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The God of War, Chen Wang

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Actually, in her heart, Lin GuiFei also wasn't too satisfied with this marriage. In the court, official Qian didn't have any kind of prestige. Moreover, the eldest XiaoJie from the Qian family was bestowed a title as Yun Fei[1] not too long after she entered the palace and was quite doted on by HuangShang[2]. This had made Lin GuiFei, whose vinegar jar had been knocked over[3], harbor even more grudge towards Qian DuoDuo.

On the other hand, Zhu SiSi, whom Long YuTian liked, was the pearl in the Prime Minister's palms[4]. If she was to be married to Long YuTian, the Prime Minister would definitely support San WangYe, for his daughter, in ascending the throne.

However, on her deathbed, TaiHou had to stick her foot in! This had really made her very vexed. Lin GuiFei pondered for a moment; a dazzling light sparkled in her eyes when she finally had a plan in mind. "YuEr, MuFei[5] knows your heart… but recently, the ministers have started to mention the matter about appointing the TaiZi[6] to HuangShang. HuangHou has already started to put her hands all over the place, making friends with the ministers and drawing them to her side… She wants to support her Da HuangZi[7] in getting the TaiZi position."

"YuEr, you also know that your FuHuang[8] puts filial piety as priority. This marriage was something that TaiHou bestowed. TaiHou's mourning period also isn't over yet. In this crucial moment, you absolutely must not let your emotions affect your decision ah!"

Seeing that her own son had his brows deeply furrowed, Lin GuiFei continued to appease him, "Wait until you sit on TaiZi's position. MuFei will definitely support you in marrying SiSi. When that time comes and you want to get a divorce, MuFei absolutely will not stop you."

Long YuTian listened to Lin GuiFei, who was so earnestly giving him advice. He was also not someone who would be too engrossed in love. Therefore, he nodded his head in approval and answered, "ErChen[9] understand."

Lin GuiFei nodded her head in relief. She had wanted to advise her two sons on a few other matters when a palace maid walked in from the palace door, bowed, and said, "NiangNiang, Chen Wang[10] asked to meet!"

Chen Wang!

Long MuChen returned!

Lin GuiFei's expression suddenly became somewhat excited. Her dark eyes suddenly brightened: "Quickly! Quickly tell him to come in!"

Just after Lin GuiFei's words landed, the palace door was pushed open.

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Long MuChen calmly marched in wearing a violet robe with green embroidery. A smooth, bright fine suet jade was tied to the white jade belt on his waist. His raven black hair was neatly combed into a coil, enveloped by an exquisite white jade faguan[11] on the top of his head. Although he looked a bit like a laid back person, he still didn't lose the noble air he had.

Seeing Long MuChen walk slowly towards them, Long YinTian promptly stood up and walked up to his side. He smilingly yelled, "ShiSi Shu[12] is back?!"

Long MuChen nodded his head as an answer. He then walked until he was in front of Lin GuiFei's seat and made a slight nod towards Lin GuiFei as his salutation, "Greetings GuiFei SaoZi[13]!"

Lin GuiFei felt a bit overwhelmed and flattered by Long MuChen's greeting. The smile on her face grew as she stood up from the chair, "ShiSi Di[14], there is no need to be too polite. We're all family. Quickly sit!"

Then, she said to the palace maid at the side, "Quickly take BenGong's[15] highest quality LongJin tea out. Let Chen Wang taste it."

Long MuChen showed a shallow smile and answered with a 'thanks'. Then, he directly sat on a mahogany chair and started to gracefully taste the tea.

Lin GuiFei's gaze never left Long MuChen. She was staring at how he looked without his military uniform. He seemed even more noble and graceful. There was a smile hanging on the corners of her mouth, thinking about how to curry favor with this God of War that she hadn't seen in a year. Her eyes shifted around, and she decided to take the lead and started to talk, "ShiSi Di came back to the court in victory and gave peace to the border. It's another great service ah! HuangShang always talks about you in front of BenGong. He says that he can sleep peacefully because our Sheng Chen country has you."

The words Lin GuiFei said weren't flattery to curry a favor. In this whole continent, besides Sheng Chen country, there were also Nan Zhao country, Rong Guang country, and Huan Yue country.


[1]Fei (妃/fēi): (Imperial) Consorts, one rank below GuiFei. [2]HuangShang (皇上/huáng​shang): The Emperor [3]Vinegar Jar refers to jealousy (or someone who's jealous). Vinegar jar knocked over meant the jealousy had been ignited. [4]Pearl in the Palm (掌上明珠/zhǎng​shàng​míng​zhū): someone who was treasured like pearls, one's beloved (usually daughter), someone precious. [5]MuFei (母妃/mǔfēi): Mother. 'Mu' means mother while the 'fei' refers to Lin GuiFei 'GuiFei' title. If the one addressed as mother is the empress (HuangHou) then it will be MuHou (母后/ mǔhòu). [6]TaiZi (太子/ tài​zǐ): The Crown Prince [7]Da HuangZi (大皇子/ dà huáng​zǐ): Eldest prince [8]FuHuang (父皇/ fùhuáng): Father (the Emperor). [9]ErChen (儿臣/ ěrchén): This child (son) and minister. Used by imperial family to address their parents. Usually Emperor to Empress Dowager, the princes to their mother or other high ranking consorts. [10]Wang (王/wàng): Prince [11]Faguan (发冠/fàguān): This cheap translator can't find the proper English words for this, but it's something like the one Hu Ge wore. (The pict. aren't mine and no copyright infringement intended.)

[12]ShiSi Shu (十四叔/ Shísì shū): Fourteenth Uncle (father's younger brother) [13]SaoZi (嫂子/ sǎo​zi): sister in law/ older brother's wife. [14]ShiSi Di (十四弟/ Shísì dì): Fourteenth younger brother. BenGong (本宫/ běngōng): I of the Palace. Used by the Empress and higher ranking consorts to address themselves.
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