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To Probe

Once Long MuChen thought up to here, there was a sense of bitterness rising from the corner of his lips. Although he was a little unhappy in his heart when he watched as she was close to other men, he didn’t want to force Qian DuoDuo to place her straightforwardness away so he could only follow her and let her do as she wished.

“Yu, where are you going?” Zhu SiSi sat on one side and watched as Long YuTian’s face turned darker and darker so she opened her mouth to ask.

Long YuTian hadn’t even heard that Zhu SiSi was calling for him. Instead, he stood up from his seat and brought along a glass of wine before walking out.

The bottom of his eyes was about to explode from seeing how Qian DuoDuo smiled as though in a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze. He directly walked over towards Tuo Ba Cheng’s direction in large strides.

Qian DuoDuo was just there speaking of the sky and of the earth when suddenly she felt a tightness by her waist when she was pulled into a broad chest. She was frightened to the point where she almost jumped out. She turned around to see the person besides her was Long YuTian!

“Hey, why did you come scurrying here?”

Qian DuoDuo inquired, not in a good mood. The moment she saw Long YuTian, she felt a tint of pain on her face. She was someone who remembered enmity a lot!

“This Wang sees that WangFei and the Crown Prince Tuo Ba Cheng had a good point chatting with each other that this Wang is curious and wanted to come over to see. Crown Prince Tuo Ba Chang, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Have you been good?”

Just a simple sentence from Long YuTian and it had *** [1] into their conversation. Tuo Ba Cheng’s gaze also shifted from Qian DuoDuo’s to Long YuTian’s body.

He watched as Long YuTian held a glass of wine and naturally picked up the glass on the table, clinking it against Long YuTian’s: “Thank you third Wangye for still remembering me. This Crown Prince has been doing well.”

Qian DuoDuo glanced at the two men who mutually flattered one another and pursed her lips, in disdain.

They wasted so much saliva and didn’t even say a useful sentence. Of course, Tuo Ba Cheng was doing well. If he wasn’t doing well then he would be standing in front of you searching for a beautiful woman to connect by marriage and participate in a conversation, drinking wine?

Long YuTian was basically a pig.

It’s just that Qian DuoDuo hadn’t seen that when the two glasses of wine clinked with each other that there was a secret inner force which was moving around within the palms of the hands which was mutually pulling at each other. Not one was superior to the other which led the wine inside the glass to tremble as well.

Besides Long MuChen within the Shen Cheng Country, Long YuTian’s prestige was extremely high as well. No matter whether it was the ability to rule a country or the way to lead warriors, he had contributed rather much to it.

But who knew that just a couple years from not seeing him, his inner force was actually this profound.

Within his heart, Long YuTian also secretly observed Tuo Ba Cheng. Nan Zhao Country, originally amongst the four countries, no matter it was the military skills or wealth, it was the most profound one. It always had the greed to control the four countries.

However, due to Long MuChen’s control, these recent decades they had been preserving and nurturing their spirits. Yet, they dared not to easily make a move.

It seemed as though the old Emperor placed all his hope on this Crown Prince’s body and this time he had called for Tuo Ba Cheng to come over to test Shen Cheng’s actual strength.

The contest between the two of them was not simply just over Qian DuoDuo now.

It’s just that for a while, it was difficult to figure out who had the upper hand and the two people were afraid of making a huge movement, injuring the woman beside them. Therefore, they mutually understood what needed to be done and faintly smiled. They placed their hands away, drinking the glass of wine in one gulp.

After that Long YuTian hadn’t said anything more. Instead, he just pulled Qian DuoDuo and sat back in his seat.

“Qian DuoDuo, how did you know of Tuo Ba Cheng?”

Long YuTian was unhappy of how nice Qian DuoDuo was towards Tuo Ba Cheng.

Especially until now, Qian DuoDuo was still making faces at Tuo Ba Cheng as though wanting to say something.


*** [1] – In the raws.

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