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Before the palace.

Everyone stared at Nan Gong Ru as tears dripped down their chins. They were joyous tears, and tears of relief.

They could feel that Nan Gong Ru's curse had vanished. Completely vanished!

What did this mean?

It meant the medicinal water Ling Xian produced was effective. In other words, the Nan Gong Clan finally got rid of the thousand year old curse!

Remember that to break the curse, the Nan Gong Clan had sacrificed far too much. However, even after visits from so many talents, nobody could come close to lifting the curse. They couldn't even recognize the Devious Burial Flower!

But before their noses, Ling Xian recognized the strange flower, and completely broke the curse. How powerful was this? How could everyone not feel exhilarated?

"Amazing, amazing! My Nan Gong Clan can finally be free of this damned curse!"

"Hahaha, now that we are no longer limited by the curse, I can train however much I want to. I no longer have to count the days until my death comes!"

"Perfect. This is perfect. I'm not going to die anymore! None of us are!"

Everyone was crying and dancing from joy. As completion leveled cultivators, and as people who were not as talented as Ling Xian, they were not young in age – close to being 300.

Especially after seeing the Devious Burial Flower just now, their curse had gotten more severe and they lost another 20 years off their lives. This meant they were one step closer to death.

But right now, the medicinal water Ling Xian prepared had saved their lives. How could they not be excited?

Gazes upon gazes shifted towards Ling Xian. Their eyes were sparkling with tear, appreciation, and hopefulness.

"Come." Ling Xian grinned and damped his finger. He waited for everyone to go up to him.

Everyone excitedly walked over. For the life saving holy water, they all lost their composure and began to fight like children. They were all terrified that they would not be the first to lift the curse.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned and scolded, "What you all fighting here? We have a bucket. Enough to save each and every one of you."

Hearing this, everyone became angered. As a completion level, who dared to lecture them? However, after realizing it was Ling Xian who spoke, their anger evaporated and they stopped fighting.

"That's better. You are all powerhouses yet you are fighting like children. That looks bad on your image. You are losing face for the completion levelled cultivators and losing face for your own Clan." Ling Xian lectured without holding back.

"Yes, yes, yes, Master Xian please don't be mad. We have been wrong."

Everyone nodded. If it was someone else scolding them, they would be angrily fighting the person. But against Ling Xian, they didn't dare.

This was because, the handsome young man before them possessed the holy water that can lift their curse and was about to become the savior of the entire Nan Gong House.

Thus, everyone smiled and pitifully stared at Ling Xian, losing all demeanor a powerhouse should have.

Seeing this, Ling Xian helplessly shook his head. He pointed at the grey haired elder, "We'll do this one by one. Senior, please come first."

"Okay, okay, okay. I am coming" The grey haired elderly rushed over.

"Bear with me, it's a bit painful." Ling Xian whispered and pressed between the elder's brows.

What happened next was the same as what happened to Nan Gong Ru. He first felt excruciating pain, then his curse was completely cleared.

Seeing this, nobody was doubting him anymore. Their stares became more heated and more hopeful.

They marched forward and stood before Ling Xian to accept his treatment. After a while, the 10 something completion cultivators all had their curse lifted.

"Savior! Master Xian is our – no, the entire Nan Gong Clan's savior!"

"Yes! Without Master Xian, we would've died not long after today. The entire Nan Gong House was going to have the same fate!"

"Exactly! To be able to accept Master Xian's saving is my Clan's biggest fortune!"

Feeling the curse-free body, everyone thanked Ling Xian and began crying.

"You are being far too kind to me." Ling Xian grinned, "For you to accept the alliance is all I ask for."

"Haha, Master Xian, do not worry. You saved the Nan Gong Clan, which means you are like a father to us. Ally with you is an easy task. We will not say no even if we have to walk on knives or swim in lava!"

"Yeah, the alliance is really nothing. If Master Xian asks, then we will not say no!"

"That's right. The Nan Gong Clan would never say no!"

Everyone chimed in, their tone stern and powerful. It was obvious that they were truly appreciative towards Ling Xian. There was not even the slightest fakeness in their words.

This was normal. After all, he lifted the curse in everyone, meaning that he gave them a bright future!

This kindness was bigger than the sky!

Thus, everyone here cried, and were giving off the vibe that they were willing to lose their heads for Ling Xian!

Without a doubt, at this moment, all 10 of these cultivators were highly appreciative towards Ling Xian. Before long, all Nan Gong descendants' curses will be lifted. When that happened, everyone will see Ling Xian as their second parent!

"Then, thank you everyone." Ling Xian smiled with satisfaction, knowing that he had taken care of the Nan Gong Clan. The Clan would now for sure show up when he asked them for help.

Hearing Ling Xian's "Thanks", everyone lost their composure. Nan Gong Ru brandished his hand and said in a hurry, "No, we cannot accept that. We should be the ones thanking you."

"Okay, it doesn't matter who thanks who. What matters is that everyone is happy." Ling Xian grinned, very satisfied with the result of this.

Not only did he receive the Nan Gong House's friendship and gratefulness, he received their commitment to forcing an alliance, he also received half a Devious Burial Flower and five different precious spiritual medicine. All of this has greatly surpassed his expectation. How could he not be satisfied?

"Yes, I truly am happy." Nan Gong Ru was full of smiles. He then invited, "Master Xian, I have ordered them to grant you some alcohol. Please accept it."


Ling Xian hesitated, recalling the time when he drank at the Yan House. He bitterly declined and declined, "That's okay. I am someone who prefers quietness. Leader Nan Gong please simply let me stay at a place of quietness. I plan on resting here for a few days."

"Hmm…." Nan Gong Ru hesitated but realizing that Ling Xian looked like he had decided, he had to follow, "Follow me Master Xian, I will lead you to a place."

He then extended his arm and began to walk forward.

Seeing this, Ling Xian handed the bucket of water to the grey hair elder. Then, under everyone's grateful gazes, he followed Nan Gong Ru.

Just like that, they walked towards a palace on top of a mountain peak.

"Master Xian, what do you think of this place?" Nan Gong Ru smiled a respectful smile.

"Pretty good. I am not too high maintenance." Ling Xian smiled, then indicated Nan Gong Ru to step down.

Nan Gong Ru understood, "Okay, then I will leave first. If you need anything, please let me know."

He then disappeared.

Watching Nan Gong Ru leave, Ling Xian's lips curled up. He summoned and the Devious Burial Flower appeared before him.

The moment the flower appeared, the atmosphere turned eerie and black air began to diffuse throughout.

"How fortunate of me. I cannot believe that the day would come when I can get my hands on the legendary medicine…" Ling Xian's gaze was heated as he stared at the mysterious black flower.

The reason why he didn't leave the Nan Gong Clan right away was because of this flower. To others, this flower only represented the evil half and consuming it would cause sudden death. But to him, this flower was invaluable!

Because, using the Essence of Herbalism, Ling Xian now knew of the two effects that can cause by the Flower. But he also knew that there was a third hidden effect.

To regenerate. No, to reincarnate.

This meant that after the white half of a flower was consumed, the black half would turn into the curse. After this curse was lifted however, the flower would shrivel and dry. However, if, during the time the flower was dying, someone used the correct technique, the flower would reincarnate and transform into a new medicine – The Devious Disinterment Flower.

This new medicine is the opposite of the Devious Burial Flower, but its effects are even stronger. It is also all positive and causes no harm – known to be a heaven defying medicine!

Sadly, the laws that allowed such things to happen was far too strict. Not only was a drying Devious Burial Flower required, someone had to perform the right technique at the right time. Isn't that strict?

Don't forget, since the beginning of time, there had only been a few times the Devious Burial Flower was seen. Its rarity was incomparable to spiritual medicine. Also, the flower needed to be first consumed by others, then the curse had to be lifted, then, the right technique had to be performed at the right time. For all of these to occur, it was utterly impossible!

However, this particular Devious Burial Flower had met all criteria. The technique needed for its transformation was also known by Ling Xian. This meant, he now had the ability to possess the Devious Disinterment Flower!

This might be the first Devious Disinterment Flower since the beginning of time!

How exciting was this!

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