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The night had arrived. The moon hung high in the sky that was decorated with sparkling stars.

Here the mountain ranges rose and fell and the ancient trees all touched the sky.

Before a mountain cave, stood a man and a woman. The man had a robe as white as snow. His face was handsome and his body emitted a rhythmic aura – extraordinariness. The woman wore an oversized black robe and a bamboo face that hid most of her face.

It was Ling Xian and Hua You Du.

After a two hour long flight, the two of them finally arrived at their destination.

"This is the small scaled treasure hut you talked about earlier?"

Staring at the pitch black cave, Ling Xian frowned slowly, finding it difficult to draw the line between this cave and a treasure hut.

"That's right. This is my M… no, that person's hut. That person loves to collect treasures but never puts them in a storage pouch. Instead, everything's piled here." Hua You Du nodded lightly and stared at the cave proudly and intensely.

The intensity was because she finally can now step into her Master's treasure hut and raid it to avenge herself.

Every time she pictured her Master going crazy, she couldn't help it but to smile and anticipate that moment.

"You sure there are fragments here?" Ling Xian asked carefully. His goal was to obtain the fragments of the Wheel of the Sixth Samsara. If there were none here, he wouldn't be here.

Since he already made up his mind, if there truly were fragments here, he would take them and leave a few Petals of Enlightenment as payment.

"Don't worry. I guarantee that the fragments are inside. There are more than one." Hua You Du grinned ear to ear, a strange look flickered across her face, "Don't think too much. Just pretend I hired you to do dirty work for me."

"I sure hope you aren't lying." Ling Xian's eyes were passionate, hoping that he can get a few more fragments.

"Okay, before that person comes back, let's make our moves." Hua You Du hurried.

"Might as well." Ling Xian nodded and placed his gaze onto the 'warning' sign hanging above the cave.

Extended from there was a thin blue layer of film. Under the night light, it emitted a soft and dizzying amount of light. This film, though a bit dizzying, was very gentle, as if one poke could destroy it right away. However, under Ling Xian's touch, it was extremely sturdy.

"It is no wonder you couldn't enter…"

Ling Xian manipulated his Qi and acquired a sense of the powerfulness of the thin blue film. He felt a little shocked, "The strength of this is of the completion level. It seems like the owner is a completion levelled cultivator of the intermediate level."

"Yes, that person is of the completion level." Hua You Du shook her head and sarcastically said, "But, I think, since you are of the undefeatable realm and are an expert in ancient arrays, it's probably not hard to you to break this spell."

"That's true."

Ling Xian smiled confidently and called out to the golden Dan inside his body. Instantly, gold light shine exploded from him and filled the space. Then, he swiped the smile off his face and threw a punch at the thin blue layer!


The ground shook and the mountain shivered, the prohibition layer cracked into pieces!

Then, a thin and dark path appeared before them.

Seeing this, Hua You Du smiled, her cheeks flashed. Her Master was someone who loved money. Since she grew up with her Master, she too, loved treasures.

Ever since she was young, she wanted to step into this place and raid it. Sadly, after 20 years, she still hadn't achieved this wish.

Now that she finally could taste her wish, she was ecstatic, "I can finally go in now. I sure want to see just how much treasures you are hiding from me."

She impatiently began to step forward.

However, after merely three steps, she could no longer move as if she was under a spell.

"Another inhibition spell?"

Ling Xian frowned. His eyes shone and shot out two rays of light that abruptly broke the chains on Hua You DU.

"Dammit, how evil is it to set inhibition spells here." Hua You Du stomped her feet, knowing that this spell was set specifically to target her. Her determination to raid the entire place solidified.

Ling Xian grinned, "You should feel lucky. That person had no ill intentions that's why you were simply frozen in place rather than getting killed."

"Hmmph, who cares. Let us go find some treasures." Hua You Du hissed and marched in.

Ling Xian followed behind.

Just like that, the two of them walked on this pitch black path and after a while, they finally reached the end.

When they arrived, the cave suddenly lit up and a giant empty field appeared before them. Piles and piles of blinding treasures were on the ground, looking just like the storage cave of a royal family.

Strangely shaped weapons and colorful spiritual medicine, mountains of sparkling spiritual stones, all sorts of treasures were here and called out to each other. Like small hill, they sat there, shining and blinding, making this place looking like a fantasy.

Hua You Du's eyes instantly began to shine as she stared at the mountains of treasures. She was close to drooling.

Even Ling Xian was a little startled at the wealth of the owner. However, he was no ordinary being, after glancing around roughly, he realized that though there were a large quantities of treasure here, they were very normal and were not that rare or shocking.

Thus, he returned to his normal self after a moment of excitement.

This was a difference in perspective. Treasures in other people's eyes were nothing to him.

"So…so much treasures."

Hua You Du's eyes sparkled as she stared at the treasures, wanting to run up right now and take everything. However, she remembered that someone was behind her. So she looked back, and was surprised to find him at peace.

"You… you aren't excited?"

Ling Xian shook his head softly, his expression calm like water, as if the pile before him was not treasure but a pile of dust.

Hua You Du was speechless at this. She was finding it difficult to breathe yet there he was, calm as ever.

Just how high of a level was he to be able to see gold as poop?

While feeling embarrassed, Hua You Du respected him.

How would she know that it wasn't that Ling Xian didn't like treasures, it was that to him, these weren't treasures. Thus, he was unwavering.

"Interesting. The person who lied to you has the real Ancient Dragon Elephant Tusk." Ling Xian suddenly smiled. Brandishing his arm, a tusk flew before him.

"This… this is the real one?" Hua You Du's joy turned into anger, "Dammit, dammit! The real one was here all along yet I was given a fake one! Unforgivable!"

"Then make your move. Don't worry, I will only take the fragments." Ling Xian grinned.

"Don't worry. Take whatever you want. I was lied to. I have to take everything!" Hua You Du was getting angrier and angrier and promised Ling Xian that he could take whatever he wanted.

But Ling Xian saw no value in the objects and declined, "You can take them. I just want the fragments."

He then walked before the pile of treasures and began to dig for fragments.

Hua You Du stopped talking then. As she remained angry, she started stuffing treasures into her storage pouch.

However, as they made their moves, a sarcastic and provoking laughter suddenly entered their ears, startling them.

"Well well well, I, Luo Xin Jie, raised a traitor. A traitor who gathers others and steals my treasures."

In the next second, a beautiful woman walked in.

Her features were delicate and her visage was graceful. The way she walked was light and floaty, emitting the demeanor of a mature woman.

But from her appearance, she looked no older than 20 – youthful and full of vitality. However, there was also an aura about her that revealed that she had been overcoming obstacles for years. Her collectedness and maturity made it hard for others to guess her real age.

The arrival of this woman surprised both Ling Xian and Hua You Du. The former felt awkward. After all, the owner of all these arrived, the thief would naturally feel ashamed.

The latter was angry. She flung off her bamboo hat and revealed her charming face.

"Aye, I truly did not think you would cohort with others to steal what's mine." Luo Xin Jie faked a look of sadness and pretended to croak, "Little flower, you have disappointed me."

"I have told you countless times to not call me little flower!" Hua You Du was enraged as she stared at the incomparably beautiful woman, "Master, you have disappointed me. You lied to me with a pile of trash. You think I am a fool?"

"Aren't you?"

Luo Xin Jie said it subconsciously. But after she spoke, she realized how it was wrong of her and grinned awkwardly, "Little flower, listen to my explanation."

"What's there to explain? If I haven't run into a man of power, I still would not have known!" Hua You Du's anger was flaring off her head, "Ancient elephant tusk? You might as well told me it was a dragon's tusk!"

"That's bogus. Everyone knows of the shape of a dragon's tusk. Even if you are not far from being a fool, I cannot lie to you to that extend." Luo Xin Jie laughed, feeling proud about successfully lying to Hua You Du and didn't realize that Hua You Du's face was dark at this point.

"What a strange pair."

Ling Xian was speechless as he listened to these two's conversation.

Just as he shook his head and laughed, Luo Xin Jie placed her gaze onto him, "Well well well, what a handsome young man. Let sister I take a good look."

In that split second, her silhouette vanished and when she appeared again, she was up against Ling Xian's body.

A long and thin hand softly touched his chest.

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