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The Sun had set. It was nighttime.

Everyone stared at Ling Xian with shock and respect.

Hua You Du's expression was different however, as she gaped at Ling Xian the way she would at a monster. But quickly, her astonishment turned into anger as she breathed through her teeth, "Dammit, Master, you lied to me with a pile of garbage and told me these were all treasures. I am so angry!"

Thinking about her Master's warm and seemingly real smile as he told her to take care of these treasures, her body shook with anger.

"Dammit, dammit, how dare you play with me like this! You must repay me!"

Hua You Du formed a fist with her hand and stared at the worthless pile of garbage, "Dammit, just you wait! I will go find you right now!"

Then, her body flashed and in a second, she was high up in the air and running towards her Master. However, just as she was about to go further, a white shadow appeared before her.

"Miss, you haven't given me what I asked. Where are you planning on going?"

Ling Xian gave a soft smile, a soft but a cold one.

"You mean this…"

Hua You Du suddenly grinned brightly and the palm sized black fragment appeared on her hand. She taunted, "You made all my other treasure sound worthless, but not this one. This means this fragment is a real treasure."

"Yes, it is a treasure." Ling Xian admitted and glared at her, "But you agreed to give that to me after I inspect all your treasures. Could it be… you are regretting that decision?"

"Hehe, isn't it normal to want to keep the real treasure for yourself?"

Hua You Du smiled. She originally was going to give the fragment to Ling Xian, but after he proved the worthlessness of all her treasures, she thought it would be a great loss if she gives him the only real treasure she had.

Thus, she changed her mind.

Ling Xian's face turned cold, "Miss, I am giving you one last chance. If you don't keep your promise, then don't blame me when I take it by force."

"I know who you are. A completion levelled cultivator? I'm not scared of you." Hua You Du taunted, her eyes flashed with recklessness, "It's rare to run into a completion level, it's a perfect chance to try out my secret weapon."

Then, she silently summoned for a giant web. It fell through the sky.

Instantly, gold light emitted throughout the area and Ling Xian felt a wave of restraining forces trapping him.

"This treasure seems interesting."

Watching the net fell from the sky, Ling Xian smiled but did not defend. He let the gold net wrap around him tightly.

Hua You Du reacted happily and muttered to herself, "I guess the Master treats me decently. At least this weapon is real."

Then, she fluttered her way before Ling Xian and taunted, "How is it? The feeling of being trapped isn't bad is it?"

"Are you sure you want to treat me this way?"

Feeling the extremely restrictive forces from the web, Ling Xian's expression was calm and did not show a trace of panic, "Are you sure? Don't think I will go easy on you just because you are a woman."

"What an interesting person. You are already trapped yet you speak so carelessly." Hua You Du was arrogant, "Fella, no matter what, I have to thank you. So don't worry, I will not harm you nor take your storage pouch. But don't even think about the fragment anymore. Just stay here."

She then provokingly glared at Ling Xian and turned to leave.

"Hehe, you wanted to fight me? You are a little too naïve." Hua You Du was confident, "So what you are a completion level? You were trapped by me so easily."

She then hummed happily as she walked on. Her casual and relaxed stance showed just how confident she was.

Confident that Ling Xian cannot escape the giant web.

In the next second, she felt herself going blind for a second and a man in white showed up before her. A long red sword was then edged against her neck.

Feeling the coldness on her neck, Hua You Du's face changed color, "When… when did you?"

"You mean this broken web?" Ling Xian brandished his left hand. The giant gold web had turned into rubbish and lost its shine. It was no different than a fisherman's web.

Immediately, Hua You Du's face changed color again. This web was a fifth realm treasure. Even a completion levelled cultivator had not escaped it.

It had only been a few seconds since Ling Xian was trapped under it. Yet he already escaped. How could she not feel shocked?

But very quickly, her shock turned into agony. Looking at the trashed net, her heart ached, "Dammit, you bastard! Pay me back for my net!"

"What an unreasonable woman." Ling Xian was calm, "you used this against me first. Why wouldn't I tear it apart?

"I don't care. You need to pay me!" Hua You Du stomped her feet.

Ling Xian was speechless, "How stupid of you. Can you please recognize the power imbalance between us right now."


Hua You Du froze as she sensed the sting on her neck. She realized what was happening and shut up right away.

"Since you only ate back your words and didn't do anything too rude to me, I will spare you your life." Ling Xian grinned, "Give me the fragment now. Or else I can't promise you that a red line won't appear on your neck."

Then, the Sword of Extinction flashed with redness, scaring the wits out of Hua You Du.

"Hmmph, I will give it to you. You sure are a man who doesn't know how to treat woman."

Hua You Du then unwillingly handed Ling Xian the fragment.

"Good." Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction. After inspecting the fragment and making sure it was not flawed, he felt a wave of excitement.

For this fragment, he had spent a lot of time and energy. Now that it is finally under his possession, how could he not feel excited?

To know that this was a Fragment of the Sixth Samsara. Though there was a long way until he can collect them all, at the vest least, he was one step closer!

"I sure am hopeful for the day I can restore the Wheel of the Sixth Samsara…" Ling Xian chuckled to himself as his eyes shone. He retreated his Sword of Extinction and said, "Okay. We are done here. You may go."

He then turned to leave.

However, before he even landed, he heard a statement of temptation that stopped his steps.

"Hey, I know where you can find fragments like that. There are more than one. Do you want them?"

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