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Inside the cave, Luo Xin Ru was as stunning as ever as she placed her pale and white palm on Ling Xian's chest.

Instantly, Ling Xian's heart very cold in the presence of a powreufl enemy.

Just now, all he felt was his vision going blank and then in a flash, Luo Xin Jie appeared behind him. How unbelievable was this!

To know that he was a completion levelled cultivator who was in the undefeatable realm. If he couldn't react to her movement, how capable was she?

If her palm wasn't rested on his chest, but instead were grasping his neck, his life would be endangered right now?

"This woman… How powerful!"

Ling Xian was a little fearful, finding it a little hard to believe that this soft looking woman had such horrifying capabilities.

"Aye ya ya, I am so embarrassed. I scared you."

Sensing Ling Xian's careful defense, Luo Xin Jie smiled, "Why are you so nervous? I am not a carnivore, do not be scared."

"Miss, please respect yourself." Ling Xian frowned.

Luo Xin Jie's lips curled up, "Aye ya ya, how can you claim that I am not respecting you? I haven't done anything to you."

"Miss, you…" Ling Xian parted his lips to speak. But before he could finish, a thin and white finger was pressed against his lips.

"Stop speaking. At a time like this, you should be silently enjoying the atmosphere." Luo Xin Jie grinned in a mysterious way that contained millions of emotions. Even the sparkling treasures paled next to her smile.

Her skinny finger that was still against Ling Xian's lips stayed there, "Young gentlemen, tell me, what is your name?"

"Miss, if you don't leave now, then don't blame me when I make a move." Ling Xian's expression was cold as his spiritual energy began to expand.

"Aye ya ya, young gentleman, you have a cruel heart. You are okay with me leaving?" Luo Xin Jie faked a crying face and looked at Ling Xian with a puppy face.


Ling Xian frowned as his arms shook violently, planning to push away the lady with his Qi.

"Aye, you really are making a move? I am so sad." Luo Xin Jie glanced at Ling Xian. Her delicate hand swirled around and instantly melted away Ling Xian's Qi.

Then, she extended her other white arm. This time, she wasn't aiming at Ling Xian's chest, but she was moving towards his face.

This made Ling Xian frowned. As he manipulated the energy from the Golden Dan to once again push away this lady, he realized that no matter how much power he emitted from the Dan, Luo Xin Jie can somehow dissolve it.

[Dammit. This person's capability is very frightening.]

Ling Xian was silently surprised. This was the first time he had met an enemy that was so hard to deal with. One could claim that this was the first person he had met that was like this. He wasn't sure if he could continue this battle. He had to keep his distance.

At this rate, he won't even know how he died if he dies.

"Get the hell away from me!"

Shouting, Ling Xian's pupils shone and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior was born. Its amazing demeanor instantly engulfed the area.


The entire area quivered and all living beings were startled at the Halberd's dominating energy.

"The Halberd of the Divine Warrior from the Eyes of Execution?"

Luo Xin Jie frowned slightly and quickly diffused the bubble of energy from the Halberd. She smiled, "You sure are an uncommon man. I did not think that you would be such a talented genius who awakened a pair of the Inner Eyes."

"Stop talking. Get the hell away from me!"

Ling Xian hissed as his Halberd emitted light. Thunders began to stuck down and edge towards Luo Xin Jie!


The entire cave shook as heavenly light shot through the clouds. Together with the power of the undefeatable realm, the Halberd grew in aggression and increased in strength!

"Aye, ya ya, you are a Heaven's Favorite of the undefeatable realm after all." Luo Xin Jie grinned with her lips and eyes. However, she was as relaxed as ever without even the slightest change in expression.

Her hand slowly quivered and soon drew the pattern of Tai Chi in midair. In an instant, a mysterious wave of power birthed out of thin air and transformed into a giant long sword. It defended against Ling Xian's aggressive attack.

"Hmm, you really are powerful."

Luo Xin Jie chuckled and dashed closer towards Ling Xian. Then, she whispered into Ling Xian's ears, "I, too, am of the completion level from the undefeatable realm. I am not scared of you."

"It is no wonder that you are so powerful."

Ling Xian frowned. She didn't expect this woman to be of the undefeatable realm as well. This brought him great shock. Truly, one cannot underestimate the heroes in the world.

After all, the world is a giant place with many many talented people. Nobody dares to make the claim that they are undefeatable.

"Hehe, you are not bad yourself. An undefeatable realm completion level at your age isn't that common."

Luo Xin Jie grinned, her eyes appeared admirable. However, she did not go easy on him. Her hands continued to move around to fight against his Qi.

This gave Ling Xian a headache. Even though the Halberd in his hand is extremely violent, towards this unpredictable woman, he felt powerless.

What could he do? This woman has been very difficult to deal with. She could possibly be the worst enemy he's ever encountered.


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was unparalleled in strength as it unleashed the same amount of power a thousand man army!

However, Luo Xin Jie's smile never diminished. Her hand continued to flutter, dissolving away every attack Ling Xian attempted to throw. Not only was she very well trained, her knowledge was also profound. Her movements were even rhythmic.

This overwhelmed Ling Xian.

"If you want to get rid of me, you need to work a little harder." Luo Xin Jie continued to smile in a way that was too beautiful to be seen in the mortal world.

"What an annoying woman."

Ling Xian sighed. This time, no matter how much power he exerted, he couldn't get rid of Luo Xin Jin. After a while, the helplessness he felt turned into anger and frustration. This caused him to make an unexpected move.

Perhaps he was disoriented from frustration, or perhaps he felt that as a man, he should not be played around by a woman!

Ling Xian made a move that even he was surprised by. As Luo Xin Jie got close to him, he did not brandish his Halberd. Instead, he extended his right hand and grabbed the woman's chest.

Instantly, Luo Xin Jie stopped moving. Hua Du You, who was watching from the side, froze as well.

Ling Xian was a little startled. Feeling the wonderful feeling his right hand felt, he was a little unwilling to let go.

In that second, then entire cave was silenced.

After a long while, Luo Xin Jie finally collected herself and her cheeks turned beet red.

She looked at the astonished young man, looked at the hand on her chest, and once again smiled mysteriously, "Have you had enough?"

"N… No."

Ling Xian answered subconsciously. But the moment he spoke, he realized how wrong he was and embarrassingly grinned, "I meant, yes, yes it's enough."

"So you are done."

Luo Xin Jie grinned in the same beautiful way as before. It appeared that she did not mind this at all.

However, Ling Xian was silently shouting, as he sensed danger from her smile.

As expected, in the next moment, Luo Xin Jie wiped off her smile and spat out a cold smile.

"If you've had enough, then move your hand."

At the same time, a skinny hand sliced across the air with a horrifying amount of spiritual energy. It was headed towards Ling Xian's right cheek.

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