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Chapter 54: The Agreement And Her Best Friend Are More Important Than Him?

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Uncle Zhong did not understand why Shi Beiyu was standing rooted on the ground, so he asked, “What’s wrong? Aren’t they enough?”

Shi Beiyu looked at Uncle Zhong as if he were an alien. “Why do you have these, Uncle Zhong?”

The old man’s face flushed as he snorted. “Why are you looking at me like that? I found these under those b*stards pillows when I was tidying their room. Why else would I have it?”

Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Really?”

Uncle Zhong’s temper flared. “Do you want it or not? Give me back if you don’t!”

Shi Beiyu smiled coyly. “I wasn’t looking for this.”

This surprised Uncle Zhong. “You punk! I didn’t know you were that wild!”

Shi Beiyu stuffed the condoms back into Uncle Zhong’s hands and said helplessly, “I’m going to buy some period pads.”

Uncle Zhong’s jaw dropped when he heard this.

Mu Siyin waited for a long time before Shi Beiyu finally returned.

She looked rather pitiful when she said, “What took you so long, Uncle?”

The corner of his eyes twitched as he walked towards her. “I took my time going through each brand.”

Mu Siyin was shocked to hear this. “Did you buy it yourself?”

“If not?” Shi Beiyu was unbothered by her question.

He would never let another person take his place when it came to buying intimate products for his woman.

Mu Siyin instantly beamed up. It was hard for her to imagine Shi Beiyu buying period pads for her with a poker face.

 “Thank you so much. I’m really touched.”

She then took the pads from him and ran towards the bathroom with the blanket wrapped around her body.

Seeing the blood-stained bedsheets, Shi Beiyu let out a helpless sigh. There was always a next time…

On the other hand, Mu Siyin was faced with another dilemma.

What was she supposed to wear if she had no change of clothes?

Unless… She could always ask Shi Beiyu to buy her some lingerie.

Oh god.

How was she supposed to tell him?

Just as she was contemplating what to do, there was a rapid knock on the bathroom door.

“Yeah?” Mu Siyin asked.

“Open up. I got someone to buy you clothes.”

A look of joy washed over her face as she thanked her lucky stars. It turned out that Shi Beiyu was a thoughtful man!

After she changed her clothes, Mu Siyin walked out with a grin.

“All good?” Shi Beiyu asked. From the sofa, he looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

She nodded her head with a smile. She made her way towards him and let out a faint cough before saying, “Thank you so much.”

Shi Beiyu immediately reached out to pull her into his arms. He held onto her tightly as he murmured in a hoarse voice, “Can you see how annoyed I am?”

Mu Siyin looked up into his eyes while she comforted him. “I didn’t want this to happen too. I really wasn’t expecting my period to come. Don’t be such a baby.”

Still annoyed, Shi Beiyu grunted. “How will you make it up to me?”

Mu Siyin battled her eyelids and said, “What do you have in mind?”

“Spend the night.”

Mu Siyin instantly replied, “No way.”

Shi Beiyu pulled a long face and looked at her questioningly. “Give me a reason why.”

Mu Siyin placed her fingers by the side of his mouth and pulled them into a smile. “I need to sign that agreement, remember? My best friend has also returned from her training, and I promised to treat her to dinner.”

Shi Beiyu did not like what he heard. “What about me?”

The agreement and her best friend were more important than him?

Shi Beiyu felt as if a knife had stabbed him in the heart.

Mu Siyin pulled his tie flirtatiously and said, “How about tomorrow night? I really can’t tonight.”

All Shi Beiyu did was grunt, neither opposing nor agreeing to it.

Seeing this, Mu Siyin battled her eyelids again and gave him a peck on the cheek. “How about now?”

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