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Chapter 371: Roar of the College Chief
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Noticing the scene before her, Chu Yaoyao lowered her head slightly. One year ago, she was still the genius of Moon Clan and really stood out among her peers. After knowing Qin Li, she had the chance to become the future masteress of Qin Dynasty. However, as fate would have it, she fell in love with Ye Futian.

Now, Hua Jieyu had replaced her as the Virgin of Moon Clan, and in addition, the entire Moon Clan came to the College. Hua Jieyu naturally took away all the attention that had once belonged to her. Thinking about this, Chu Yaoyao felt somewhat lost.

Of course, nobody would care about her feelings at the moment. When Ye Futian appeared beside Hua Jieyu, she, one of the top three beauties, was almost non-existent.

In the sky, Zhuge Hui smiled and glanced at Ye Futian. Then, she landed on the ground and said to Goddess Wangyue, "Welcome to the College."

"Excuse us for troubling you," Goddess Wangyue said.

"Master has gone to see the College Chief. Goddess, what are your plans?" Zhuge Hui asked. Mr. Du had gone to the College Chief's place to discuss how they should handle the people from the Moon Clan. After all, Moon Clan was a large force, and its disciples were no fewer in number than the College.

"I'll wait for Mr. Du's opinions," Goddess Wangyue said. Actually, Moon Clan was asking the College for help this time, so she would not request for anything else.

However, the style of the College was completely different from the Qin Dynasty. One could easily see this from Sword Saint's attitude. Goddess Wangyue had seen for herself how Zhuge Hui dealt with Qin Yu at the foot of Sky Mountain. This second disciple of the Cottage was indeed an arrogant lady. However, at the moment she looked very mild, unlike Qin Yu who was always supercilious.

"Alright, I will stay here and accompany you," Zhuge Hui said, smiling.

Suddenly, Ye Futian shouted, "Sister." Zhuge Hui smiled and looked at him, when Ye Futian said shyly, "Sister, can you help me to tell the master something..."

Seeing Ye Futian's expression, Zhuge Hui immediately knew what he was thinking of. Grinning, she said, "Go and talk to the master yourself."

"Err..." Ye Futian had an ominous feeling. Will that old guy agree? he thought.

Zhuge Hui widened her eyes at Ye Futian and said, "Did you make the master angry? Don't worry. The master will still agree to such a small request."

"Thank you, sister." Ye Futian gave a bright smile. With these words from Zhuge Hui, he would not worry anymore. If that old guy did not agree, he would go and disturb second sister...

The people from Moon Clan looked at Hua Jieyu in jealousy. It seemed like Jieyu was going to cultivate in the Cottage. It was indeed good to have a relationship with Ye Futian. Anyhow, Hua Jieyu was the Virgin of Moon Clan at the moment, so it would be a good thing for her to cultivate under Mr. Du.

The first mountain in the College was also the highest summit on Book Mountain. On this particular summit, many ancient palaces stood within the clouds, producing an ethereal view. There were many wonderful caves there, all of which were blessed spots for cultivation.

As the first mountain in the College, the facilities here were of the highest standards. Spiritual Qi was abundant and there were many matrices on the summit, unlike the Cottage which was very simple.

Before a pavilion on the first mountain, there were two people. One of them was an elder in gray robes who had an outstanding temperament. He had long hair and a beard and looked divine. Beside him, there was a handsome young man. He was a disciple of the first mountain, Bai Lishu.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Senior." Then, an old man wearing simple clothes walked in directly and shouted at the elder in gray robes, "Senior, it has been many years. You still look energetic."

The elder in gray robes glanced at the person who had just entered. With a cold face, he replied emotionlessly, "Do you still remember my existence? What a rare sight."

The elder in gray robes was the College Chief, and the person who had just arrived was obviously Mr. Du.

"Senior, what do you mean? When I am outside, I often think about you," Mr. Du said.

"Is it?" The College Chief still looked cold as he continued, "If so why are you only visiting me now when you have returned a while ago? Is it because of Moon Clan?"

"I came here to visit you. Moon Clan is only a trivial, secondary matter," Mr. Du said.

"Ha." The College Chief sneered.

"Master, uncle, I'll leave first." Suddenly, Bai Lishu bowed at Mr. Du, after which he left the place. The resentment between his master and Mr. Du had existed for a long time. He did not know the exact reasons, but it was definitely something he should not get involved into. Furthermore, Mr. Du had always been very mysterious and would very rarely appear in the first mountain. Even he had only seen Mr. Du for a few times.

"Senior, in these few years, the first mountain is becoming grander and more gorgeous. But I think you have too few disciples. It'll be better to have more people here," Mr. Du said softly.

"I have enough disciples here. In fact, how many people are there in the Cottage? I think you will have no problems taking in an entire clan," the College Chief sneered. Mr. Du had gathered the members of Moon Clan and wanted to give him everyone.

"Senior, you know that I am lazy and not in the College most of the time. There are so many beautiful young girls here and I don't want to delay their cultivation. You are the ruler of Book Mountain, so naturally, you will arrange everyone from Moon Clan. I believe that with your words, all the mountain elders will cooperate as well," Mr. Du said.

"Moreover, we have a common enemy today. Senior, you cannot disappoint them."

"Alright. Then we will distribute them equally onto the nine mountains." The College Chief stared at Mr. Du. Since the Cottage did not want to take in disciples, he would give some people to them by force.

"No way. You have no idea what kind of people my disciples are. Their mouths are sweet, and they are good-looking and talented. They are just too outstanding, so something bad will happen. Don't count the Cottage in," Mr. Du said, waving his hand.

The College Chief stared coldly at Mr. Du and said angrily, "Are the disciples in my first mountain not outstanding?"

"Senior, don't get angry. It's bad for you," Mr. Du advised. "Senior, then it's all settled. Moon Clan is also a top force, and many great girls can cultivate with College disciples together in the future. They can have friendly fights with each other and improve as a whole. It will certainly motivate College disciples to work harder. You should organize a friendly competition once in a while. It will definitely be more effective than in the past."

"Wait, who agreed that it's all settled?" The beard of the College Chief danced in the air. He could not tolerate this anymore.

"Senior, if you insist on this I'll get angry," Mr. Du said, grinning.

Seeing his expression, the College Chief was even more furious. He said coldly, "So what?"

"I am really angry." Mr. Du's smile grew brighter.

"You... you..." The College Chief pointed his finger at Mr. Du and said coldly, "Scram!"

"Then it's all settled." Mr. Du smiled in satisfaction, after which he turned around and left.

"This is too much." The College Chief's beard danced with the wind. It was ridiculous.

"Oh yeah." Mr. Du suddenly stopped. Turning around, he added, "My eldest disciple will also bring the people from Sword Saint Mountain here. Senior, you should also help to organize them at that time. The people from these three forces can have exchanges and improve together. For the College, I have also spent much time and effort." After he finished, he turned around and left casually.

"Why don't you die outside that year!" the College Chief roared, unable to control his anger.

The people from Moon Clan, Sword Saint Mountain, and the College would be gathered together. There would be so many more issues for him to settle.

That b*stard... he can continue to drink and sleep in the Cottage! Also, why do I have to manage the people of his eldest disciple? And his few disciples have never put the College in their hearts!

"Bai Lishu!" the College Chief shouted. Bai Lishu appeared beside him in a flash and said, "Master." He did not know why his master was so furious. It seemed that Mr. Du had enraged him again.

"Go tell the few mountain elders to go down together and welcome the people from Moon Clan. Then distribute them into the few mountains," the College Chief said angrily.

"Master, how do we distribute them?" Bai Lishu asked.

"Settle it yourself." The College Chief swang his sleeves and left. Bai Lishu gave a bitter smile as he shook his head. He was so innocent.

Book Mountain became busy again. The College disciples were all very excited: the members of Moon Clan were actually really distributed to the various mountains.

In any case, the number of people who went to Mountain Elder Zhu Qing's mountain was the largest. After all, Zhu Qing was a lady and there were many female disciples under her, while all the disciples from Moon Clan were female. Chu Yaoyao chose that mountain as well.

The other disciples also chose the most suitable mountain for them one after another. Although they felt somewhat awkward, they also anticipated cultivating with College disciples as they could have exchanges with each other and improve together.

Book Mountain became lively. On the other hand, Goddess Wangyue went to the Cottage along with Zhuge Hui. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were obviously with them as well.

In the Cottage, after Goddess Wangyue saw Mr. Du, she saluted and said, "Greetings, Mr. Du." She saluted him like she was a junior. Even though rumors in the Eastern Barren Territory claimed that Mr. Du could not cultivate, the first three disciples of the Cottage were all at the same level as her. This legendary Mr. Du should clearly be respected. In addition, she was quite young, so it was alright for her to salute to a senior.

"You don't have to be so polite. You can treat Book Mountain like your home and do not have to be so restricted. Just behave like you are in Moon Clan," Mr. Du said, smiling.

"Alright," Goddess Wangyue nodded gently. "Mr. Du, after the disturbance in the Eastern Barren Territory..."

"Don't worry. The College is not Qin Dynasty, and I also do not want to unify the Eastern Barren Territory. You don't need to think so much. Just take it like you are being a guest on Book Mountain for a while. Furthermore, you have also met with my eldest disciple. He will bring the people from Sword Saint Mountain here. My second and third disciples are also doing fine with their cultivation. When you have the chance, you can chat with them. You can come to the Cottage at any time without restriction," Mr. Du said.

"Thank you, Mr. Du." Goddess Wangyue stopped worrying. It seemed that Mr. Du indeed had no intentions of ruling the Eastern Barren Territory.

"Jieyu, come and meet the master," Ye Futian suddenly said. Hua Jieyu nodded gently and said to Mr. Du, "I am Hua Jieyu. Greetings, master."

Mr. Du smiled and stared at Ye Futian, who smiled back nervously and scratched his head.

"Master, can Jieyu stay in the Cottage and cultivate?" Ye Futian asked.

"You have already asked her to call me 'master'. How can I reject?" Mr. Du widened his eyes at Ye Futian. Then he looked at Hua Jieyu and said, "Girl, in the future, you can cultivate with me just like him. Meanwhile, you can help me to keep an eye on him."

"No problem." Hua Jieyu nodded, smiling, after which she stared at Ye Futian with a proud look.

Ye Futian blinked his eyes. Whose master was this after all?

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