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Chapter 169
Alluring Conditions

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She seemed to be a little puppy who was abandoned, a little lost .

Long YuTian suddenly felt pain within his chest, a type of impulse to not give Qian DuoDuo away to other men . He clenched his teeth, stating: “Crown Prince Tuo Ba, please conduct yourself with dignity . Qian DuoDuo is this Wang’s WangFei!”

“Commercial trading, peace between the borders, plus another city!” Tuo Ba Cheng stated each word, throwing out his conditions without hesitance . Then his gaze turned towards the Emperor who was sitting on the dragon throne, thinking: “Emperor, what this Crown Prince had said, all just to exchange for a Qian DuoDuo . Either the country or a woman, it is evident which weighs more . It is all up to how the Emperor and the third Wangye wants to choose . ”

The bait he tossed was enough to attract Long YuTian, this huge fish .

Because Tuo Ba Cheng who had the same greed knew that compared to the country, even a thousand women isn’t enough .

The conditions that he promised, he had already discussed this with his father Emperor .

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According to Shen Cheng Country’s growing trend, even if Long MuChen didn’t want to go to war, in the future not long from now, for the country’s economy, they would open up the borders .

Therefore to Tuo Ba Cheng, gaining the beauty, was many benefits resulted from one action .


On one side it was the country’s benefits and on the other side, it was the royal family’s faces and the third son’s personal problems . For a while, the Emperor had no idea what to choose .

However, divorcing a WangFei, they can still title another woman as it again . But such handsome benefits, after this shot, there won’t be another time .

From time to time, the Emperor swept his glance over to the third son . He attempted to communicate with him through looks .

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How could Long YuTian not know the great implications hid secretly in there?

If he refused, the Empress will definitely use this as a pretext to make a fuss over it, saying that he hadn’t placed the country’s benefits first and only cared for love affairs . Those officials who had followed him in the past will most likely be disappointed in him due to this and go find someone else .

However, if he agreed, it’s not what he wanted in his heart .

It looked as though he needed to be calm and quiet, watching quietly to see what will happen next .

Qian DuoDuo had been quiet . Long YuTian’s hesitance over what move to make, Qian DuoDuo had placed this in her eyes .

Before when he misunderstood and thought that the person Tuo Ba Cheng wanted was Zhu SiSi, he had refused unhesitatingly .

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However when it was towards her – Qian DuoDuo, he started to be hesitant and indecisive .

What about it? Were Tuo Ba Cheng’s conditions not alluring enough? Could it be that he needed to add some types of rare treasures, fine food, and good wine in order for him to sell her?

Anger in Qian DuoDuo’s chest couldn’t help but burst out . There was no sorrow or complaint . Just plain anger in which she wanted to beat Long YuTian up .

“This Emperor already has a decision . That is…”

The Emperor just got ready to clench his teeth and use a woman in exchange for Shen Cheng Country’s great future when there was suddenly a voice which interrupted .

“Crown Prince Tuo Ba, royal brother, you guys are there enjoying your conversations . But did you guys ever think about asking this Wang’s opinion?”

Such a clear tone, not quick or slow, but mixed with the dignity that dared not be questioned .

Everyone didn’t need to look and knew it was Chen Wang who had stated this .

He straightforwardly blocked the Emperor’s unfinished words in his throat .

The Emperor felt Long MuChen’s icy aura which was spreading . Then he finally reacted .

Normally, Long MuChen didn’t care for the court but once he questioned it, it was definitely because there was something extremely unpleasant to his eyes . Plus the moment he opened his mouth, they needed to carry out according to his ideas .

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