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"The 30 percent I was talking about, was that I am confident to restore the Array of Unyielding Emotions to 30 percent its original state."

Faced with everyone's confused looks, Ling Xian made a presumptuous statement with a smile.

The entire area was silenced.

Thirty percent its original state?

Everyone's gaze shifted to Ling Xian. They were surprised that he would make such a presumptuous claim.

Remember, even the famous Master Jiang could only restore it to 10 percent of its original power back in the days. Now, he couldn't even promise everyone that he could stop this array from getting completely destroyed!

But here stood Ling Xian, claiming that he could restore the array to 30 percent of its original state. How could people not be shocked at this?

After a long moment of silence, Yan Qiong Fei frowned and asked in a quiet voice, "You mean it?"

"Of course." Ling Xian's expression was calm. As nonchalant and confident as always.

Yan Qiong Fei's eyes flickered with a strange color. Though he was impressed by the young man's confidence, he still didn't believe that Ling Xian could achieve it, "Young man, don't take more than you can chew. If you can't accomplish what you claim, you will have no face left."

"It seems like, Leader Yan, you don't believe me." Ling Xian's lips curled up. Watching this highly defensive handsome man, he fought back, "I'm not sure why you treat me with such unpleasantness. But I know one thing. If I can do it, then you, not trusting me right now, will result in you losing face."


Yan Xiong Fei frowned and said coldly, "Interesting. It's been years since someone talked to me in such a manner. Young man, you are far too cocky."

"No, this isn't cockiness. It's confidence." Ling Xian grinned. Though his tone was soft, it left no room for questions.

"C… Confidence!" Yan Xiong Fei bellowed loudly. Quickly though, his smile turned frigid, "I sure want to see if you have the right to have this confidence."

"There is no need for Leader Yan to worry. I just want your words for something." Ling Xian's expression was calm as he said softly, "If I can fix the Array of the Unyielding emotions by 30 percent. Can the Yan Clan promise me something?"

"If it's within our capabilities, I can agree to anything." Yan Xiong Fei replied. Looking at the handsome young man, he mocked, "It all depends on if you have the capabilities or not."

"Then just you wait."

Ling Xian's brows remained slightly tense, uncertain as to why Yan Xiong Fei would feel offensive against him.

Logically speaking, he was willing to lend a helping out. Even if the Yan Clan didn't believe in him, they should be treating him with some respect rather than looking at him so coldly. This was something a Clan Leader should do.

How would he know that Yan Xiong Fei was feeling defensive because of Yan Ning Zhi.

After all, other than being the Clan Leader, Yan Xiong Fei was also a father. Even though he was satisfied with Ling Xian's cultivation level, thinking about his precious leaving him for this man, he felt uncomfortable.

For him to have not attacked Ling Xian was already the most control he could exert.

"Alright, then I will watch. If you truly can repair the array, then I will apologize for my words and behaviors." Yan Xiong Fei's face was frigid, not at all believing that Ling Xian could do it.

He was not alone. Jiang Cheng Zi didn't believe it neither. As an array master, he naturally knew how difficult of a task it was to repair the array.

If he was utterly useless against the array, how could a 20 something year old achieve it?

However, Jiang Cheng Zi had a soft personality. He didn't treat Ling Xian coldly, but instead, tried to smooth out the situation, "Alright, alright, one of you is a Clan Leader, the other is a multi-talented Heaven's Favorites. You are like a dragon and a phoenix, you need to treasure each other."

"Yeah, father, please do not speak anymore. He came here to help us, how can you speak so harshly?" Yan Ning Zhi mumbled and smiled apologetically at Ling Xian.

"Hmmph, he hasn't even done anything and you are already on his side. I wasted my energy spoiling you." Yan Xiong Fei commented unhappily. If Yan Ning Zhi remained silent, it would've been fine. But her words made him even more jealous.

"Father, what are you talking about?"

Yan Ning Zhi's face turned red as she stomped her feet out of embarrassment.

"Hmmph, but I do not take back what I said. If he can truly repair it, then I am willing to apologize." The more sour Yan Xiong Fei felt the more he thought about it. He even began to see less of Ling Xian, "If he can't repair it…"

Before he could finish, Ling Xian interrupted and finished the sentence for him, "If I can't repair it, then I will be shamed."

Ling Xian's expression was calm. But behind the calm was an angry flame.

He came here after marching for thousands of miles. Though he had his own intentions, he was here to help them out after all. Not only did the Yan Clan not thank him, they were also treating him rudely. This was a bit too much.

Ling Xian was naturally a little angry at this.

He was kind by nature and had a big heart. But this did not mean he was easy to bully!

"Good. I sure hope you truly have the capabilities and you are not just good at words."

Feeling Ling Xian's exasperation, Yan Xiong Fei smiled in satisfaction.

"Why is Leader Yan beaming?" Ling Xian's lips curled, "If you laugh now, you will cry later."

"I think I will smile until the end and you will end up with nowhere else to run to." Yan Xiong Fei was certain about his success.

"Polish your eye balls, you will cry soon." Ling Xian was just as confident.

"Less bullshit. Since you are so sure, then you wouldn't mind if I gather an audience?" Yan Xiong Fei challenged.

Ling Xian frowned ever so slightly before completely relaxing them. He smiled, "If you are not afraid of apologizing to me in front of a crowd, then why would I mind?"

"Good. What an arrogant young man." Yan Xiong Fei chuckled. Concentrating his spiritual energy, he shouted into the sky!

"Everyone at the Yan Clan, listen to your order: gather at the field and await for Master Xian to repair the Array of the Unyielding Emotions!"

His voice, loud as thunder, echoed throughout the entire Yan Clan!

Who was Master Xian?

Never heard of that name.

Everyone was confused. But since it was the leader's order and it concerned their beloved array, they all rushed to the field.

"Father, why are you behaving so erratically? Why are you doing this!"

Yan Ning Zhi's face was puffy from anger. She didn't think that her own father would take it so far. He obviously was trying to humiliate Ling Xian.

Jiang Cheng Zi, too, was frowning. He thought Yan Xiong Fei's actions was not how a leader should behave. But, since he had daughters of his own, he understood Yan Xiong Fei's feelings a little. He simply sighed and did not issue an opinion.


Towards his daughter's blame, Yan Xiong Fei bitterly smiled. He didn't even think he should be doing what he was doing, but since he had already spoken the words, he had to follow through.

"Miss Yan, it's no matter." Ling Xian brandished his arm and looked towards Yan Xiong Fei again, "Leader Yan, take me then. I sure want to see you apologizing to me under the gaze of thousands."

"Hmmph, let's go!"

Waving his sleeve, Yan Xiong Fei marched on.

Seeing this, Ling Xian and them followed. After passing through a golden gate, they began to head to the center point of the Yan Clan's land.

It was the field Yan Xiong Fei mentioned.

The field was already full of people. Some shadows were still descending from mid-air. Not only was the field full of descendants of the Yan Clan, there were also many array masters, who hadn't left yet.

After hearing that someone was trying to repair the Array of Unyielding Emotions, these array masters were naturally curious and converged here.

"Ning Zhi, hand the array board to him." Yan Xiong Fei ordered.

"Father, just you wait. I am going to tell mother and she will teach you a lesson." Yan Ning Zhi stared down Yan Xiong Fei. Then, she unwillingly handed the array board to Ling Xian and encouraged, "I trust that you will be able to fix it."

"As long as I have someone who believes in me." Ling Xian grinned. Then, he spun around and landed into the field.

Immediately, everyone's stare fixated onto Ling Xian. After seeing his face clearly, they began to spew doubts.

"Master Xian? That's what he looks like? Isn't he far too young?"

"Interesting. Could it be that someone is playing around our clan? He looks around 20. At the very most, he is someone who just entered the array field. He claims to be able to fix our array? He is joking with us."

"Exactly. Why would the clan leader believe someone like him? He even called him 'Master Xian'. I think he is just like the previous array masters – no real skills."

At the same time, on the other end, the array masters were not thinking highly of Ling Xian due to his young age.

This was normal. The youngest in their group was 40 to 50 years old. For an array they had no way to repaire, what can a young man do?

To sum it up, other than Yan Ning Zhi and Bai Xiao Qi, nobody here believed Ling Xian!

"I sure want to see the look on these people's faces after I fix up the array."

Absorbing everyone's doubts, Ling Xian's lips curled up. He did not argue and did not use his Qi to shut them up.

Because neither of those actions would solve the root of the problem. It would only make others think he was afraid. The real way to counter attack was to use facts!

He would punch back until everyone's face was swollen!

"Come at me. I can't wait for my moment."

Ling Xian softly smiled before sitting down in a lotus position. Letting the array board float before him, he formed a hand seal and began his attempt at restoring the array.

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