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443 Ending Your Sin

Qin Chao's right hand had not only learned the ultimate defensive skill, Vajra Palm, but also sealed the existence of the Five-element Treasure.

Forget about the so called yamatno-orochello's ray, even if he detonated a nuclear warhead, it would not be able to harm a single hair on Qin Chao's hand.

If a certain almighty being from the Flying Immortal Stage was interested enough to take Qin Chao's right hand out for refinement, it would definitely surpass the existence of a Five-element Treasure!

Sometimes, Qin Chao would even have a very boring idea. It was like spraying a stream of Silver Lotus Chop onto his right hand to see if it could be cut apart...

Of course, this kind of idea was only something one could think of. Only a fool would do such a thing.

But regardless of whether the Silver Lotus Chop was able to cut through Qin Chao's right hand, the yamatno-orochello's rays would definitely be useless.

"This, this is impossible! Something must have gone wrong! It must be! " The skeleton screamed as it suddenly channeled all of its energy.

The gigantic yamatno-orochello all at once opened its eight big mouths, each of them sparkling with a black light.

"Take on my anger!" Eishi Misaki roared again and again, "Die!"

"Bang, bang, bang!" A series of explosions resounded as eight thick beams of black light shot down at the same time.

But Qin Chao still sneered, and stood there, not even able to raise his hand this time.

"Hahaha, you've already resigned yourself to your fate. Then, die with pain!"

Amidst Eishi Misaki's strange laughter, Qin Chao's body was instantly engulfed by the black light.

"Youngest junior brother!"

"Mr. Qin?" The few women were extremely frightened by this terrifying attack. They wished that they could take this attack on Qin Chao's behalf.

Only Liu Ying's current expression was still considered normal.

"I was fine just now, but I'm sure I'm fine now." As Little Liu Ying said this, he took out a piece of Fillero from his pocket, broke it apart and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Hahaha!" How could I possibly be fine! " Eishi Misaki laughed weirdly, "I'm afraid he has already been beaten into dregs by me! Tsk tsk, don't be in such a hurry. I'll send you guys to meet him right now! And my precious daughter, remember to greet Satan on behalf of the father! "

After Eishi Misaki became a Death Spirit, he had already completely lost his humanity.

The eight huge mouths opened at the same time. It seemed like they were going to attack the women.

"Tsk tsk …" At this time, Eishi Misaki felt his body sink, followed by a teasing voice that came from above his head.

The old man looked up in panic. He saw a man wearing a black coat. His feet were stepping on his skull. There was a cigarette in his mouth and a mocking smile was on his face.

"I say, what is so good about bullying women? No wonder you have become a monster that is neither human nor ghost, you are indeed not qualified to be a human. "

As Qin Chao said that, he stepped on the ground and jumped away from Eishi Misaki's skull.

At the same time, he said.

"Also, I have to tell you, you monster …" "This is so unsightly …"

With that, Qin Chao took advantage of the falling momentum, and kicked Eishi Misaki's head.

"Bam!" Eishi Misaki couldn't even let out a scream as he turned into a cannonball and smashed into the sand below him, causing a large amount of sand to fly into the air.

Following that, Qin Chao floated in the air. In his left palm, a golden-white lotus sword floated.

"Being able to die under my Silver Lotus Chop can at least be considered to be helping an old fellow like you to transcend the boundaries of life and death."

With that, the treasure sword started to spin violently, and was about to be thrown down by Qin Chao.

"Wait, wait!"

At this time, Chiyo suddenly rushed out and stood in front of the deep pit.

"Chiyo, get out of the way!" Qin Chao immediately frowned, "This person is no longer your father, he's a monster without humanity."

"I, I know …" Chiyo looked into Qin Chao's eyes, and his body trembled slightly. "I'm just … "But …"

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, a black flash of a blade suddenly flew out from the deep pit and landed on Chiyo's waist.

"Bam!" Chiyo's body was immediately sent flying by the blade light, and then fell onto the beach.

"Chiyo!" Qin Chao's eyes immediately turned red. This damned old thing, he wasn't going to let go of even his own daughter?

"Tsk tsk …" An unpleasant laughter came from the deep pit, "She's my darling daughter after all, she's still useful at a critical moment."

"This beast!" Seeing this, Zhao Jingjing could not help but clench his fists.

Amidst the unpleasant laughter, a thick red skeleton arm suddenly grabbed onto the edge of the deep pit.

Then, a huge skeleton crawled out of the hole.

"What an ugly skeleton!" Liu Ying who was eating his chocolate saw the fellow who crawled out and immediately lost his appetite.

They saw a blood-red skeleton standing there. The skeleton was nearly four meters tall. There were eight skulls on its shoulders and a tail of bones on the back of its pelvis.

The tail swung back and forth, sweeping the sand off the ground.

"Tsk tsk, if it wasn't for my precious daughter, I wouldn't have had the time to undergo the final evolution."

Eishi Misaki, who had become extremely strange, patted his ribs and roared repeatedly, "Chinese pig, did you see that, this is a real undying body! With this perfect body, I can live forever! "Roar! Roar! Roar!"

"This guy has lost his head. He really is so stupid that he looks like he's retarded." Lil 'White, who was standing on the side, couldn't help but sneer. "If becoming a dead spirit can grant eternal life, then on this earth, there would already be little skeletons running all over the place."

"Hehe, ordinary human, what do you know!" Eishi Misaki laughed out loud, "Ignorant human, only trembling in front of my great body!"

"Tremble your son of a bitch!" Qin Chao was not in the mood to listen to the old man's bragging. It was unclear whether Chiyo was dead or alive, but his fury had already been ignited to the extreme.

"Mortal, how dare you insult me!" Eishi Misaki said as if he himself was a god, "My daughter, dying for me, that is her honor! In a moment, I will devour her soul and let her live in my body forever, hahaha! "

"F * ck, crazy, go die!" Qin Chao was so angry that his lungs were about to burst, and couldn't help but throw the Silver Lotus Chop in his hands out.

And at this time, a familiar voice came out from the sand where Chiyo had smashed into the ground.

"Wait, wait a minute!"

Qin Chao and Eishi Misaki were both stunned.

Qin Chao was pleasantly surprised, but that Eishi Misaki, he could not believe it.

"Bam!" An arm wrapped in black armor suddenly broke through the sand and stretched out from the ground.

Next, a woman in black armor crawled out.

This woman was Chiyo Misaki.

Earlier, she was wearing a Ninja Robe, but now, it had turned into a black armour.

In her hand, there was also a black katana.

Chiyo Misaki kept the Tai Dao back into the armor on his waist, and immediately turned into black smoke and hid it into her soft body.

"What I wanted to say was that I have to finish him myself …"

"Chiyo, you …" Qin Chao was stunned by Chiyo's words.

"Please." Chiyo bent her waist towards Qin Chao, her beautiful eyes filled with teardrops as she spoke.

"No matter what, he is still my, Chiyo Misaki's, father. If he has to die, he should die at the hands of I, Chiyo Misaki. Please, please grant me that wish. From then on, Chiyo is willing to be your slave. "

Slave? Qin Chao was shocked, why would Chiyo have such thoughts?

However, she had resolved her grudge with Eishi Misaki … Then let her do it herself …

Qin Chao was not worried that Chiyo would be in danger, because he was just standing there, completely focused on this woman.

I, Qin Chao's woman, naturally cannot tolerate others harming me! Not even her father!

"Hehe …" I never thought that my darling daughter's life would be so big. " Eishi Misaki's enormous body, slowly walked to the front of his daughter's body, and overlooked the figure that was like a child.

"However, your good luck ends here."

After saying that, the giant red skeleton pulled out two thick bone blades from its back.

As for Chiyo Misaki, her head was lowered and her hair was dishevelled. Without saying a word, she quietly pulled out her black Tai Dao from her waist.

"Father, please forgive me …"

She suddenly said in a low voice and then completely unsheathed her blade.

With a Canglang sound, the blade produced a dragon's roar, and Chiyo's body was also wrapped in a layer of black armor.

The current Chiyo Misaki, was no longer an extremely weak superior Ninja, but an early stage Nascent Soul Stage devil cultivator!

Even in the cultivation world, an early Nascent Soul Stage expert was enough to make other cultivators worship him!

For a sect to have an expert in Nascent Soul Stage, how many years would it take to cultivate and consume?! And Qin Chao, with just the Devil Puppet Method, was actually able to pull an ordinary person into the terrifying cultivation realm of the Nascent Soul Stage.

If word of this got out, Qin Chao would probably be killed by both the Devil Sect and the righteous path!

Because his actions were simply defying the honor of cultivators!

At the same time, it would definitely arouse the jealousy of all the cultivators.

Maybe Chiyo didn't know how strong she was right now. She only wanted to be a child and do what she needed to do, and that was to personally end her father's sin.

That Eishi Misaki was not the least bit polite to her daughter. Two gigantic bone blades slashed towards Chiyo's tiny body at the same time.

"Kill …" Chiyo Misaki merely spat out a syllable.

After that, she appeared behind her father, who had turned into a skeleton.

At the same time, the black saber was slowly sheathed by her.

"Ceng!" As the great blade returned to its scabbard, the gigantic skeleton suddenly broke from the waist and its upper body slid to the ground.

Black flames rose up as well, enveloping the skeleton's body.

"This, how is this possible …" Eishi Misaki muttered to himself with all eight heads, "Why can't I live forever after obtaining this body … Why is my strength still so weak … "

"Pah!" Tears fell from the corners of Chiyo's eyes, and shattered on the ground.

As for Eishi Misaki's body, it had completely fallen onto the ground as well, falling into pieces of bones on the ground before being engulfed by the flames …

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Three hellish days had arrived. From the 12th to the 14th, I went to the station to record. You guys have been here for 3 days, you basically won't see me on the internet ~ ~ 555, god, save old paper ~

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