you can't do it, then below you. "That's for sure."

Xiao Die, thin monkey, and the big sized man were also shocked.

Isn't this too treacherous?

Long Fei was instantly speechless!

Yi Yourong chuckled: "I was just lying to you, the wounds on my body have already healed, do I still need you to save me? However, I am truly a little touched if you swear it with your life. "

"Hee hee …"

"As a man, you have to keep your word. You said it before, you would help me get Ming Yue."

Yi Yourong snickered.

Long Fei looked at her, one second he was crying, the next he was smiling sinisterly, this woman's face was a hundred times faster than flipping a book.

Xiao Die said: "sister Yi, aren't you being too treacherous? You scared me, and you even need A Long's help, you don't need to do this, A Long will definitely help you. "


No matter what, Long Fei would help Yi Yourong.

Xiao Die knew clearly in his heart.

Similarly, Yi Yourong was very clear about this in his heart.

However... She did this to make Long Fei dislike her, and also to remind him to keep his distance. She was the Dark Phoenix, her mission, her mission, the Ming Clan would not allow her to marry anyone.


The wound on Yi Yourong's abdomen had not recovered at all, it had sunk deep into her bone marrow, it was hard for her to break through cultivation, she did not know how much longer she could continue.

She could only do this so that Long Fei wouldn't worry about her.

Her face was full of smiles, but her heart was bitter.

The first time he saw Yi Yourong using his perspective to look through his body and saw the wound on her abdomen, he had not paid much attention to it in the past, but now that he thought about it, it was definitely not a simple injury.

Long Fei said: "Let's enter the valley."

Yi Yourong immediately said: "That's right, no matter if it's the Zhou and Zhao Families, we all have to move a step ahead of them, before they can react."

Yi Yourong was also a little worried.

Ming Yue.

The sacred artifact of the Ming Clan.

Not only that, once this thing was discovered, the Ming Clan would immediately expose it. One must know that for more than ten billion years, the powerhouse of god's tribe had been chasing after the Ming Clan clansmen all the time.

Once found, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Yi Yourong stood up.

Long Fei looked at Xiao Die and said, "Sis, you guys hide."

Xiao Die stared blankly. She wanted to follow him, but she was afraid of implicating Long Fei, so she said: "We will stand guard at the entrance of the valley and watch out for you guys."

thin monkey said: "Boss, don't worry. This time we'll be a bit careful."

Yi Yourong took out three medicinal pellets and said, "This is a Hidden Pellet. If you take it, even the powerhouse s of the Arrogant Form State will not be able to sense the aura on your body."

Long Fei reminded: "You must be careful, if you discover that something is wrong, immediately retreat, understand?"

The three of them nodded their heads.

Long Fei and Yi Yourong also quickly jumped out and headed towards the mountain valley.

… ….


"Who asked you to make the decision on your own?"

The monk was very angry.

He didn't give the order to touch Long Fei at all.


A Black Warrior said, "General, they also want Yi Yourong and the others to quickly enter the valley. They also want to help you out … …"

Without waiting for him to finish, the Confucian Scholar fiercely said, "What do they know?!"

The surrounding people all went silent, not daring to make a sound.

The Confucian Scholar's body exuded a very threatening aura.

After a long time.

The scholar let out a heavy breath and said, "The five brothers all died in the hands of a single person?"

Black Warrior replied, "Yes."

The Confucian Scholar slightly said: "Yi Yourong's cultivation is truly not to be looked down upon. This girl is naturally blessed, her blood vein talent is exceptionally strong, so it's reasonable that the five of them are not her match."

The Black Warrior said, "General, it wasn't Yi Yourong who attacked you, it was that youth called Long Fei. Everyone only used one move. "

The Confucian Scholar's eyes darkened and said, "Impossible!"

"No matter how strong the Escalated Blood Stage is, it's impossible for it to be a match for the Qi Refining stage. Furthermore, these five people are experienced in battle, even experts of the Essence Condensation Realm are not a match for them."

"A mere Escalated Blood Stage cannot hurt them at all."

The Warrior said: There's a brother who saw it with his own eyes, that brat's every move was different, and he even had a strange movement in his shadows, there's no such thing as before, the five of them were split apart, the method was extremely cruel, someone from the Xuan Yue sect said that he is a person from the Magic Tribe, maybe he really is someone from the Magic Tribe.

"Magic Tribe?"

The Confucian Scholar shook his head and said: "The Xuan Yue sect cannot recruit people from the Magic Tribe. This brat is only a bit ruthless, but …."

"Whoever kills my crow, even if you have nine lives, you still have to die!"

His words were laced with a thick killing intent.

All the Black Warrior he brought out were his personal guards, the Black Crow Group.

The five of them were killed.

Anger boiled in the crow's heart, and its murderous intent stirred.

At this moment.

A Black Warrior hurriedly ran back and said, "Reporting to the general, two people have entered the valley."

One of the Warrior raised his eyes, "There are many big demon beast in the valley, have they thought of a way to deal with them?"

"No rush," the crow replied. "We've already located the item. All we need to do now is wait!"

"They'll definitely come out!"

At the mouth of the valley.

Yi Yourong lowered his voice and said: "There's a great seven-rating monster and beasts up ahead …"

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