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There is a Scheme!

Qian DuoDuo watched as the Empress called for all the palace maids and the eunuchs within the hall to leave and in her heart, she was very much excited.

Haha! This Empress is about to bite ears with herself…There is a scheme!

However, she enjoyed the excitement of the unknown…

Qian DuoDuo seemed as though she was pumped. The two eyes looked straight at the Empress, scared that she might miss one of the detailed expressions on her face.

When everyone had left, the Empress then changed the topic, smiling: “I see that the third WangFei is wearing such simple clothes and doesn’t even have any appropriate pieces of pieces of jewelry. Could it be that Yu Er isn’t good for you?”

The moment Qian DuoDuo heard this, her teeth were clenched tightly. She pointed at the night sky outside the hall, sighing: “Empress is so brilliant. Long YuTian, that man, was basically stingy! Don’t look at how the third WangFu was so splendorous and magnificent but the first night that I was there, I was driven to Ning Hui Yuan. Not only that, but he had also found fault in whatever I was doing. He always found trouble for me. You say – I’m such a great young miss, well-educated and mannered, one of great talent, gentle and considerate but I am almost tortured to death by him…The days that I am in the WangFu ah was basically darker than the night sky outside!”

When she finished listening, three black lines couldn’t help to appear on the Empress’s head. This woman really knew how to talk nonsense…And she was well-educated and mannered?! Then when she isn’t well-mannered, does that mean she will be going up the roof, taking off the roof tiles and tearing down the third WangFu?

If she were to speak about darkness, there was nothing more than meeting her which led people to feel darkness!

The Empress smiled gently, the tone as though she was trying to advise against: “Three might be doing this for Zhu SiSi. That’s why he is pinpointing against you. You don’t need to put this to your heart too much…However, before I had heard that the third WangFei was asking for a decree to the Emperor, hoping he will let you divorce the third Wangye?”

Qian DuoDuo nodded her head, seriously: “Yes! Breaking away from slag male is my life’s biggest goal!”

“However, this marriage, the Empress Dowager had personally made a decree about. Even the Emperor needed to follow the Empress Dowager’s decree. Plus, I heard that three, in regards to divorcing you, didn’t seem to be agreeing too…Third WangFei ah, listen to my advise. This matter, don’t mention it in the future!” The Empress exclaimed the truth with a light-hearted tone.

However, the Empress invited her over to drink tea. Could she only be kind-hearted to tell her about this?

The surface that is even more quiet and peaceful meant that there will be even more waves rocking forth!

Qian DuoDuo cried for earth and sky. She revealed a look as though she was about to cry: “This is not okay. I will definitely divorce Long YuTian otherwise this whole life, I won’t be living in peace…Empress, you are the master of the harem. You definitely need to help me!”

“You really hate him that much?” The Empress tested.

“Yes! I will swear an oath to the sky. I hate him endlessly and even the sky and earth can view this!”

The moment Qian DuoDuo’s words dropped, outside Feng Zao Palace, came a eunuch’s sharp voice: “The first young master is here!”

The first young master, isn’t that the Empress’s real son? This late, is he coming to pay respects?

Qian DuoDuo turned her head around to look towards the door only to see Long Chao Han walking in with steady strides into the hall.

The black robe, the black leather boots, the black…expression…

He was basically an African!

Long Chao Han stopped in front of the Empress, politely paying respects: “This official salutes to mother Empress!”

The Empress smiled lovingly when she saw Long Chao Han: “It’s late. This child still didn’t return to the WangFu?”

“Before this official had seen that mother Empress had left her seat early on and couldn’t be comforted within his heart. This official specially came over to see. Now that this official had seen that mother Emperor is safe and sound, this official can be comforted within his heart.”


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