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Before the Mountain of a Thousand Spiritual Medicine, a sword of three inches long and one inch wide appeared on Ling Xian's right hand and was tightly engulfed by the silver flame.

This meant he had completed the second test. It also meant he was about to slap everyone in the face again.

To him, the difficulty level of the second level was lower than the first.

Don't forget, he has been brewing medicinal Dans for years and most of them are higher than the fifth rank. This alone was enough to prove his mastery over flame manipulation.

To him, melting the Fire Testing Stone into a small sword was not a difficult task.

"Hong Zhuang Luo, Cao Yu, I am here to slap you in the face."

Ling Xian's lips curled into a faint smile. He stood up and uttered out a statement that shocked the entire place.

"Cao Clan Leader, I have molded the Fire Testing Stone into a small sword, please inspect it."

Just then, everyone shuddered and shifted their gaze onto Ling Xian in unison.

Once they saw the tiny sword that met all criteria and was tightly wrapped in the silver flame, they immediately fell into a state of shock.

They now know that once again, Hong Zhuang Luo and Cao Yu have been slapped in the face by Ling Xian.

The reality was right before their eyes. Not only did he achieve this, but he was also the first one to achieve this. What did this mean? Not only did this mean he had great control over the godly fire and spiritual energy, but it also meant he was stronger than everyone here!

Therefore, everyone fell into a state of awe and their brains went blank.

Hong Zhuang Luo and Cao Yu were even more surprised and were now in a state of utter shock.

The former tightened her fist and her chest puffed up and down. Her beautiful eyes were fixated on Ling Xian with complexity. There was shock, helplessness, unwillingness, and shame.

The latter had an expression so dark it was as if rainwater was about to drip down. His cold and dark eyes were filled with hatred. He wanted so very much to rush up there and chop the man in white before him into thousands of pieces.

The two of them had different reactions, but one thing was the same - they both felt humiliated. They both thought Ling Xian was going to fail and be embarrassed due to his poor performance.

Yet right now, he had shown them he merely needed half an hour to turn the Fire Testing Stone into a small sword. This was without a doubt, an effective attack!

Just like a giant palm that harshly landed on their faces, it made them extremely embarrassed!

Sadly, they had no abilities to reject this. They couldn't even say anything in response. If they could finish this test right now, then maybe they can save some face.

However, they didn't have the Flame of Purity and they didn't have the ability to control their flame as well as Ling Xian. Therefore, the Fire Testing Stone in their hand was merely half complete.

Everyone here was the in the same boat. The one with the fastest speed merely formed the shape of the small sword. From this, it became obvious just how powerful Ling Xian had to be to achieve such a huge gap in accomplishment.

Therefore, what could Hong Zhuang Luo and Cao Yu say?

They could only silently accept this humiliation and let that soundless palm slap their faces until their cheeks were swollen!

"The length is less than 3 inches and the width is less than 1 inch. There is no deviation from my instructions." Cao Clan Leader's expression was complex. The way he looked at Ling Xian was also complicated.

But one thing was for sure, there was surprise. It was obvious that a top figure like himself was shocked by Ling Xian's behavior.

"Very good."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and glanced back at Hong Zhuang Luo and Cao Yu, "You two, the reality is now before your eyes, I wonder what more you want to say?"

Hearing this, Hong Zhuang Luo was silent.

The reality was before their eyes. Other than swallowing this pain created by herself, what else could she say?

However, Cao Yu refused to accept reality. As the strongest descendant of the Cao Clan, he grew up in compliments and praises. This had shaped him into someone who arrogantly lived as if he was above everyone else.

Now that he was being slapped in the face by Ling Xian repetitively, how could his arrogant self accept this?

Therefore, he turned furious. The jealousy and hatred he had towards Ling Xian all transformed into fury as he vowed to shred the man before him into pieces!

"Ling Xian, die!"

Cao Yu was so enraged his hair stood up on his head. His fist, acting as heavy as a mountain, smashed towards Ling Xian.

This punch was extremely heavy. Under the support of his foundational leveled cultivation, it shook up the space around him and scared all the living beings around him!

Pity though, Cao Yu was merely a foundational leveled cultivator. Even if he did give his all in this one punch and had reached a level of powerfulness that surpassed his level, to Ling Xian, his punch was the same as a three-year-old swinging around a long piece of grass.


"What a dumb*ss."

Ling Xian spoke softly. He then lifted his right hand slowly and flapped his sleeve. Immediately, the wind howled and an infinite amount of power swept in all directions.


A giant rumble resonated throughout. Then, Cao Yu shrieked in pain before being flung out!

"A completion leveled powerhouse?!"

Cao Yu spat out a fresh mouthful of blood and looked at Ling Xian with awe in his eyes. His entire body was shaking. It wasn't certain whether it was because of the slap, or because he was scared by the man before him.

This strange change in circumstance once again brought everyone into a state of astonishment.

All they saw was Ling Xian lightly fluttering his sleeve. Then, they saw Cao Yu being knocked back and puking out blood. How could they not be stunned at this?

Hong Zhuang Luo, in particular, was extremely surprised. But as much as she was startled, she was silently glad that her mentality was better than Cao Yu's. If she chose to attack, she would've ended up in the same state.

"I called you dumb, and you sure live up to it."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up into a sarcastic smile. "Even before the test started, Fu Di had publicly stated that I am a completion leveled cultivator. Yet you still dare to attack me. Calling you dumb is a humiliation for the word dumb."


Cao Yu puked out another mouthful of blood due to anger. He remembered what Fu Di had said before the tests began. Then, as he silently cursed himself for being stupid, he puked out another mouthful of blood.

Now, no matter what, he no longer dared to provoke Ling Xian. Against a completion leveled powerhouse, if he continues to provoke him, then it really would mean that his brain had rusted.


Ling Xian glared at Cao Yu but did not make a move to kill him. One, it was because he had a big heart. Two, it was because the Cao Clan Leader was here. If he killed him here and now, a giant wave would be created.

Therefore, he gave the Cao Clan Leader a look and said, "Cao Clan Leader, you have witnessed what happened and the result. I hope you can give me an explanation."

"I will. Do not worry."

The Cao Clan Leader's expression was dark. He knew very well that Cao Yu was at fault here. The reason why he didn't stop Cao Yu's provocation since the beginning was because Cao Yu's surname was Cao.

However, now that Cao Yu's sneak attack failed, the Leader was required to step out.

For both the Cao Clan's face and for the hope he had for Cao Yu, the Clan Leader glared at Cao Yu and scolded, "I cannot believe the Cao Clan raised someone worthless like you!"

Then, using one arm, he swung hard and slapped Cao Yu in the face!

Immediately, a set of teeth mixed with fresh blood fell onto the ground. Cao Yu was straight up flung out of the Realm of Alchemy.

"I now announce, Cao Yu has lost the right to participate in the competition and he is stripped of his title of being the strongest descendant!"

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