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Chapter 2228 - The Times Change

Time passed. At the entrance of the Dark Abyss, Sheng Mei and Fishy had stayed together in the Amethyst Origin Crystal's inner space for 30 years already.

Every now and then during these 30 years, Sheng Mei could feel energy passing from the Eternal Wall.

After the Soul Emperor left his energy within the Eternal Wall's inner energy structure, it took root and began to germinate, tenaciously growing.

Sheng Mei didn't know what method the Soul Emperor used, but the energy mark he planted actually wasn't able to be recognized by the Eternal Wall. It grew like a malignant cancer, spreading outwards. If this continued then a small part of the Eternal Wall's energy structure would fall under the control of the Soul Emperor. At that time, by joining forces within and without, the Eternal Wall would sooner or later fall.

After another five years, the Soul Emperor's energy mark exploded for the first time.

This matter occurred suddenly and without any hint at all. At the time, Sheng Mei was closed up in cultivation and Fishy was lackadaisically eating the energy crystals condensed in the amethyst space. But then, a sudden shaking within the amethyst space caused Sheng Mei to awaken from her meditation. These vibrations were far more violent than when the Soul Emperor first attempted to tear open the space channel.

Sheng Mei blanched. She reached out her sense to probe the Eternal Wall's situation, and her complexion became increasingly solemn.

During these years, Sheng Mei had managed to slowly flush out the various seals that the Soul Emperor had placed within her. After all, most of these seals only had short term effects, and with her strength she could always push them out of her body as long as she slowly erased them with her energy.

Now her strength had been restored to its peak state and she could clearly feel the internal state of the Eternal Wall's grand array formation.

The Soul Emperor had allowed his energy mark to grow for 30 years. What the Soul Emperor should have done just now was lay down a great array formation outside, and combined with this energy to explode it, blowing up a part of the Eternal Wall's energy structure.

After the explosion, there was still a part of the Soul Emperor's energy left within that would survive in the Eternal Wall's array formation. This should be an attempt by the Soul Emperor to study the energy he left behind and how he could use it to completely break open the Eternal Wall.

"Fishy, the Eternal Wall cannot stop the Soul Emperor. He has studied the Eternal Wall for innumerable years, and now because of me, a flaw has appeared in this originally perfect wall. At the least we have a thousand years and at the most we have several thousand years, but the Eternal Wall will most certainly be shattered open by the Soul Emperor…"

Sheng Mei sighed. Even with Fishy's sudden appearance she still wasn't able to change her fate.

Fishy tilted her head, unsure of what to do. For these past 30 years, the two of them had spent their time within the Amethyst Origin Crystal together and they had extremely good sentiments towards each other. Since Fishy couldn't figure out what to do, she simply held Sheng Mei's hand to comfort her.

Holding Fishy's hand, Sheng Mei wasn't sure what she felt in her heart. She gently traced Fishy's cheek and said with sadness, "Fishy, you tried to rescue big sister, but big sister only managed to drag you into this mess."

Fishy grabbed Sheng Mei's hand, saying, "It's fine. Didn't Big Sister say that we have several thousand years left? Perhaps there is still something we can do. If Big Sister can make another breakthrough, then we might be able to escape. And even if all our efforts come to nothing, that doesn't matter anyways."

Fishy earnestly said.

"Breakthrough…" Sheng Mei shook her head. In the Asura forbidden land she had fused with the remnant soul of her past life and had awakened the majority of her past memories. With it, she obtained many precious experiences, Laws, and cultivation methods.

These comprehensions and experiences needed time to be digested. If she were to go into seclusion for several thousand years then her strength would surely rise up to a whole new level.

If there wasn't an accident, she could easily reach the peak of middle True Divinity and even the upper True Divinity boundary.

Even so, she wouldn't be a match for the Soul Emperor. The Soul Emperor was simply too formidable; he was absolutely invincible amongst True Divinities!

"Fishy, are you afraid of dying?" Sheng Mei softly asked, looking into Fishy's eyes.

Fishy shook her head. In truth, she had already lived for a long, long time, and there were many matters she couldn't remember from her glorious past. She didn't fear death; what she feared was loneliness and slowly forgetting the past.

"Mm… then listen to big sister. From this point on, big sister will go into seclusion to try and break through to the next boundary. As for you, you can begin saving your energy so that the Amethyst Origin Crystal is in its most powerful state.

"The Soul Emperor still needs a long period of time before he can open the Eternal Wall; we will have enough time to make preparations. And when the Soul Emperor opens the Eternal Wall, the truth is that this will be the Soul Emperor's weakest moment."

Sheng Mei knew that two of the Demon God's Tomb Master's avatars, Deep and Flood, should be staying in the Emperor Bone Sea to suppress the changes that were occurring there. Thus, they shouldn't be facing them.

As long as she faced the Soul Emperor alone then she was fine.

If the Soul Emperor was in his peak state, Sheng Mei was naturally far from being his match. But the moment that the Eternal Wall broke open, the Soul Emperor would surely have consumed a tremendous amount of energy.

When the Soul Emperor tried to open the Eternal Wall in the past, he had captured her as a blood sacrifice. And when he was carrying out the final ritual, he had dug out one of his ribs, combining his bone's blood essence with the array formation he laid down to complete the last steps.

Now the Soul Emperor didn't have Sheng Mei to use as a blood sacrifice and could only depend on the energy mark that he had planted in the Amethyst Origin Crystal. If he wanted to open the Eternal Wall using that then he might need to pay an even greater price.

If so, then this would be her only chance!

She would nurture her strength while biding her time. When she reached the peak of middle True Divinity, she would face the exhausted Soul Emperor and even have Fishy and the Amethyst Origin Crystal supporting her.

With the Amethyst Origin Crystal, she could give the Soul Emperor a disastrous blow!

This was Sheng Mei's plan. But, she also knew that the chances of her plan succeeding were near zero.

But no matter how unlikely her chances were, she still had to attempt it and put forth her full effort in doing so!

Because this was her last chance!

Although she might not be able to avoid her own death in the end, before she died she would tear off a chunk of meat from the Soul Emperor and heavily wound him once more. She might be able to delay his fusion with the Demon God's Tomb and give Lin Ming and Jiu'er a long period of time to grow stronger.


Time flew forwards like an arrow, ruthless shooting towards one direction. Sometimes it was fast, sometimes it was slow, but it would never turn back.

Within the Asura Sea's Amethyst Heavenly Palace, the flow of time was sped up.

One year outside was equivalent to ten years within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace.

Upon reaching the boundary of the Asura Road Master, one could definitely create a perfect time enchantment where the Laws within weren't twisted and was still suitable for cultivating. Tragic Death Valley was one such example.

However, this increased pace of time didn't work for everything.

Lin Ming's cultivation of his reincarnations, his breakthrough in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, these things could be done within a time enchantment.

But to simultaneously refine the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, this could not.

This was because fusing together the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe required a height of Laws that even surpassed the comprehensions of the Asura Road Master. In this situation, if the Asura Road Master wished to create a time enchantment and have its Laws continue in their originally perfect and complete state, that was just impossible.

Thus, when the time truly came for Lin Ming to refine the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, time would pass at an equal speed to the outside world.

He would be placed in a race against time with the Soul Emperor!

At this time, in the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming had already experienced 5000 years. But only 500 years passed in the outside world.

For these 500 years, the human Empyreans and True Divinities did not idly waste their time away.

They had established a new base in the skies above the Asura Sea.

All important figures of humanity had moved to the Asura Sea. The outstanding individuals amongst them were able to enter the final trial.

The end times were approaching. Ink and Clear opened up all resources within the Asura Road's final trial, and how much one could obtain would depend on their respective abilities.

Afterwards, even the elites of the saints came to the Asura Sea.

Beneath the guidance of the current leader of the saints, Soaring Feather God King, many saint influences began to establish themselves in the Asura Sea. They created large array formations, opened their own minor worlds and brought in their Heavenly Palaces.

The geniuses of the saints - Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, Darkmoon, all entered the final trial to seek out their own lucky chances.

Everyone who entered the final trial was able to obtain their own corresponding completion percentage. These geniuses were all incredible individuals that possessed their own pride and arrogance. In particular, with two races living together, they all chased towards the highest completion percentage, pushing each other further up through competition.

Slowly, the Asura Sea became the core focal point of the children of the 33 Heavens. However, the humans and saints knew that these prosperous times couldn't continue forever. Probably in 10,000 years or less, the great calamity would arrive.

Whether or not they could continue onwards or be annihilated here, everything would depend on the man deep in seclusion within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace.

He was the final bet of the 33 Heavens. And what he faced was a gamble he could not afford to lose.


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