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The Imperishable Temple was called a temple, but in reality, it was a small universe in itself. Majority of the treasures were hidden inside the great palace, where everyone started their journey. Therefore, very few cultivators come out to the outside world to enjoy the beautiful view.

One has to admit that this place was truly picturesque, just like a legendary wonderland.

Sadly, because most cultivators were here to acquire treasures, they normally never left the grand hall to stroll around in this painting like place.

This time however, something unexpected happened.

Because Ling Xian's array was very profound, he lifted more than half of the arrays, and the remaining rooms were destroyed. Therefore, the treasures inside the rooms automatically went into hiding and were no longer possible to be acquired.

On top of that, the rarest and most valuable three pages of the Divine Book of Genesis was snatched away by Ling Xian, causing the remaining spiritual beings to have nothing left to pursue. Therefore, every being left the grand hall to both enjoy the view and to find some treasures.

After all, the Imperishable Temple was known to be filled with treasures. Even outside, various treasures were hidden. As for whether or not they could find the treasures or not, it all depended on their luck and scouting abilities.

Wang Yang and Lin Ying were rather lucky.

These two Heaven's Favorites from the Wan Jian House knew that they were not as capable and thus cannot compete with Ling Xian for the three pages. Therefore, they didn't even attack. Instead, they came outside after the inhibition on the great hall was lifted.

After three months of wandering, they arrived before a 200-meter tall mountain and found a treasure.

The mountain was grand and broad in appearance. It was hundreds of meters tall and stood on the ground like a sword jabbing into the clouds. It made others fearful. At the midpoint of the mountain, a giant stone monument was stabbed into it.

Yes, the monument was stabbed into it, not erect.

The entire monument was black. Other than a few blood red carvings, there were no other words.

The moment they saw the stone monument, Wang Yang and Lin Ying felt a soul-sucking type of energy. Under this mysterious force, they felt like their souls were leaving their bodies.

In addition, the monument was weirdly placed. Therefore, they thought this monument was a treasure.

"Wang Yang, what kind of weird object do you think it is? How come I feel so dizzy?" Lin Ying raised an eyebrow. Under the pressure of the monument, she felt dazed.

Wang Yang laughed under his breath, "That, I am not too sure. But I am certain that it is a treasure. Or else our souls wouldn't be affected."

He then shook his head hard, as if to wake himself up.

It became obvious that this mysterious force was extremely dominating. Even completion leveled cultivators like them were affected.

"That's true. We are completion leveled Heaven's Favorites. We are not that weak." Lin Ying nodded as the dizzying feeling intensified. Her entire being felt dazed, as if unconscious.

Luckily, she was a Heaven's Favorite of the Wan Jian House. No matter what kind of situation she got herself into, she would not be utterly defenseless against it. Therefore, she concentrated and formed a hand seal, "Defend!"

Then, three swords materialized from nothing and circled around herself and Wang Yang.

It was one of the Wan Jian House's techniques, the Three Soul Calming Swords!

This technique makes the swords act like a shield. It was not to be used in real battles and was designed to prevent one from getting hurt by mysterious forces of powers. Just like its name suggests, this technique soothes the soul.

After the three swords appeared, the mysteriousness evaporated, and they were no longer being affected.

Seeing this, Lin Ying expression changed, "Such a small trick is no opponent against the Three Soul Calming Swords!"

"Yes, yes, little Ying, you are the best." Wang Yan chuckled.

Lin Ying rolled her eyes, "Giant rock, who allowed you to call me little Ying?"

"What? Didn't you ask me to call you that?" Wang Yang questioned, thinking that two months ago, she specifically asked him to call her that, yet now she changed her mind.

How could he know that Lin Ying was purposely giving him a hard time?

"You idiot."

Lin Ying rolled her eyes at him again, making him frustrated. She then laughed. "Idiot, I am joking with you."

"Hehe, I am stupid in the head." Wang Yang scratched his head and looked at the flower-like lady before him. He continued to smile dumbly.

Seeing this, Lin Ying's face flushed red, and she groaned, "Idiot, stop looking at me. Let's go quick and check out what truly is wrong with this stone monument."

"Hehe, okay."

Laughing again, Wang Yang made his move. They leaped halfway up the mountain and landed right before the stone monument.

The closer they were up against the stone, the eerier they felt. The few carvings on it were extremely red and appeared like fresh blood. It would make anyone feel strange and mysterious.

Instantly, Lin Ying and Wang Yang shuddered. They felt like they were being dragged into hell and their bodies hurt.

At the same time, the mysterious force was growing stronger. It targeted their souls and launched fatal attacks.

Luckily, they had already summoned the Three Soul Calming Swords and strengthened the technique. It was the only reason their souls were not crushed by the strange force.

Despite this, the pair were drowning in cold sweat.

"What an eerie monument. What kind of object has such powers?" Lin Ying appeared very frightened, and she became on guard.

Wang Yang frowned. He had a bad premonition and planned on leading Lin Ying away from this place.

Just as he was about to speak, he found Lin Ying's eyes brighten and they were blinking with curiosity. His expression changed and quickly spoke out, "Little Ying, it's too strange of an object, let us leave."

"No way. It took us three months to finally find a treasure. How can I leave empty handed?"

Lin Ying shook her head, "I know you mean well, but it is common knowledge that you and I belong to a group of people who should remain restless and fearless. This monument may be strange, it also proves that it is not a normal object."

"That is true. I am merely fearful that it may hurt you." Wang Yang frowned and was unwilling to let go.

"It's not a big deal. Since the Three Soul Calming Swords could stop the attack, then we can overpower it." Lin Ying brandished her arm in confidence.

At this, Wang Yang sighed softly and stepped forward once. "Since you have made up your mind, then let me be the one to move the monument."

He then called out to a golden Dan and wrapped his arms around the monument in hope of pulling it out of the ground.


An infinite amount of light shot through the sky. Wang Yang, as if he had the power to lift a mountain, pulled out the black stone monument inch by inch.

However, this monument was seemingly growing into the mountain. Though he had the strength to lift it out of the ground, he could only move it inch by inch and with great difficulty.

After some time, he finally managed to pull out the monument. Just as he sighed in relief, a cold snicker suddenly rang, and his hair stood on their ends.

"Since you put in so much effort getting the treasure out of the ground, then I will accept it."

Then, the silhouette of the nine-headed lion suddenly appeared. All nine of its heads were ferocious looking and terrifying, sending chills down their spines.

"Nine-headed spiritual lion?"

Lin Ying and Wang Yang had a sudden change in expression and subconsciously stepped backwards.

They knew very well about the terror of the nine-headed spiritual lion. They also knew very well that there was no way they could win against them. Therefore, they were somewhat fearful.

"Hehe, two humans who are like ants. I am in a bad mood and will gladly use you as a punching bag."

The lion peered at the two humans and remembered the human who humiliated him. His heart became enraged, and killer's intent roared.

"Not good!"

Sensing the lion's desire to kill, Wang Yang and Lin Ying's heart dropped. They realized that the nine-headed spiritual lion was not willing to let them go and thus, without hesitation, they made their move to run away.

"You want to run?"

The nine-headed spiritual lion snickered and exploded with heavenly energy that sealed off the space before them. It forced the two of them to stop their escape.

Their expression was serious because they knew that their lives were on the line. If they cannot stop this attack, they will for sure die.

Therefore, they used their strongest technique in an attempt to stop the nine-headed lion.

The nine-headed spiritual lion was one of the strongest Heaven's Favorites in entire Yunzhou after all. Its capabilities were beyond terrifying. How could Lin Ying and Wang Yang, who were merely normal Heaven's Favorites, stop its prowess?


A loud earth shattering rumble picked up all the debris in the area.

Amongst the smoke, two silhouettes were flung outwards, and fresh blood dyed the sky.

It was Lin Ying and Wang Yang.

What could they do? The nine-headed lion was far too terrifying. One small hit caused both of them to fly away.

"Hehe, two completion leveled ants dare to make a move against me? You sure do not fear death." The nine-headed lion coldly snickered. Thinking about that one almighty human, the anger in his heart boiled.

"Ehem, ehem, the nine-headed spiritual lion sure is powerful."

Wang Yang puked out blood. Grief flashed across his handsome face as desperation flooded his heart.

Lin Ying was the same. All there was in her eyes were desperation.

"You two ants deserve to die as much as that god damn human." The nine-headed lion said coldly as if it was high above all else.

At this moment, his hatred towards Ling Xian flooded him, and he planned on killing the two right away.

"I am going to die?"

Wang Yang and Lin Ying were full of desperation as they revealed a tragic smile.

What a pity though, this tragic grin cannot induce any emotions from the lion. It only made it more excited.

"You two ants, die peacefully. Do not blame me during your journey to hell. If you want to blame someone, blame that goddamned bastard." The nine-headed lion looked aggressive as he continued, "Do not worry. Once my cultivation improves, I will for sure end Ling Xian's life and make sure he accompanies you in hell."

Then, all nine of its heads began to emit light as bright as the sun in the sky. Immediately, thousands of light rays appeared and howled towards the swords!

In that instant, the space was destroyed, and the sky cried!

Wang Yang and Lin Ying desperately shut their eyes because they knew very well that their current abilities would not allow them to defend against this attack. Therefore, they gave up completely and fell into hopelessness.

At the most critical moment, a furious statement was made that astonished both Heaven and Earth!

"I thought I taught you a lesson last time, yet I still find you here, behaving carelessly. Since this is the case, then let me end you today."

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