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Messing Harshly with Zhu SiSi [4]

When everyone saw how good Qian DuoDuo was with talking and how no matter what they said, she was able to easily retort back and bring it back to the place it started from, no one dared to easily stick out.

“Hey, hey, prime minister Zhu, you don’t need to be angry either. The audience’s eyes are bright as snow. It can’t be helped that you might think I am twisting the words and forcing the logic, let’s ask everyone’s opinions!”

Qian DuoDuo sighed for a while then looked towards Long MuChen, as though being fair and reasonable: “Cheng Wang, do you think that Duo Er’s words were mocking to young miss Zhu?”

“Uh…this Wang wasn’t able to hear the mockery out of your words.” Long MuChen couldn’t help to be floating.

He was just looking at the show by the side and who knew that young girl hadn’t forgotten to pull him under the water.

If they were a person, they would’ve heard that she was indirectly insulting her but stubbornly, she made it seem like she ‘didn’t want to twist the words and force the logic?’

Prime minister Zhu was a cunning old fox and not someone to be easily offended.

However, for Qian DuoDuo’s ‘I will enjoy the blessings and you will endure the misfortune,’ Long MuChen, for the first time, spoke foolish words with his eyes open.

Qian DuoDuo chuckled and turned towards the officials: “Each one of the officials, tell me. Is Duo Er wrong?”

“The third WangFei had spoken harsh words.”

The Cheng Wang had already spoken. Who dared to go against him?

Qian DuoDuo continued to climb up the sprout: “Then Cheng Wang, do you think that Duo Er’s performance was amazing? If I were to be compared to young miss Zhu? Who do you think is better?”

“…” Long MuChen was speechless. This was the rhythm in which she pulls him under deep water now?

Qian DuoDuo waited for two seconds and watched as Long MuChen rubbed the tip of his nose but haven’t said anything for a while. She lowered her head and she squinted her eyes. She focused the light into a small sharp sword, shooting it towards Long MuChen.

Damn it, you dared to undermine me? I will bite you to death!

Qian DuoDuo clenched her teeth, nibbling.

Long MuChen immediately felt a pain on his arm and instantly smiled: “Amazing, amazing…It basically was a rare sight that couldn’t be seen in a hundred years. The first place within the palace will definitely be yours.”

“Yes, yes. The third WangFei is the first talented lady of Shen Cheng Country!” The officials all followed suit, saying something against their hearts’ wishes.

Qian DuoDuo’s tail wagged. She laughed out loud: “Haha, you guys have good vision. Who knew that this group of antiques have rather good taste?”

Then she proudly walked, proudly walked, to Zhu SiSi. The two hands held her waist and don’t mention how proud she was: “How is this? Young miss…pig. Do you concede defeat or no? Or do you want to compete for another round? I had prepared a lot of plans. Next one, we can do Luo Zhi Xiang’s 《Fox-Spirit》which is singing…Fox-spirit, fox-spirit, fox-spirit, fox-spirit. She doesn’t want her faces. Always lingering. They are to be disliked and while walking on the road, no matter who it is, she will always throw a flirtatious glance to them…Oh, oh…fox-spirit…”

Long YiTian watched the way Qian DuoDuo nodded her head and enjoyed herself plus she also made ugly faces at Zhu SiSi. The entire person was first stunned then a mouthful of tea spat out.

He made a look towards Qian DuoDuo, nodding his head not trying to hide it at all. He was filled with admiration!

On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo returned a very pretty stupid smile.

“Third WangFei, don’t cross the line too much.”

Zhu SiSi was already mocked by her and personally watched as her own father had failed. The Cheng Wang and the Emperor had invisibly stood by her side, speaking for her.

Zhu SiSi felt extremely wronged.

When Qian DuoDuo wasn’t here, she was the only outstanding one. Everyone’s surprised gazes had to revolve around her.

How come the moment Qian DuoDuo appeared that not to mention she lost her light but she was stepped under by multiple times?

She was unwilling to have this…unwilling to have this…

In the end, she could only pretend to be weak and lean against Long YuTian, the last tree for her.

“Qian DuoDuo, stop before you’re going too far. Stop making it hard for SiSi.” Long YuTians’ eyes were serious and even the tone contained a glimpse of severeness.

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