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Translator: lilcupcakez

Returning Politeness for Politeness

Long MuChen’s gaze faintly swept over the entire hall and in the end, landed on Qian DuoDuo’s body.

He watched as the young girl smiled towards him and Long MuChen’s tightly bunched muscles slightly relaxed.

He pretended to be shocked: “The third WangFei is here also ah?”

Pretend! Keep pretending! As it turned out, you have been following me ah!

Qian DuoDuo silently disagreed but towards Long MuChen’s caring actions, she felt a little sweet.

She innocently smiled: “Empress said that she and I were able to hit it off so she was chatting with me for a while. Fourteen, do you think the dangling ornament that the Empress gifted me is good looking?”

Long MuChen followed Qian DuoDuo’s hands and saw the dazzling gem. He was a little surprised from his expression: “This was offered as tribute by Nan Zhao Country, customized for the Empress’s birthday. It is very valuable and precious. The Empress actually gifted this to you? You must be very blessed ah…”

When the Empress heard this, she grinned so widely that she wasn’t able to close her mouth: “Fourteen is speaking jokes. What precious and valuable? As long as Duo Er likes it then it’s fine.”

Well, I also like your entire Feng Zao Palace. Are you going to give it to me!?

Qian DuoDuo chuckled: “Yes ah, the Empress gifted me this dangling ornament and I also give the hairpin that my mother gave me to the Empress. Mother, since childhood, had taught me that don’t get a reward if I don’t deserve it. If I deserve it, I need to return the kindness…The friendship between men of virtue is light as water, yet affectionate; the friendship between men without virtue is sweet like wine, yet easily broken. I know my manners…”

Qian DuoDuo smoothly and efficiently pushed the matter of receiving bribery off cleanly and in the end, she didn’t forget to compliment herself.

Especially that returning kindness for kindness. She made the boundary between her and the Empress thoroughly.

This girl, given the advantage and still wanted to act as though she was obedient…A broken hairpin was exchanged for a precious and priceless golden dangling ornament and spoke as though with justice.

Long MuChen rubbed Qian DuoDuo’s hair pamperingly. Next, he opened his mouth and towards the Empress: “The dark is getting dark and if the Empress doesn’t have any orders then this Wang will first bring Duo Er back.”

After he finished, he didn’t even wait for the Empress to agree before he placed his hand over Qian DuoDuo’s shoulders and walked out the Feng Zao Palace.

Outside the door, Qiu Er respectfully waited for them to leave the hall before going back inside and serve upon the Empress. She thought about the dangling ornament on Qian DuoDuo’s head and Qiu Er exclaimed, with envy: “Empress, you really adore the third WangFei, even gifting her such a previous dangling ornament to her. The third WangFei will definitely be deeply grateful towards you.”

When the Empress heard this, she humphed and stood up from her seat, going to the room inside…

That expression was as though she had eaten shit, extremely embarrassed…

Not far from the Feng Zao Palace, there was a thousand carps pond.

The bright summer was here and the whole lake of lotuses had bloomed. Along with a slight wind, there was a light fragrance.

Looking under the hazy moonlight, the gleaming and crystal clear scenery, plus when she had obtained a dangling ornament from the Empress, Qian DuoDuo was in an extremely great mood.

She hummed a song and rocked her head back and forth, jumping around by the thousand carps pond playing.

On the other hand, Long MuChen followed behind Qian DuoDuo, not saying a single word. The faint breathing was a little heavy.

Qian DuoDuo turned around to see that on his handsome face, it was a little gloomy. With two steps, she jumped back to Long MuChen’s side. She pulled at the sleeves of his clothes: “Fourteen, you’re not happy?”

Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo’s gaze which was a little flickering. He shook his head: “No…”

“Nonsense! You look at your face as though someone had owed you 250. So ugly.” Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips, not believing this at all.

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