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Are You not Surprised by my Status?

Qian DuoDuo pulled Tuo Ba Cheng to her side, impolitely. She pointed at his body and retorted with what seemed like reason. She saw that the guard in front hadn’t said anything then immediately pursed her lips. She looked at the guard who didn’t know his manner with a look of dislike: “Plus, your such a rough man. In the future when you meet someone like me – a young lady who is as delicate as though flower and didn’t have the strength to truss a chicken, you have to learn to have tender feelings towards the opposite sex. You look – your family’s master didn’t even speak yet so what are you going on about ah…”

The sentences had led the guard to be dumbstruck and unable to reply. This is which family’s shrewish young lady? She was talking nonsense the whole time ah. She wasn’t even embarrassed when she said that he was rough?

However, the guard raised his head to look at his family’s master. Who knew his master kept a calm face on and waved his hand, telling him to leave.

Even though he didn’t like the woman in front of him who was beyond vulgar and almost injured their Crown Prince, the guard still respectfully left.

Qian DuoDuo had walked around for a while now and was tired. She looked at the surroundings which contained enchanting scenery and there were no clouds looking towards the far distance. Plus, the stream under the feet had water so clear that one would be able to see the bottom. There was nothing more beautiful than this.

For a moment, the intention to fool around ruled over her. She sat by the shore and took off her embroidered shoes as well as socks. She lifted up the hem of her skirt then placed both feet into the shores. She randomly splashed the water and started playing around.

Tuo Ba Cheng lazily leaned against a willow and the cotton waddings of the willow blew around, landing on Qian DuoDuo’s body. On the shores, a pair of slim soft white feet were moistened by water droplets. It revealed the sunlight’s different colors and a pair of enchanting eyes flashed every now and then. She was quick-witted and intelligent, not like those ordinary girls. Between being delicate and beautiful, she revealed an unusual temperament.

However…this was only towards when she didn’t open her mouth to speak.

Qian DuoDuo felt Tuo Ba Cheng’s gaze and turned her head, blinking her eyes naively: “What is going on with you?”

Tuo Ba Cheng placed his glance away, turning unruffled. After a moment of silence, he inquired: “You don’t seem to be surprised with my status as a Crown Prince?”

“You are the Crown Prince. Oh my God ah. This news is basically a shock to all supernatural beings. It had shocked my blood to become incomparably excited and meeting the Crown Prince is basically the blessings of three lifetimes, an impressive sight in a hundred years!”

Qian DuoDuo exaggeratingly fiddled with the four limbs on her body. She seemed to be even more excited than when she had seen the frisbee. After she finished this, she started to droop her eyes while looking at Tuo Ba Cheng. She dragged out her accent: “I am finished being surprising. Is the Crown Prince satisfied with this or no?”

These ancient people were quite interesting. Their sense of narcissism is quite heavy?

The Crown Prince is the Crown Prince. They are all humans. It’s not like they are able to go on the scale and be sold to be exchanged for silvers. What is there to be shocked about?

After all, Tuo Ba Cheng was still a beautiful man and was a highly eligible bachelor. How come in Qian DuoDuo’s eyes, his charm has been decreasing and not receiving her likes?

She watched as Qian DuoDuo made herself look like this in order to make him feel disgusted. He softly coughed and momentarily, had not uttered a single word at all.

Qian DuoDuo continued to relaxingly play with the water while Tuo Ba Cheng leaned against the tree, staring at her without looking elsewhere.

The atmosphere, for some time, was condensed.

The time slowly passed by and Qian DuoDuo was quiet for a while then thought it was a little stuffy. She splashed the water then inquired: “Wei, what are you coming to our Shen Cheng Country for?”

“It’s the birthday of Shen Cheng Country’s Emperor and each country will be coming over to congratulate him. This Crown Prince is also coming over to congratulate the Emperor under father’s orders and conveniently connect by marriage with your country.” The face held a faint smile on. The words that Tuo Ba Cheng had exclaimed seemed to be a hundred percent a response that would be said from the government.

“Psh, that old man. He has nothing to do and only knows to be extravagant and waste silvers. If he were to give the silvers to me, I promise I will make sure his banquet will be unique!”

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