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You Think my Hand is Supposed to be Shredded Chicken?

Long YuTian was stunned and heard Long MuChen’s voice rang again from behind: “The third Wangye wants to make it difficult for this Wang?”

The couple words were short but it revealed the inherent dignity that couldn’t be violated.

Qian DuoDuo shifted her head to look at Long MuChen. The long and narrow eyes were still beautiful and shaking to the core but under the sharp bottom of the eyes, this is the first time she had seen coldness and detachment.

It was as though Africa’s Cobra, dangerous in all aspects.

She thought that when Long YuTian was angry, he was already dangerous enough. Who knew in front of Long Muchen who was normally warm and gentle, it was as though minor magician in presence of a bigger one.

No wonder the entire Shen Cheng all address Cheng Wang as ‘God of War’….One look and it’s enough for you to fall off your horse.

“This nephew doesn’t dare to…” Long YuTian calmed down his anger. Because he had respect and admiration towards Cheng Wang, he naturally didn’t want to run into a conflict with him, but: “Fourteenth uncle, Qian DuoDuo is my WangFei so I have permission to look after her.”

Look after her your sister ah! You’re not my father…

Qian DuoDuo mumbled within her heart. But in the next second, the small person in her art turned to a series of painful screams.

Long YuTian almost pressed her bones into pieces.

Long MuChen had replied and it stabbed at right Long YuTian’s heart: “Your WangFei, I think won’t be any longer soon right? Weren’t you complaining to this Wang to go to the imperial palace to speak to the Emperor about divorcing Qian DuoDuo for you so that you can marry Zhu SiSi? Could it be that there’s a change in your heart?”

“I didn’t!” Long YuTian hurriedly denied. He couldn’t explain why but every time Zhu SiSi and Qian DuoDuo are compared with each other, his heart would feel a random pool of anger.

He lowered his head to look at Qian DuoDuo who had her eyes drooped down, concentrating on looking back and forth between them.

Hatred rose within his heart. It was all because of this stupid woman who had broken apart Zhu SiSi and him and wanted to make him lose his faces. Now, she’s not even obeying the rules for a married woman, wanting to seduce Cheng Wang. She basically should die!

As he pondered over this, Long YuTian couldn’t help to wish to squeeze Qian DuoDuo to bits, saving others from her trying to harm people.

On this hand, Long MuChen didn’t show any sign of weakness either. He placed a little strength into the palm of the hand.

What trick is this!

The two big men are in a bad mood whilst looking at each other then they should go out to fight ah, bite ah. How come they are taking this out on her – a delicately pretty young lady?

She – Qian DuoDuo had been quiet and now they are taking her as though a soft persimmon, crushed into a sick kitten.

Qian DuoDuo didn’t care about the actual situation or that both of them were masters in martial arts. Unable to think calmly, she raised her leg and kicked both Long YuTian and Long MuChen.

One front and one back, quick but efficient. It accurately without a mistake kicked within the middle of the two legs.

The two men’s attention was on each other so they basically hadn’t noticed Qian DuoDuo’s actions. A burst of unbearable pain followed from the lower part of the body. It was so painful that they let go of her wrist.

Long YuTian’s face immediately turned pale white. He groaned and curled up, hugging his lower part of the body, not caring for his image. He wasn’t able to straighten his back: “Qian DuoDuo, you are going to die…”

Qian DuoDuo watched as Long YuTian revealed an expression as though he was in extreme pain. She thought in her heart that she had gone over the line and didn’t know that her flexibility was that good, kicking the vital point with one kick. She was frightened badly within her heart but knew very much that she couldn’t admit defeat right now. She straightened her body and yelled towards Long YuTian: “You’re the one whose going to die. You think my hand is supposed to be shredded chicken where you guys can just tug around with? You go outside and wait for me. I will teach you a lesson when we return back to the manor!”


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