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I will Enjoy the Blessings and You will Endure the Misfortune

No matter what, Long MuChen was still a person with skin and meat. He was suddenly bitten and groaned in pain. However, he hadn’t pulled his arm back. After a good while, the strength on Qian DuoDuo’s mouth weakened a little before Long MuChen opened his mouth: “Do you feel better now?”

“Hm.” Qian DuoDuo nodded her head bluntly. She rolled up Long MuChen’s sleeves which were embroidered by gold silk and watched as his white arm was marked as though by a famous watch, stunned. Then, she covered her mouth and started chuckling: “Hehe, it is quite pretty. It looks like a flower…”

Long MuChen held his slightly in pain arm and felt helpless within his heart.

Han Tie was really accurate. He stayed with her to fight and support her. First, he lost his silvers to her and now he is losing his flesh.

“And you’re saying it looks like a flower? If you bite me with more force than before and make me disabled from this, look to see who will help you in the future.” Long MuChen’s complaint sounded as though he was pampering her.

While on Qian DuoDuo’s side, she seemed to not even realize that she had done something wrong. On the other hand, she raised her chin, confident and bold in what she was about to say next.

“Fourteen, we had saluted each other before. So the norm between us is: I will enjoy the blessings while you endure the misfortune…Now, in order to punish you for arriving so late to save me, I am letting you feel how ‘keenly felt pain’ is like.”

‘Keenly felt pain.’ This time, Qian DuoDuo was accurate.

However, it wasn’t due to her biting him. It was rather the moment when he had seen that she received even a glimpse of pain that led his heart to be in pain.

However, this woman was too brave for her own good. It was her first time within the palace and she dared to offend anyone.

Senior Concubine Lin wasn’t someone easy to be dealt with. She had oppressed the people in the harem for many years and never had an enemy. If Qian DuoDuo were to make an enemy of her then she – this flower will immediately wilt.

“Duo Er, you really don’t know your abilities ah. You dared to publicly provoke Senior Concubine Lin. If this Wang came a little bit late then I want to see what you will do?” Long MuChen rubbed his eyebrows helplessly.

“This…I hadn’t thought of that much right then. Plus I didn’t do anything to them ah? They wanted to talk reason but weren’t able to beat me in that so they decided to beat me. I retaliated in order to protect myself. In the past, at home, I often use violence to curb violence ah.”

Indeed, during Qian DuoDuo’s career of being a police, she didn’t believe in guiding patiently and systematically. Violence was the most effective and quick method!

Plus, she had this type of feeling that Long MuChen will definitely come to handle the terrible mess she made.

“Actually, I was able to be undisciplined and out of control was all due to your influence!”

Qian DuoDuo was famous for her nonsense talking. Long MuChen was very curious as to what excuse she would make up this time. Therefore, he followed along and inquired: “Well, tell me. What does this have to do with this Wang?”

“You said this before that I can disturb the Shen Cheng Country however I like, to the point where the sky and earth were turned upside down if I wanted to. Even if I made a hole in the sky, you would be here to support me!”

When Long MuChen said this, it wasn’t due to impulse but Qian DuoDuo’s response seemed half-hearted. Who knew that her memory was actually this good. A random sentence that he had said, she still remembered.

“You are going to hold onto this Wang forever?!” Long MuChen’s tone seemed to indulge her.

“Hm ah! When this lady divorces Long YuTian in the future and climbs out of the third WangFu, you need to prepare a big bowl for my arrival ah!” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed this arrogantly and didn’t forget to secretly sigh: “It is you who have been blessed for three lives for knowing a girl like me who knows how to fool around and play and lived an exciting life. Otherwise, if you look at the royal family, they are all deadpan and followed the rules. How boring is that ah.”

This is called being blessed for three lives? How come this woman could talk about herself as though she knew a lot of things. Doesn’t she think that where ever she is, there will be problems?

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