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Admiring the Emperor

“You are Qian DuoDuo? Three’s WangFei?” The Emperor shockingly responded. This woman, compared to the one within his imagination, had a huge difference.

He thought that the woman which Cheng Wang held an interest in would at least be stunningly beautiful, sweet-tempered, and educated. But how come she took on an insolent look instead?

Look at her gesticulating for joy expression who almost climbed onto the dragon throne, completely a young girl from the rural areas.

“Duo Er, don’t you dare to be unreasonable!” Government minister Qian who was under the stage had seen his daughter’s such appearance, frightened to the point his soul flew out of his heart. He hurriedly ran over from his seat and kneeled on the ground: “Emperor, please atone for this servant’s crime. This daughter has been naughty and startled the Emperor. She really should die for her crimes ah…”

Qian DuoDuo felt wronged and blinked her eyes towards government minister Qian, not sure of what’s happening: “Father ah, you don’t let me stay in my room then should I be outside the room drinking wine and eating my meals ah? Plus, I’m seeing that uncle Emperor was kind and amiable that I couldn’t help to act cute and cling onto his legs. How come that, in your eyes, became stubborn and naughty?”

After she finished, she turned her head around towards the Emperor sitting on the dragon throne, as though facing the ocean, she opened her arms: “Your majesty, Emperor ah. My admiration towards you is like the Yellow River’s waters coming from the heaven divine and they rush out to the sea, and to return at all decline? The moment I heard that I was going to meet the Emperor, I was unable to think about anything else when eating my meals and unable to go to sleep at night. I was anticipating to be able to see your appearance…and, and, you see that due to my excessive thinking ah that I am starting to grow white hairs.”

Qian DuoDuo stubbornly pulled on a couple strands of hairs and claimed that the cotton wadding from the willow that had blown on her hair by the lake to be white hairs.

Praising and flattering him, which leader doesn’t like this? When she pleased uncle Emperor, she would be excused from a beating.

Qian DuoDuo was quite bright within this area. Although she didn’t follow the rules, she still needed to carefully serve the highest leader of the country…

“…” The Emperor was embarrassed. He brushed his beard and couldn’t help to interrupt Qian DuoDuo’s endless talking: “Cough, cough. This Emperor receives the third WangFei’s thoughts.”

If they had let her keep talking, wouldn’t he praise the Emperor to the Milky Way?

All the officials couldn’t help to laugh out loud with Qian DuoDuo’s pestering.

They all looked towards Long YuTian, at the same time.

They had long heard before that the third Wangye wasn’t satisfied with the third WangFei that just married into the WangFu.

It was no wonder. Such an exotic girl, only a few men would be able to easily accept her.

Long YuTian felt the strange gazes from the officials and couldn’t help to wish to bury his face underneath the table.

“Yu, have some fruits.” Zhu SiSi watched Qian DuoDuo’s world-shaking appearance and everyone’s look of disdain towards her. In her heart, she was satisfied and attended upon Long YuTian even more gentle and considerately.

Long YuTian murmured an ‘oh’ and opened his mouth. He absent-mindedly even swallowed the skin of the grape into his stomach.

In his heart, he was thinking: This Qian DuoDuo who should’ve died. She was obviously trying to ruin his reputation. Did she want to make him lose his faces?

The Empress looked meaningfully towards Qian DuoDuo, Long MuChen, and Long YuTian – these three people.

Although Long MuChen hadn’t spoken but based on her evil gaze, she was still able to catch the smile underneath his eyebrows.

On the other hand, Long YuTian held a look as though wishing that Qian DuoDuo would be more helpful instead of dragging him down.

She had a slight plan within her heart. It seemed as though her trusted aide – Guang Feng was correct. The relationship between Cheng Wang and Qian DuoDuo was definitely extraordinary.

She smiled while trying to call for a compromise: “Third WangFei, come take a seat.”

Qian DuoDuo said an ‘oh’ and turned around, sweeping her eyes across the hall. There was only one empty spot next to Long YuTian. However, this was not the main point. The main point was that amongst the ambassadors, she found a familiar figure.

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