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The Sun was beginning to set, shedding down a sheer layer of red light that reflected off the cemetery.

The elderly's gaze was sharp like a sword as he stared at the handsome youth with traces of disbelief.

This was normal. Ling Xian looked far too young. Based on his bone structures, the elderly knew that he was merely 22 years old this year!

How could a 22 year old repair an array Master Jiang was utterly useless in front of?

To know that in order to protect the Array of Unyielding Emotions, the Yan Clan had exhausted all the possible solutions. The result was that they were useless and could only let the array age with time.

But now, Yan Xiong Fei claimed that Ling Xian fixed this array, how could the elderly believe this?

"It was me."

Ling Xian's expression was calm, not at all affected by the elderly's terrifying Qi. He exchanged glances with Yan Xiong Fei, signaling him to take out the array board.

Yan Xiong Fei nodded and quickly took out the board out of his storage pouch. He delivered it before the elderly and said, "Please inspect it."

The elderly took over the red and blue array board and began his inspection. Though the array board was broken and out of shape, three carvings on it was already connected and was emitting its original light. This enough was able to prove one thing.

The array had been repaired to 30 percent its original state!

"Hahaha, good, good!"

The elder's face was excited as he bellowed, "Good! Even though it's only been restored to 30 percent, it is enough. This will ensure our Yan Clan still have our spiritual pillars! It indicates we will never fall!"

To the Yan Clan, they were willing to lose today's glory but they did not want to give up the Array of Unyielding Emotions. Because this array was a symbolism for the existence of the Yan Clan!

This was why the elderly was so excited.

After a long while, the elderly recollected himself and shifted his gaze back to Ling Xian, "I cannot believe that a problem we suffered from for thousands of years was solved by you. You truly are a multi-talented Heaven's Favorite."

"You are flattering me." Ling Xian's expression was calm like usual.

Seeing this, the elder's admirable gaze turned even more dense, "This collectedness of yours is hard to come by."

Ling Xian gave a soft smile, "I wonder if I can now pay my respect to the Yan Xin Yan?"

"Haha, of course! If it was anyone else, I would not let them in. Even the direct descendants would have to ask for permission before hand." The elderly laughed and patted Ling Xian on his shoulders, "You are an exception. But remember, do not do anything disrespectful."

"Do not worry. My ancestor and Yan Xin Yan knew each other back in the days. As a descendent, why would I do anything disrespectful?" Ling Xian nodded.


The elderly smiled, satisfied. The more he looked at Ling Xian, the more he liked him. He then made a promise, "We are in debt of your kindness. If you ever run into trouble, come find me. If it's within my range of abilities, I will not say no."

Hearing this, Ling Xian grinned. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise. It was very precious to receive promise from someone at the peak of the completion level.

Especially now, when he was about to battle against the Bai Clan, such promise was highly valuable!

"This trip sure is worthy."

Ling Xian gave another smile before thanking him, "Thank you."

"Haha, no. I should be the one thanking you." The elderly laughed, "Okay, Xiong Fei, lead him to where our ancestor is."

Then, he spun around and disappeared.

"Xian Ling, you are in luck. Not only did you receive his affirmation, you also received his promise." Yan Xiong Fei exclaimed, " You don't know, but that elderly is very strange. Even towards me, he's never shown me how he cares. I've never gotten his praises."

Ling Xian beamed and reminded, "Leader Yan, it is getting late. Let us go quickly."

"Of course, let us go." Yan Xiong Fei nodded and led Ling Xian to the deepest part of the cemetery.

The field was very spacious right now. Only one tomb stood. No matter how much rain or wind had passed, it remained unmoving.

The tombstone was half a person tall and was made out of precious stones. A few giant black characters were carved on top.

The Tomb of our Gracious Ancestor, Yan Xin Yan.

The moment Ling Xian stepped into this place, Ling Xian began to frown. This was because the Painting of Nine Immortals inside him was starting to tremble.

It wasn't hard to guess, Feng Qing Ming was finding too hard to contain his emotions.

"After tens and thousands of years, he still hasn't forgotten the past. The Immortal of Arrays… sure is loyal." Ling Xian whispered to himself before asking, "Leader Yan, do you mind distancing yourself?"

"Huh… okay."

Yan Xiong Fei then stepped back by a few meters.

Ling Xian then called out, "Immortal, come out."

Then, a silhouette formed in midair. Without a word, the silhouette walked before the tombstone, red eyed.

"Xin Yan…"

The heart-wrenching croak transcended endless number of years and two different universes to arrive before the tombstone of Yan Xin Yan. What a pity it was, her soul had left a long time ago, and could no longer hear this man's calling.

Feng Qing Ming's tears rolled down his aged cheeks. He attempted to touch the tombstone but his hand pushed right through.

"Aye… I did not think that I could see you again." Feng Qing Ming sighed, his tone full of sadness, "Xin Yan, I sure regret my past. I shouldn't have dedicated my time to arrays. I know how sad it made you to have to wander the world with our child alone. I have wronged you.

He called out emotionally and cried soundlessly. Feng Qing Ming's expression was exactly how he felt. As he whimpered before the tombstone, his voice was full of regret and sadness.

"So this is what the word, love, truly mean…"

Ling Xian exclaimed silently but did not interrupt. He let the Immortal of Arrays let go of his emotions accumulated throughout the years.

Meters away, Yan Xiong Fei frowned. All he could see was Ling Xian standing there alone and talking to the tomb. He was getting suspicious.

However, no matter how smart he was, he could not guess what Ling Xian was doing.

Because he could not see the Immortal of Arrays.

He couldn't see Feng Qing Ming's silhouette, not with his naked eyes nor with his spiritual energy.

This was normal. Even the most powerful beings in the cultivation community would not be able to sense the existence of the Immortal of Arrays. In the entire world, only the owner of the Painting of Nine Immortals could see him.

Ling Xian was the only one.

"Xin Yan…"

Tears continued to drip down Feng Qing Ming's chins as he stared at the tombstone.

After a full hour, he finally stopped his crying and sighed longing, "Ling Xian, you must be laughing at me."

"No, you are simply a loyal man. Why would I laugh?" Ling Xian shook his head.

"Loyalty? It has been so many centuries… I thought I could let it go but I only realized today that I cannot let it go." Feng Qing Ming sighed.

Ling Xian was silent for a while, "I really think that you should be satisfied rather than drowning in regrets. After all, if ancestor Yan Xin Yan was still alive, she would not want to see you so sad."

"You are right. I simply am narrow minded." Feng Qing Ming sighed. He stared at the handsome young man and announced, "No matter what, I have to thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even have the opportunity to speak of my regrets before her grave."

"You are being to polite. This is what I should do." Ling Xian grinned.

"I have done many wrong things in my life and have made some good choices. The smartest decision I made was letting Liao Cang Qiong to be the first immortal to be awakened. If I didn't agree to that, how could I have met you?"

Feng Qing Ming smiled. The way he looked at Ling Xian was gentle and soft.

What he meant by this was that he felt very fortunate and lucky to have gotten to know Ling Xian. Remember, he was the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays. How great of a compliment was this?

Despite Ling Xian's normal calmness, he was still overjoyed, "You are flattering me. To have been able to get to know you is the luckiest thing to have happened in my life."

"Haha, let us not kiss each other's butt." Feng Qing Ming laughed, "Alright, my wish of so many years has finally been fulfilled."

"I am glad."

Ling Xian beamed brightly. To have been able to aid the Immortal of Arrays in his wish made him feel happy as well.

Now, it was time for him to form an alliance.

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