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The Devious Burial Flower was the most strange and deceitful flower of the world. Throughout history, it hadn't appeared many times and was considered to be one of the rarest items. Even the legendary spiritual medicine lacked in rarity compared to it.

It was not unnamed, but rather, nobody knew its name. In the entire world, very little people can recognize this flower.

This was why when the Essence of Dan passed on the message to Ling Xian, his face changed color due to disbelief.

"The Devious Burial Flower?"

Listening to Ling Xian's shocked voice, everyone frowned and searched his brain. Pity, no matter how hard they searched their minds, they could not remember anything about the flower.

In other words, they had never heard about this flower.

This was normal. The existence of the Devious Burial Flower was rarer than any spiritual medicine. Ever since the ancient times, limited people had seen it. Even those who knew of it, had only heard of it.

"That's right. It's the Devious Burial Flower. I guess you all still find this name unfamiliar and thus do not believe me." Ling Xian nodded and guessed everyone's thoughts.

Hearing this, everyone's face flashed with awkwardness. They really did not believe in Ling Xian and thought he made it up.

"It's okay. I understand." Ling Xian smiled, indicating that he got it.

What could he do? These flowers were far too uncommon. In the entire cultivation community, less than 5 people knew of it!

This was why everyone found it hard to believe and thought he was making things up.

They did not know that Ling Xian possessed the Essence of Herbalism and had the ability to recognize all spiritual medicines. No matter how uncommon the flower was, he could learn all about the flower through the Essence of Herbalism!

This was why he dared to speak so confidently!

Even though the Devious Burial Flower had no ranks, it was still a spiritual medicine. As long as it was a spiritual medicine, the Essence would recognize it!

"How about this, I will tell you all about the effects the Flower has, and you can compare what I say to the symptoms you are having." Ling Xian grinned, his handsome face was full of confidence and ease.

Perhaps affected by his confidence, the grey haired elder became hopeful. He nodded, "Please speak, Master Xian."

"The Devious Burial Flower has no rank and is not exactly a heavenly medicine nor an immortal medicine. Its affects however, are extremely dominating. All cultivators have a love and hate relationship with it." Ling Xian softly sighed. "If I am not wrong, the flower is missing half of itself. The other half is white."

The room was silenced.

Everyone tentatively glanced at Nan Gong Ru. After seeing that he shook his head, they refocused their eyes on Ling Xian.

Because Ling Xian was right. Based on the family record, the flower was half black and half white to start with. However, the white half was consumed by Leader Nan Gong.

"Master Xian… How… how did you know about this?" The grey haired elder was full of shock and asked in a shaking voice.

"I told you, I know everything about this flower." Ling Xian grinned.

Everyone was once again astounded. The way they looked at Ling Xian was no longer with doubt but was with shock and excitement.

"Let's first talk about the effects of the flower. The reason why I said everyone has a love and hate relationship with it is because it has two effects. Half of it represents the heaven. Even if a mortal consumes it, the mortal will suddenly breakthrough to the completion level and completely transform into a talented genius."

Ling Xian exclaimed, knowing that the Essence of Herbalism is never wrong. But no matter what, it was hard for him to believe that something so heaven defying would exist.


Everyone inhaled deeply. How insane was it that the moment someone consumed the white half, he or she would break through to the completion level?

But very quickly, their shock was replaced with excitement. Because Leader Nan Gong broke through to the completion level overnight!

This meant, Ling Xian actually knew about this flower. How can these people not be excited?

"Pity though, the second effect this flower offers is hateful." Ling Xian sighed, "The black half represents the devil. It can instantly kill a powerhouse and turn into a curse that lives on with the descendants of the original consumer. I think that Nan Gong ancestor did not know about this when he consumed the white half."

Hearing this, everyone nodded in agreement. But very quickly, their faces turned questioning.

"But, ancestor only consumed the white half, not the black half." The grey haired elderly questioned.

"This is why the flower is named Devious Burial Flower. Burial means no matter which half is first consumed, the other half will be buried with the first half. It's purely luck for one symptom to take affect over the other." Ling Xian whispered.

"I see."

Everyone had sudden realizations and finally understood why their ancestor had a sudden breakthrough and why he disappeared without a trace.

"Master Xian, since you know about this flower so well, I wonder if you have a solution?" The grey haired elder asked the key question.

Hearing this, everyone stared at Ling Xian with googly eyes that were full of hope.

Against everyone's gaze, Ling Xian smiled confidently, "Of course I have a solution. However…"

"However? However what? No matter what it is, please speak of it!" The grey haired elder was so anxious his body was shaking.

Everyone reacted the same. The curse had been bothering the Nan Gong Clan for thousands of years and had pained all the descendants. Especially for people like them, who were turning 300 soon. They lived in fear and in agony. Now that Ling Xian said he had a way to solve the problem, how could they not be excited?

"I need the Devious Burial Flower. Only by having it as an ingredient and adding in other spiritual medicines, can we fully get rid of the Nan Gong Clan's curse." Ling Xian pointed at the strange black flower.

"Not a problem!"

The grey haired man agreed without second thoughts.

Everyone else impatiently nodded as well. If it wasn't because of their cures, they would've destroyed this flower a long time ago. Now that they heard Ling Xian needed it as an ingredient for his spiritual medicine, they were more than thrilled. Why would they decline?

Ling Xian was ecstatic at everyone's confirmation. This was the rare Devious Burial Flower. To people here, it was a poisonous curse, but to him, it was a invaluable treasure!

Thus, he lied to everyone.

"Okay, then, please help me fetch some spiritual medicines." Ling Xian was very excited despite his collected behavior. Then, before everyone's hopeful stares, he stated more than 10 different spiritual medicines.

Every single one was a rare find!

Reality was that to lift the curse, not so many spiritual medicines were needed. He definitely did not need the flower before him. However, when such a great opportunity presented before him, if doesn't rip them off, it would be a waste of a trip.

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