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Praising What One is Selling

“This Emperor’s son is such an obedient one ah. Okay, don’t worry about mother Empress. You quickly go back to your WangFu to rest. Tomorrow morning, you still need to substitute your father Emperor and receive the ambassadors from different countries. Don’t be too tired.” The Empress was very gratified.

“Yes, this Emperor’s son will be taking his leave.” As he said this, Long Chao Han turned around and headed out the hall.

Qian DuoDUo smacked her lips together. The people in the royal family are problematic. Between mother and son, they still needed to talk in an erudite tone. This led her whole body to form goosebumps.

The Empress and the first prince’s simple responses, even after Long Chao Han the entire person was out the Feng Zao Palace, he hadn’t looked at Qian DuoDuo once. It was as though he was ignoring that there was a woman by his side.

After a while, the Empress then turned around to ask Qian DuoDuo: “Third WangFei, how do you think about the oldest son?”

“What a fake guy ah!” What Qian DuoDuo thought in her heart, she had said it out loud.

“What?” The Empress was a little confused…Fake guy? What does that mean?

Qian DuoDuo was embarrassed…

She really was too naive. How could she say this out loud?

She coughed a couple times, embarrassed. Then she touched her chin and seriously pondered over it momentarily: “Pretty good, he has nose and eyes…”

“…” The corner of the Empress’s lips twitched.

As long as they held a normal brain, they would’ve thought of ways to fawn over the mother of the country, complimenting the first prince endlessly?

On the other hand, the answer that Qian DuoDuo gave made the Empress unable to respond to her for a while.

After some time, the Empress automatically ignored the awkwardness. She had the cheeks to praise her son, trying to boast: “Before Chao Han was ten, he was already familiar with the book on the art of war. He walked through all the cities within the Shen Cheng country, no matter whether it was ruling the country or the military, or even the common people’s development in the future, he had made contributions to this. However, speaking of which, the Emperor has four sons. Besides the second prince who was susceptible to diseases, the other three are all a giant among men…”

“It’s a pity though ah. Chao Han is normally indifferent and doesn’t strive for fame and profit, not attempting for riches and honor and doesn’t like to intervene with the matters of the court. This led him to have the problem of not interacting with people. Therefore ah, if you look at three and four, they normally are close to Cheng Wang but the oldest son, on the other hand, seems to be drifted apart from Cheng Wang…”

While the Empress was talking about this, she was also observing Qian DuoDuo at the same time.

Qian DuoDuo just faintly smiled and there was not much revealed on her expression. She was unable to see through her thoughts right now.

Doesn’t strive for fame and profit? If that was truly the case, she wouldn’t be saying this out loud…

Qian DuoDuo nodded her head and followed what the Empress had exclaimed, answering: “The first prince’s antisocial personality would lead to sufferings.”

As soon as the Empress saw that Qian DuoDuo was following her words, her eyes brightened: “Yes ah, just like the Emperor who adores three more. However, naturally, there is nothing to say about three’s martial arts and way of ruling. In the future, if he succeeds the throne, it’s also the common people’s blessing…It’s just that…”

Once she got up to here, the Empress stopped meaningfully: “If three succeeds the throne then the third WangFei will be stuck in this deep palace forever. Don’t mention even letting three divorce his wife. Even if he really divorced you, you’re unable to escape the palace, only able to stay within the cold palace and be bullied by people. Plus, I heard that you had some disagreements with Senior Concubine Lin. Senior Concubine Lin, this person, is good with holding grudges. If she becomes the Empress Dowager in the future, your days will become as though walking on thin ice.”

The Empress’s resentment tone led Qian DuoDuo to immediately shiver.

Cold palace ah…When she thought back to watching TV at home, those crazy and insane women…and the Senior Concubine Lin’s attitude, Qian DuoDuo’s hair stood straight up!

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