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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:16:41 PM
Chapter 152
The Person who is Thinking of You

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Tuo Ba Cheng!

He actually came!

How could Qian DuoDuo not go up to greet them when meeting someone familiar to her?

The moment Tuo Ba Cheng saw as Qian DuoDuo walked over towards him with a smile on, he couldn’t help to be shocked .

He originally thought that this woman was a princess within the royal family but who knew she was actually the third WangFei . However, before she had humiliated herself in such a way in the front hall but Long YuTian hadn’t walked up to speak for her or anything . Instead, he lowered his head to talk privately with the woman beside him .

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They seemed to be strangers .

Could it be the married couple doesn’t get along? There was also Cheng Wang . How come he appeared along with Qian DuoDuo?

A puzzle after the next surrounded Tuo Ba Cheng’s heart . The way he looked towards Qian DuoDuo contained a deep look .

“Qian DuoDuo?” This was Tuo Ba Cheng who just figured out her name .

“Young man, you’re quite fine . You still remember me . ” Qian DuoDuo clapped her claws on Tuo Ba Cheng’s shoulder and ignored the gossip around the surrounding people . She walked around the table and ran over to Tuo Ba Cheng’s side .

Qian DuoDuo stood up but Tuo Ba Cheng hadn’t . He sat down on the seat and the face looked towards the waist of Qian DuoDuo . Unintentionally, he saw the jade pendant fastened around her belt .

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“You have been keeping this jade pendant?” Tuo Ba Cheng inquired .

This was the token of the family of Tuo Ba . Only the future Princess Consort of the Empress was able to possess this . When they first met, he had given that jade pendant to Qian DuoDuo as a gift .

Who knew that this woman kept it on her at all times .

Since the Will of Heaven wanted this to happen, there was no reason for him to take this back .

Qian DuoDuo glanced at Tuo Ba Cheng whose sneaky gaze has been on the jade pendant and couldn’t help to be frightened in her heart . She hurriedly protected the jade pendant behind her, a look of alarm: “Hey, place your sneaky eyes away . Don’t think about trying to take the jade pendant away from me . You had given to me as a gift so now it’s mine . Don’t concern yourself with the jade pendant . ”

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“If you want this Crown Prince not to take it back, it’s fine too . But don’t forget your promise . ”

Tuo Ba Cheng thought in his heart: I don’t think about the jade pendant . I am thinking about you .

“Of course . I – Qian DuoDuo’s promise is worth a thousand silvers . ” As long as he didn’t ask her for money, everything was easy to talk about . After Qian DuoDuo was calmed down, she immediately treated Tuo Ba Cheng as though he was her old friend: “Hey, small mop . Tell to this sister . Who are you interested in? This sister will go act as a matchmaker for you?”

“The woman who I am interested in is not normal . Are you sure you are able to?” Tuo Ba Cheng raised his eyebrows .

“That, of course . If that woman doesn’t want to, then I will bind her body up with ropes and threaten her, pester endlessly, get her drunk and use knockout drops . I will commit all kinds of crimes and will definitely bring her to the bridal room for you . ” One of Qian DuoDuo’s legs straddled on Tuo Ba Cheng’s seat, without care for her image . The spit flew everywhere .

She held a look as though a female bandit forcing an honest girl into prostitution that even Tuo Ba Cheng who saw this couldn’t help it that his eyes also twitched along with it .

Her voice wasn’t loud but everyone’s gaze within the hall couldn’t help to concentrate it on Qian DuoDuo’s body . They all took in her words, without missing one .

It’s just that the Emperor hadn’t said anything so they had to keep in their laughter to the point that their necks were red .

On this side, however, Long YuTian was about to explode of anger . Teasing the fourteenth uncle was not enough and now she even teased the Crown Prince of Nan Zhao Country . She dared to publicly make fun of him under everyone’s eyes .

What is she trying to do? If she hadn’t made sure that he was a cuckold known to everyone then she won’t give up?!

Long MuChen who already sat down knew of the young woman’s unique way of greeting people . He and she were that close to each other yet she had said it was ‘the feeling of a father . ’ Based on that look, she had just gotten to know of the Crown Prince so now he is wondering what type of relative will he be?

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