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Chapter 732: Eighth Heaven? Heavenly Dragon?

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The other three Soul Formation Realm cultivators heard the words of this Soul Formation Realm cultivator and realized something, and their eyebrows started to relax. They now were all interested in the demonic cores of their own.

Indeed, trading a level 10 demonic core for a few 10,000-year-old Black Herbs was not a good deal. Although 10,000-year-old Black Herbs were something precious, the level 10 demonic core was ten times that value.

If someone only had one level 10 demonic core, he wouldn’t be willing to trade it.

The level 10 demonic core had a much higher value than the 10,000-year-old Black Herb. If one had something that was above the value of the 10,000-year-old Black Herbs but below the level 10 demonic core, then he would for sure use that to trade for the 10,000-year-old Black Herb instead of a level 10 demonic core.

When Hao Ren saw the relieved yet greedy expressions on their faces, his expression immediately changed.

These Soul Formation Realm cultivators weren’t just old monsters that had cultivated for a long time and had done quite well; they were also people who could easily read someone’s background and decipher their intentions. They were able to easily evaluate the situation and recognize that Hao Ren didn’t just have one level 10 demonic core.

However, how could they be so greedy when they have already cultivated to their current level?

These Soul Formation Realm cultivators looked at the two pretty female cultivators by Hao Ren’s side, and they noticed that the Lu sisters’ faces were bright red. They figured that these two girls couldn’t withstand their full power attacks anymore, and they were very relieved and happy.

“Hand over the rest of the demonic cores.”

Another tall but skinny Soul Formation Realm cultivator said to Hao Ren in a calm tone.

A level 10 demonic core was invaluable because it was worth even more than a Sixth Heaven sect. If it weren’t for the words of that Soul Formation Realm cultivator, he wouldn’t have even imagined that Hao Ren had more.

Lingwu Master was sitting at the bottom of the mountain. He saw that five Soul Formation Realm cultivators surrounded Hao Ren, so he knew Hao Ren was doomed this time.

He had been very careful his whole life but made two mistakes. The first one was attacking Ethereal Summit, and the second one was coming to Mystic Sound Faction on Seventh Heaven to steal spiritual herbs.

Hao Ren looked at Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and saw that they were breathing heavily. He knew that they just reached the Soul Formation Realm, so they wouldn’t be able to fight for a long period. If they really were to engage in battle, the Lu sisters would be in a disadvantage.

The human cultivators operated under the laws of the jungle. The big fishes ate the small fishes, and the small fishes ate the small shrimps. There was no place for reasoning when one was significantly weaker.

The powerful preyed on the weak; that was life.

Hao Ren was worried about Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, so he didn’t want them to engage in a tough battle. That was why he reached into his necklace and took out the Penglai Immortal Token!

He didn’t want to reveal his relationship with Zhen Yuan Zi, so he didn’t want to use Zhen Yuan Zi’s name. However, it was a critical moment, so he was left with no choice if he wanted to retreat in one piece.

Penglai Immortal Token looked like an ordinary token, but it indeed represented Zhen Yuan Zi!

Hao Ren held it up with one hand and waved it in the air.

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators all looked over to the token which Hao Ren was holding.

However, Hao Ren couldn’t see any surprises on their faces. They only looked alerted as they wondered what kind of a treasure that Hao Ren was using.

“Damn… Even Zhen Yuan Zi, the leader of the Earthly Immortals, can’t help” Hao Ren couldn’t help but cuss in his mind.

In fact, only those Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were stationed in Kunlun Mountain knew about the Penglai Immortal Token. Hao Ren couldn’t really blame these Soul Formation Realm cultivators because not many Seventh Heaven cultivators knew about it.

Penglai Immortal Token was originally the token that was used by King Father of the East, and it was used to summon the Earthly Immortal to his Penglai Island. For instance, if there were a problem somewhere, then King Father of the East who oversaw the Earthly Immortals would send a disciple with this token to get that Earthly Immortal to come to Penglai Island.

However, the Heavenly Realm stopped accepting Earthly Immortals who were able to ascend. Also, Queen Mother of the West who resided in Kunlun Mountain and King Father of the East who stayed at Penglai Island had both returned to the Heavenly Realm, and Zhen Yuan Zi who oversaw their works wanted to have a more relaxed lifestyle, so he lived quietly on Penglai Island, which formerly belonged to King Father of the East.

Zhen Yuan Zi had a chill personality and didn’t like to be pretentious. After the great war between the human cultivators and the dragon cultivators, the land was controlled by the dragon cultivators.

Zhen Yuan Zi wanted to live in peace so he moved Penglai Island to the Demon Sea so that the Soul Formation Realm cultivators wouldn’t come and see him.

That was why those who reached the Soul Formation Realm later had never seen Zhen Yuan Zi. Of course, they wouldn’t know what the outdated Penglai Immortal Token was.

When the five saw that the token did not let out any strong power, they felt like Hao Ren had tricked them. Suddenly, four of them unleashed their Soul Formation Realm powers and took back their supreme spiritual treasures from Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s Yin-Yang Bracelets.

Hao Ren saw that the situation wasn’t in their favor, and even Zhen Yuan Zi’s token didn’t work. Since these Soul Formation Realm cultivators were really ‘going against their leaders’, Hao Ren held onto Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and released over 5000 sword energies under his feet, trying to escape toward Sixth Heaven as fast as possible.

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were prepared to have a fight with Hao Ren and the Lu sisters and didn’t expect them to escape instead. That was why when Hao Ren and the Lu sisters escaped, these cultivators were too shocked to stop them.

The Soul Formation Realm cultivators had different ways of thinking than the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. These Soul Formation Realm cultivators who had already reached the peak didn’t care about anything other than their lifespan, so they would rather wait for their opponents to attack first than attacking rashly.

Because of that, they gave Hao Ren the chance to escape to Sixth Heaven.

When Hao Ren passed by a mountain, he saw Lingwu Master curling up at the bottom of that mountain. Therefore, he used some sword energies and picked up Lingwu Master and the wounded Jitian.

Since they came together, Hao Ren couldn’t escape by himself and leave these two behind.


The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were slow to react, but five arrays of lights chased after Hao Ren instantly.

Within this cultivation world, how could Hao Ren escape from them?

Hao Ren’s plan was to leave Lingwu Master at Sixth Heaven and then use Little White’s fast speed to get to the Demon Sea. These Soul Formation Realm cultivators would for sure be chasing, and Hao Ren could get Lady Zhen to help. If Zhen Yuan Zi could come out and teach these Soul Formation Realm cultivators a lesson, Hao Ren would have to owe him a favor, but their lives would be saved.


Hao Ren flew toward Sixth Heaven but had unexpectedly bumped into a firm array formation.

The array formation between Sixth Heaven and Seventh Heaven wasn’t like what he had expected! The cultivators from Sixth Heaven could easily go to Fifth Heaven. However, the cultivators from Seventh Heaven couldn’t easily pass through the array formation between Sixth Heaven and Seventh Heaven!

This was because of the relationships between the factions on Seventh Heaven. They were worried that other factions would send cultivators down to Sixth Heaven to change the situations, so a Seventh Heaven cultivator would need to use a unique path to get to Seventh Heaven!

When the array formation touched Hao Ren’s body, a bright light lit up.

“Dragon cultivator!”

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators exclaimed.

The dragon cultivators could transform into dragons and fly up to Seventh Heaven, and metal-elemental dragons could be able to fly up to Eighth Heaven. However, the human cultivation sets that control Fifth Heaven and above didn’t want the dragon cultivators to trespass into their territories, so they created the array formations that targeted dragon cultivators specifically.

Hao Ren used five-elemental sword energies so that the Soul Formation Realm cultivators didn’t see through his dragon core.

If Hao Ren were a human cultivator, him stealing from Mystic Sound Faction would only be a conflict amongst sects. Since Hao Ren was a dragon cultivator, that was a completely different story!

Bam! Bam! All at once, the five Soul Formation Realm cultivators released strong auras and their treasures.

If Hao Ren were a human cultivator, they would still have to pay attention to the force that he belonged to. When these Soul Formation Realm cultivators saw that Hao Ren had demonic cores, they had thought much further than Lingwu Master; they guessed that he was a disciple of a remote independent cultivator. They felt that having him hand over a few demonic cores was justifiable because he trespassed onto Seventh Heaven.

The cultivation sets did not have many ties with the remote independent cultivators. However, they still had the same ancestors, and these Soul Formation Realm cultivators would not kill him after they got the demonic cores. At most, they would just be teaching him a lesson.

However, since Hao Ren was a dragon cultivator, they did not have to refrain from using their full powers!


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili tossed out their black and white bracelets to block the pressures from the Soul Formation Realm cultivators, and this enabled Hao Ren to be able to relax a bit as his body had felt so heavy that he couldn’t even move.

He kicked onto the rocks on the mountain and grabbed Lingwu Master with his right hand while flying up.

Bam! The treasures of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators had destroyed half the mountain, and they also created a big hole in the array formation between Sixth Heaven and Seventh Heaven.

There was no way for Hao Ren to turn back now, so he could only fly up into the mist like an arrow.

“You can’t escape!” The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators went chasing after them with their treasures.

Hao Ren clenched his teeth tightly as he took out the last realm-breaking note from his pocket.

Who could have known that coming to steal a few Black Herbs would cause him to be chased by five Soul Formation Realm cultivators! Since the enemies already blocked the way toward Sixth Heaven, they could only break through the array formation of Eighth Heaven and escape there.

Hao Ren grabbed Lingwu Master by his collar and flew up. When Lingwu Master saw that Hao Ren wanted to break open the array formation of Eighth Heaven, he was so shocked that his eyes opened wide.

Other than a few Soul Formation Realm cultivators, no one else dared to go onto Eighth Heaven!

There was only one organization on Eighth Heaven, Godly Cloud Dao! The Godly Cloud Dao of Eighth Heaven didn’t have any relationship with Fifth Heaven, Sixth Heaven, or Seventh Heaven, so it was the most mysterious place!

For those cultivators below Eighth Heaven, only one rule applied: Whoever dared to enter would be killed!

Since ‘colluding’ with a dragon cultivator and being chased by Soul Formation Realm cultivators both led to death, Lingwu Master felt like being able to go onto Eighth Heaven before death would leave him no regrets.

“Jitian might be able to avoid death if we enter Eighth Heave, but the destiny of Sky Mountain Sect will be unknown! Sighs. Duan Yao had left Sky Mountain Sect, so she had left the troubles. She is in Ethereal Summit; they should probably be able to escape…”

When one was near death, their words and thoughts came from the deepest part of their hearts. As a result, Lingwu Master had many thoughts. He had infuriated the Soul Formation Realm cultivators, so Sky Mountain Sect would probably be in big trouble again!

Tink! Just when Hao Ren was about to shoot out the realm-breaking note and charge onto Eighth Heaven, a dazzling white light shot out from afar.

It was the powerful strength of a heavenly dragon!

Hao Ren turned his head and saw a female cultivator in white appearing amongst the mist of Eighth Heaven.

Bam! Bam… That light shot down all five Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were chasing Hao Ren.

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