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The moon hung high in the sky. The night was as dark as ink.

The night wind blew gently. The garden of beasts was utterly silent.

Everyone held onto their heavy expressions as they stared at the youth in white. Their gaze was as if they were looking at an undefeatable immortal.

Master Wang's face was as white as a sheet of paper, and was now walking like a zombie who had lost his soul. After realizing the type of consequences he was about to face, his body began to shake uncontrollably.

[Dammit, I am at fault for everything that has happened and I couldn't cure the beasts. I am in deep trouble.] Fear flashed across Master Wang's eyes. He began to stumble backwards, planning on running out of here before people realize what he's done.

Pity, Yan Xiong Fei had his eyes locked onto him. How could he let him get away?

After Master Wang moved two small steps, he heard a calm but angry statement.

"Master Wang, where do you think you are going?"

Yan Xiong Fei stepped out one step. His golden robe fluttered in the wind, accenting his royal and powerful stance.

Instantly, Master Wang's body shivered. He squeezed out a smile, "Leader, I… I have a stomach ache."

"Stomach ache?"

The anger Yan Xiong Fei felt turned into laughter. His eyes shone with light as he pressed on, "Master Wang, are you planning on giving me an explanation for what happened today?"

"Leader… I…" Master Wang made a crying face and pleaded, "Clan Leader, I was in the wrongs. Let me live! It was a small mistake."

"What a small mistake!"

Yan Xiong Fei snickered and angrily shouted, "Do you realize that if Master Xian was not here today, all our efforts in the past decades would've been wasted? You are trying to tell me that all this was only a small mistake?"

"Leader, I was wrong! I know I was wrong. Please spare me." Master Wang's body shivered violently. Drowning in Yan Xiong Fei's anger and killer's instinct, he finally realized something.

He made a grave mistake this time. If he cured the beasts, he would've at most, be lectured. But if he failed to cure the beasts, then Yan Xiong Fei had to take actions to answer his people.

If he didn't, then the public would revolt!

"Don't worry, I won't kill you." Yan Xiong Fei spoke slowly and immediately, Master Wang's eyes exploded with light – light of hope.

In the next second however, his slipped down from heaven to hell. The eighteenth level of hell!

"I can spare you from execution, but I will not spare you from punishment." A cold grin escaped Yan Xiong Fei's lips. "From this moment on, I strip you of all rights. You will now serve loyally at the Yan Clan as a servant. You must produce 100 medicinal Dans a day. Not even one less than that."

Hearing this, Master Wang fell into depression as his body shook violently.

Stripping away all his rights and serve the Yan Clan as an alchemist who produces 100 Dans a day – this meant he was now categorized as a machine. All that he was, all that he owed, were gone! This was more cruel than killing him!

However, he was far too powerless to protest. Because he knew very well that Yan Xiong Fei meant everything he said. If he dared to disagree, only death awaits!

"Yes… Clan Leader, I… I will do as you say."

Master Wang shrieked in pain and hugged himself. It was as if he aged 10 years in one second.

"Hmmph," Yan Xiong Fei grumbled and waved his hand impatiently, "Get the hell out of here. I get annoyed every time I see you."

"Yes, I will go away now." Master Wang nodded his head. He turned around and walked out.

His slouched back made it hard for others to remember that he once was a glorious alchemist of the fifth realm.

At this scene, nobody appeared pitiful. Instead, they all looked happy and excited. It was obvious how unpopular Master Wang was.

This was normal. This person had never taken anyone seriously and always treated others as if they weren't as good as him. Nobody liked him in the entire Clan. It wasn't for his status, people would've beat him up a long time ago.

Now that Yan Xiong Fei had stripped him of his rights and status, people felt avenged.

"I wonder, Master Xian, if you feel okay with the punishment I gave him?" Yan Xiong Fei looked at Ling Xian and asked.

"He belonged to your clan. Whatever punishment you decide on is unrelated to me." Ling Xian smiled. He knew that the harsh punishment was half because of him. The other half was to please his clan.

There was no reason for him to treat it as if Yan Xiong Fei did him a favor.

[What a sly fox.]

Yan Xiong Fei sighed silently. He knew that Ling Xian had guessed his intention and smiled awkwardly.

"Now that the beasts have healed, I will give the Yan Clan a grand gift." Ling Xian beamed and threw Yan Xiong Fei a meaningful gaze. He added, "Treat it as a gift that solidifies our alliance."

Hearing this, Yan Xiong Fei wryly smiled. He now knew that there was no way he can escape the formation of the alliance. But after Ling Xian analyzed the situation for him, he was already pretty sure he wanted this alliance.

Therefore, he didn't decline, "If that's the case then I will evaluate the gift carefully. If the gift is small in value, I will not take it."

Ling Xian's lips curled up, now knowing that Yan Xiong Fei had agreed to the alliance. He sighed in relief, "Don't worry, Leader Yan. Why would I ever give you a gift that is small?"

Then, he slowly walked behind the cauldron, planning on brewing another Dan.

Everyone's eyes began to glisten. After what just happened, they were now well aware of Ling Xian's abilities. How could they not be full of expectation?

Especially after seeing that it only took half a bucket of water to heal the beasts, everyone's gaze became even more heated. They anticipated Ling Xian's next move.

[After I brew this Dan, these people will fall into shock again.]

Sensing everyone's heated gazes, Ling Xian shook his head helplessly. What could he do? Everything he does surpasses everyone's expectations.

"I was planning on making a Dan of Transformation. But since the Yan Clan agreed to the alliance, then I will give an even greater gift." Ling Xian smiled and concentrated. He adjusted his energy to its highest level.

In the next second, he summoned all the remaining nine spiritual medicine into the cauldron. Under the embrace of the Flame of Purity, the medicine began to dissolve.

The Dan of Transformation, one of the Dans recorded in the second half of the Encyclopedia, has one special effect.


Normally, other than rare beasts of the ninth realm, only those of the eighth realm can transform.

This Dan however, not only can help increase beasts' level of training, it also breaks the law of the Taoism community. Even beasts of the ninth realm, after consumption, can transform into human forms. Of course, the transformation only lasts for a short period of time and is not sustainable.

But even so, the effects this Dan of Transformation has is far too powerful. To gain beasts of the ninth realm intelligence and a human force is something extraordinary.

It's not hard to imagine how shocked everyone will be after the Dan is born.

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