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The Sun had set, it was night time.

Ling Xian slowly walked out of the Tower of the Seventh Soul. His white robe waltzed in the wind.

Pay attention, he walked out on his two feet, and was not thrown out by the tower.

What did this prove?

It proved that he has passed the test of the Tower, and proved his powerfulness!

Everyone at the scene was stunned. Their brains were completely blank, as if they lost their souls.

After some time, they finally regained their consciousness and gasped in shock.

"This person…. Sure is heaven defying!"

"Unbelievable, the Tower of the Seventh Soul could not be broken by anyone for thousands of years, yet this person passed its test. How strong does he have to be to achieve this?"

"My god, this person is truly insane. Even the first Hidden Dragon could not pass the test, yet he did it. This is too unbelievable!"

Everyone was extremely shocked as they stared at Ling Xian with astonishment in their eyes.

Even Chu Xing He and the other completion levelled cultivators were surprised like never before!

What could they do? What happened today was far too shocking. To pass the test of the tower was as difficult as to climb up to the sky. Nobody in the entire Trading Island could pass its test, yet Ling Xian had done it. Just how astonishing was this? It was not an exaggeration to say that this achievement could split earth and heaven!

After moments of awe, complex expressions appeared on everyone's faces. There was shame, anger, unwillingness, and bitterness. Everyone's face was hurting from pain, as if they were slapped in the face.

No, not "as if", it's "they were!"

Even though Ling Xian didn't actually hit them, when he walked out of the Tower, he definitely brandished his invisible palm and slapped them in the face!

This was because of their previous actions of mockery, taunting, and lack of trust. This was why they were now feeling bitter, exasperated, and angry!

Pity though, the truth was before their faces. No matter how mad they were, they could not speak of it. Because there was nothing else to say, and they didn't dare to say anything.

Even the completion levelled cultivators were speechless. They merely gritted their teeth and let Ling Xian slap them silently.

The leader, Chu Xing He, was especially insulted. At first, he had the venous plan of ruining Ling Xian's reputation and ending his Taosim journey.

But the result was that Ling Xian counterstruck, and they themselves were wounded spiritually and mentally.


What a bastard!

Chu Xing He swore under his breath, the way he looked at Ling Xian was full of killer's intent.

Everyone grew angrier the more they thought about it. They also felt humiliated and ashamed. With their poisonous stares, they wanted to match up there and shred Ling Xian into pieces.

One had to admit that they were really out of line. At first, they questioned Ling Xian and teased him with their ruthlessly words. And now, after Ling Xian proved himself and placed reality before these people, they were angry and annoyed. How was this not over the line?

Recognizing this, Ling Xian's eyes glazed over. He originally wanted to let these people go but he changed his mind after sensing their vileness.

It was true that he was kind at nature and generous, but this didn't mean he wouold let himself be humiliated!

Whoever provokes him will pay with their blood!

The Chu Clan purposely gave him a hard time and played the character of someone with power. They laughed at him and this alone had annoyed Ling Xian. Now that it was obvious that they were not going to apologize, his anger boiled.

"How does it feel? I am guessing these soundless slaps feel really nice?"

Ling Xian grinned a sarcastic smile and dumped salt on everyone's wound, "I seem to remember that before I entered the tower, everyone was questioning me. Now you are no longer doubting me? Or did you all become mute?"

The moment his voice trailed off, their faces became increasingly aggressive.

"Young man, don't think that you can treat us lightly just because you passed the Tower's test." Chu Xing He's face was dark. "You sure do not know how high the sky is. To tell you the truth, regardless of the result, I'm going to handicap you."

Pausing, he grinned, "Pity. I didn't think you would actually pass the test and I cannot feel the satisfaction of mopping the ground with your reputation."

"Yeah, what a pity."

Against Chu Xing He's threat, Ling Xian's expression was calm as ever, "Not only did I not lose my reputation, you are all swollen in the face because of me."


Chu Xing He was infuriated as anger washed out of him, "Xian Ling, or rather, Ling Xian, you are seeking death!"

"I do not know if I'm seeking death," Ling Xian's lips curled up and he snickered, "I do know that the Chu Clan is destined for a sad ending."

"How presumptuous."

Chu Xing He glanced at Ling Xian, "Leave the treasure from the seventh level and I can spare you your life."

"Sorry, that I cannot do."

Ling Xian chuckled. He wasn't going to give that up regardless. With the treasure which made him control over the Tower, there was no way he was going to let them have that.

The treasure was the reason why he dared to challenge the Chu Clan!

"Okay, if you do not want to hand it over, then don't blame me for what's about to happen." Chu Xing He's expression was cold as he ordered, "This man here is of the undefeatable realm. He has powerful capabilities. Completion levelled elders – do not be reckless. Let's attack together!"

He then summoned his Qi and unleashed a horrifying ray of light!

Seeing this, seven to eight completion levelled cultivators at the scene made their moves as well. They were all capable and thus, the techniques they displayed were very violent.

When all their energy converged, the power of it all made the earth quake!

To know that they were all completion levelled cultivators – making all their moves simultaneously was undeniably scary. No cultivator could defend!

However, faced against the atmosphere of destruction, Ling Xian reacted strangely. Rather than showing fear, he smiled. Since he dared to challenge one of the five controlling forces, it meant he had the confident that they cannot handle him.

[Tower, go!]

Ling Xian communicated with the Tower in his mind as a smile crawled up his lips.

Immediately, a rainbow colored Tower stuck out of the ground and covered him.

In the next second, the combined attack of all the cultivators thrashed over and landed on Ling Xian.


All debris were sent flying into the air as dust filled the space.

Then, as the dust dissipated, a silhouette in white slowly walked out, unharmed and unhurt.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock!

Then, an arrogant and provoking statement was spoken out from Ling Xina's lips. Everyone almost puked in anger.

"Everyone, you are far too weak. Are you all here to scratch my itchy spots for me?"

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