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Chapter 154
Mistress, Greetings ah!

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Qian DuoDuo pulled at a grape and tossed it into her mouth . She murmured, unclearly: “This young lady has a powerful magnetic field and has great popularity with people . I have friends all around the world and within the four oceans, I always have a little brother following me . How can I be like you? Without a father to pamper and mother to love you . Besides Zhu SiSi who treats you like a treasure, who still appreciates you ah? However, an argument is now verified on your body – a cuckold looking for a prostitute . ”

He just inquired something and this woman was able to talk a whole bunch of nonsense out of nowhere . At the same time she blew her own trumpet, she hadn’t forgotten to bring him and SiSi in to mock .

Once Qian DuoDuo was finished, she then noticed Zhu SiSi who sat by Long YuTian’s side . She was angry to the point the corners of her lips were stiff and she was prouder within her heart . She revealed a sweet faint smile, waving her hand at Zhu SiSi as though they were familiar: “Hey, mistress . Greetings ah . ”

This ‘mistress’ infuriated Zhu SiSi so much that her face started to turn purple . Although she had no idea what ‘mistress’ meant, but subconsciously she felt as though it wasn’t something nice .

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In order to provoke more of Long YuTian’s dislike towards Qian DuoDuo, Zhu SiSi tested out: “Sister Duo Er, don’t blame this sister for not knowing as much as you but what does ‘mistress’ mean?”

“Pu—-” The skin of the grape spat out from Qian DuoDuo’s mouth .

It wasn’t scary to have no knowledge . What was scary was that one had no knowledge and intelligence .

“This ‘mistress’ ah is a type of broad and deep cultural knowledge . It is hard to explain right now but pig shit, if you want to know, this young lady doesn’t mind explaining this to you later on . ”

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Long YuTian watched Qian DuoDuo who sighed and actually dared to call SiSi ‘pig shit . ’ He wanted to open his mouth to scold her when who knew Qian DuoDuo raised her waist then wiped the stains on her hand onto his body, without a second of hesitance .

Long YuTian almost jumped up, shockingly called: “Qian DuoDuo, how come you are that dirty!”

Although he didn’t care about a set of an outfit, towards Qian DuoDuo’s unruly action, he wasn’t able to forgive her for it .

Qian DuoDuo questioningly looked at the palm of her hand and innocently blinked her eyes: “Wangye, it is because I love being clean that I was wiping my hand ah! Could it be that you want me to wipe it on myself ah? No, no…Using my own clothes as a rag . It’s too disgusting . ”

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Psh! You also knew it was disgusting! You are purposely trying to disgust this Wang!

Qian DuoDuo had the ability to anger people to death and not deal with the consequences . She had said this in dead earnest and also explained with reason .

Long YuTian was stuffed to the point he wasn’t able to say anything . Plus, it was under the general public so he didn’t want to keep arguing with Qian DuoDuo . It saved the energy to talk more otherwise who knew what else this woman would’ve done .

On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo also behaved a little bit . She ate some fruits and drank to her content then directly had her limbs facing the ground, laying on the table taking a nap .

Long YuTian didn’t know whether he was afraid for her to be cold in his heart or that the officials would’ve seen her vulgar sleeping position that after a while that Qian DuoDuo fell asleep, he took off the robe outside to cover Qian DuoDuo’s head .

The birthday of the Emperor, singing, and performing obviously was required .

Along with the sound of the musical instruments, numerous beautiful women came out to dance for the Emperor . Everyone’s gazes slowly moved from Qian DuoDuo to the performances on stage .

After the singing and dancing came to an end in the hall, the Empress’s graceful voice not slowly or quickly rang: “Normally, the young misses from different families had prepared marvelous and outstanding shows for the Emperor . Who knows if there will be something new this year?”

After they heard the Empress’s words, all the young misses rubbed their fists and wiped their palms, all eager to give it a try . Everyone wanted to perform well during this banquet .

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