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In mid-air, the two shadows abruptly dispersed. This represented Ling Xian's victory and failure of the Tower of the Seventh Soul!

"I won… Finally… I won…"

Staring at the disappearing shadows, Ling Xian sighed a long sigh and immediately relaxed.

Even though the entire battle only lasted 15 minutes, to him, it was like a century long. This was all because the enemy was far too powerful. Powerful enough to make his heart thump and his skin sting.

To know that his opponent was not a normal cultivator, but an opponent who was as strong as he was. There were also two of them. In other words, they were the strongest enemies he's ever had to face. However, despite that, he still won.

How unbelievable was this?!

"Phew… that was not easy."

Ling Xian smiled a proud smile. Even though his entire white robe was dyed in blood and he was gravely wounded, the him right now was shining like an eternally lit Sun!

This was all because he just defeated two opponents who were just as capable as he was. Not only did this represent victory, it also represented the fact that he had stepped out his limit!

Though his capabilities did not level up, his mentality had experienced a transformation and he was now even more confident. After this transformation, his undefeatable mentality will harden and he believed in himself even more!

"Even though that was a dangerous battle, I won in the end. What a great transformation. I will remember this all my life." Ling Xian's lips curled up in joy.

Even though he was now pale faced and was hurt all over, the demeanor he presented himself with was extremely scary and dominating!


Before this battle, Ling Xian was simply equipped with the undefeatable mentality. But now, his undefeatable mentality turned into a trait of his. Even though this trait of his is still weak and hard to spot, if he continues his journey fearlessly, he will turn truly undefeatable!

"No matter what, I finally beat the Tower of the Seventh Soul. Even though all the treasures from the first to the sixth level have been snatched, nobody has been to the seventh level. The treasure is mine." Thinking about the treasure, he couldn't help it but to smile. Spinning around, he began to search for the treasure.

However, just as he stood up and turned around, all the hair on his neck stood up.

"Who is it?"

Ling Xian's eyes were sharp like swords. Especially after winning the battle, his eyes were now lively as ever, like a royal emperor.

"I sure did not think that the treasure I left on the seventh level would fall into the hands of an outsider." A middle aged man appeared before Ling Xian.

This person had large eyes and had a stern expression. He gave off the vibe of prestige and power. However, he was merely a silhouette, and was not composed of real flesh and blood. He was a clone.

"The treasure you left behind?"

Ling Xian frowned and suddenly realized the identity of this person. To be able to appear here and claim that the treasure was left by him, it was obvious that he was the ancestor of the Chu Clan.

Thus, Ling Xian carefully defended as if he was faced with an enemy.

After all, he was very heavily injured and the person before him was known for its powerfulness. Even if he was simply a clone, Ling Xian could not be reckless.

"No need to be so nervous. I am simply a silhouette with consciousness. I have no Qi within me." Ancestor Chu brandished his arm. Even though his silhouette was barely visible, he possessed the power of a victor.

His eyes were staring right through Ling Xian. Only after a long moment of silence did he finally make a sound, "What a talented Heaven's Favorite. Against two opponents with equal capabilities, you didn't give up, but instead grew more courageous. This bravery has granted with the trait of undefeatable."

"You are flattering me too much. I was simply lucky." Ling Xian's lips curled up and he revealed a gentle smile.

If this was anyone else, after accomplishing something so heaven-defying, their tails would be curled up to the sky. But Ling Xian was not arrogant and remained tranquil and collected.

Seeing Ling Xian's soft expression, Ancestor Chu sighed again, "I did not flatter you. What you did today was truly heaven defying. In the entire world, very few can achieve the same feat."

He was not at all wrong.

It is easy to defeat others, but it is difficult to defeat oneself. Ling Xian faced two of himself today. Thus, what he did was truly heaven defying. Since the history of time, only the best of the best could achieve this!

Without a doubt, Ling Xian was best of the best!

"Aye, I did not think that my descendants would be utterly useless. I am very disappointed." Ancestor Chu sighed again and shifted his gaze onto Ling Xian, "Oh well, it is probably heaven's intention for an outsider to challenge the tower and successfully pass the test."

Ling Xian softly nodded. Thinking about everyone who was waiting outside to laugh at him, he sarcastically chuckled, "Of course it is meant to be. Your descendants have been useless, and I, an outsider, was able to take advantage."

"Yes, you took advantage." Ancestor Chu exclaimed, "If my real physical body was here, I would not hand my treasure to an outsider. What a pity, I put so much thoughts into motivating the next generation, but I ended up saving the most valuable treasure for an outsider."

"Since that is what happened, please give me he treasure." Ling Xian's lips curled up, thinking that this entire journey really was worth it.

Not only did he transform himself, he also acquired a valuable treasure. To know that to get their hands on the treasure of the seventh level, the Chu Clan has given their all, but the result has been disappointing.

This was why it was so ironic that the valuable treasure was about to fall into his hands.

"Oh well, after giving you the treasure, I will have achieved the purpose of my existence. I will no longer have to wander around here." Ancestor Chu sighed again. Stepping forward, he pressed his finger between Ling Xian's brows.

Ling Xian did not resist. He could feel that the Ancestor's silhouette had no Qi and therefore was not a threat. Thus, he didn't run away and allowed the finger to press between his brows.


Ancestor Chu shouted. Instantly, a strange feeling dissipated throughout the area and the entire Tower became engulfed with light and shone upon Ling Xian.

"This feeling… is it the passing down of a legacy?"

Ling Xian frowned, thinking that the treasure might be a technique from the ancient times. But the next second, he denied this thought.

Because he realized that as Ancestor Chu pressed into his forehead, he felt a connection towards the tower, as if he was becoming the owner of this place.

"Aye, I wonder if it's good or bad that I am about to pass down this treasure." Ancestor Chu sighed and shook his head, "Oh well, my purpose was to pass down the treasure to the first to arrive at the seventh level. Regardless of the person's identity."

Then, his silhouette became blurry and he turned into a smoke that quickly disappeared.

"This feeling… that's right. I now have a connect with the Tower!"

Feeling the strange power inside his body, Ling Xian's face was full of shock. He thought of all the possibilities of what this treasure could've been, a technique, a token, a medal, or medicine. But he never thought that the treasure would be the Tower itself!

Of course, this statement is a little inaccurate. To be precise, he now has 60 percent of control over the Tower of the Seventh Soul!

"I cannot believe this. Ancestor Chu sure is generous to use this as a reward…" Ling Xian's face was stunned with shock. Even with his experience and mentality, he was shocked.

After the initial feeling of surprise, it was replaced with happiness and exhilaration!

To know that this was the Tower of the Seventh Soul! The anchor of the Clan! Using this Tower, the Chu Clan killed many powerhouses and it was the reason of the Chu Clan's glory!

In other words, without this treasure, there would be no Chu Clan. This alone was enough to prove the powerfulness of this treasure. But now, Ling Xian had gained possession over this Tower. This was a thousand times better than any other treasure!

Even though he did not have complete control of this tower, he now has 60 percent of controlling power, meaning he was half an owner. He can now ask the Tower to do certain things and therefore, how can he not feel happy?

"Interesting, this is so interesting."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. Imagining himself jump before the Chu Clan and command the Tower, he couldn't help but to feel excited.

"I have high expectations. I wonder how lovely their expressions will be when they find out about all this." Ling Xian's smile was sarcastic and cold. He then commanded the tower to take him to the first level….


It was night time.

Everyone was frowning tightly as they stared at the Tower before them. They had guessed that Ling Xian had achieved what he was here to achieve.

Just moments ago, they thought that it would be undeniable for Ling Xian to lose. But after feeling that rush of spiritual energy coming out of the tower, some of them wavered. Even Chu Xing He and some other completion levelled cultivators were hesitating.

Did he beat it or not?

Everyone frowned and guessed silently.

Just then, the door of the Tower suddenly busted open. Everyone saw a young man dressed in white slowly stepping out.

His brows were straight, his complexion was smooth like jade. His figure was tall and his aura was threatening. Though his white robe was full of blood and his hair was messy, it was hard to hide his extraordinariness.

The nature powerful demeanor of his gave everyone a feeling that he was the ruler of the world.

Instantly, everyone was stunned.

They all shifted their gaze onto Ling Xian's two feet in disbelief.

W…Walked out?

He wasn't thrown out by the Tower?

At that moment, everyone's brain went blank. The only thought they had was….

This person, has achieved something that defied heaven!

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